Oduu Haaraya



Part II

BBy Odaa Hora

“When you make men slaves you deprive them of half their virtue, you set them, in your conduct, an example of fraud, rapine and cruelty, and compel them to live with the state of war.”   

Equiano’s Travels, Olaudha Equiano. 1789

Ten months have passed, since we heard the first official inaugural speech of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as “elected president” of Abyssinian empire ruled under the mantra of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPDRF) under the tutelage of TPLF-fascist gangs since their feet held Finfinnee, in summer 1991.The regime was globally signified as Stalinist style of one-man, one-clan command post rule, lawless, chauvinist, cold-blooded indiscriminate killers. Mass arrest, evictions, rapes, incarcerations, violences of crimes against humanity; DEMOCIDES and regime sponsored terror and horror turned their daily agendas and their major accomplishments of the fascistic regime and means of survival by the gun muzzles and by deploying all suppressive methods economic, social, political, racial, religious etc, indeed in all spheres of the life of the people targeted right from the center, from Finfinnee toward the peripheries, to the west,the east and the south. .

Since their arrival to the placenta land of the Oromo people. The TPLF-fascist regime appropriated Oromo land, nicknamed as the GREEN GOLD in the horn of Africa and the whole south as their own properties. They scrambled Oromia within them self’s and reverse leased to the resource greedy, moral-less and ethic-less foreign enterprises and states from every corner of the globe with less than a sandwich price per hectare that also turned the fact of daily business and their major accomplishments throughout sold twenty seven years of an iron fist rule of the primitive and the barbaric empire.

In confiscating natural and human resources, in looting, in hyper-corruption, in hyper-inflations, and in endless blasted lies, the fascistic regime that targeted people south to Abyssinia proper (Amhara and Tigre mainly) named “Quasi-Ethiopian state,” the tyrannical regime additional won a global gold medallion.

Once the struggle of the total liberation of the Oromo people as one unified formidable forces from the aliens of the north arrived at the point to turn the barbaric and predatory empire upside down by all means necessary, and the existence of the empire is in question, either of the chances to turn to chaos and finally collapses once and forever and brought to the graveyard, or seek for a temporary emergency solution to save the empire, before it is too late.

As a result, the regime was enforced to take emergency action. Haile Maryam Desalegn must be removed at the spot before the empire sank in the political quagmire and finally crashes and may turn to the former Yugoslavia of S. Milošević in worst cases of scenario or the former Soviet Union of M.S. Gorbachev at best.

He was replaced by Dr. Abiy Ahmed from within the EPRDF of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO). The PDOs were conglomerates of Prisoners of Wars (POWs) of seven-teen years of the military dictator of Mengistu Haile Maryam’s collapsed armies that the TPLF invented and branded for duties for purpose in the whole south by two years before occupying Finfinnee. Thus, the OPDO are camouflaged as “Oromos” to invade Oromo’s and Oromia to serve as the working horse under the tutelage of the TPLFs.

The major objectives of the invention of the PDOs were to supplant the formidable genuine people’s liberations fronts. The heart, the soul and the hope of liberations of the whole people incarcerated with the empire south to Habesha or Abyssinia proper. Fronts which were older than the TPLFs in fighting the settler colonial and predatory system as a whole and series of tyrannical Habesha leaders since their land was under occupations and colonization. The struggle that they inherited from one generation to the next generations that shaped its forms and developments from time to time and arrived in a state to change the paradigm of the Empire as she has never been.

The PDOs as a whole, and their labor divisions were known as the “tax collectors, Global Positioning System (GPS), the interpreters of the blind, and deaf TPLF-fascist clans out of their Rivera, i.e. Tigray, within the whole south engraved by the EPRDF independent of the prefixes of the ethno-national names attested to them since the day of their birth in Tigray to the very date. In case of the Oromo’s, the OPDOs who were/ are known as the“tax collectors, the GPS, the bridge of the fascit regime within Oromia and the Oromo people to whom Dr. Abiy Ahmed belongs. Since September 2018, the party mutated to the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP).

In his first speech, Dr. Abiy said: “I will transit you from tyranny to the so-called “democracy,” more precisely “true Democracy. I belong to the reformist group. Our One Ethiopia (አንድት ኢትዩጵያችን). We built Axum (አክሱም የገነባነው እኛ ነን). We won Adwa ( አድዋ ያሸነፍነው እኛ ነን).To add up (መደመር)! Orthodox is a country or state (ኦርቶዶክ ሀገር ነው). Apology (ይቅርታ)! Love (ፍቅር)!, No boundaries (ድንበር የለም) with the empire and, even beyond. And, what sucks most of all was this statement እነ የምጠላው እትዮጲያው አይደለሁም የሚል ኦሮሞ ነው!” in his master’s language. When translated “I do hate those Oromos who rejects their Ethiopianess,” and more recently as we all heard him saying ድክታተር ልንሆን ትንሽ ነው የቀረን,” that means when translated, “We are right on the edge to be a perfect dictator!” Lists with no ends.

For his words, as we have destined to witness in diaspora community of the offspring’s of divers and invaders and settler colonists that prey on the whole south settled in WDC and LA, most vocally and euphorically awarded him a title of “Messiah,” who has come to save the petrified empire “ONE ETHIOPIA.” An empire whose global signature is /was misery, humiliation, war, famine, incarcerations, and flight of the Oromo people at most. An empire, where the most prosperous, the vast majority of the indigenous people of the whole south to Habesha or Abyssinia proper, the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Ogadenians, the Afars, the Gambellas and other over seventy ethno-nationals incarcerated in this prison house at least for the last one–hundred-twenty five years.

If one departs from his saying listed above and written in bold, we all are enforced to question, what is the objective, the center piece of his official speech? As the rule of thumb, let us depart from the universal truth of folk’s adage: ”speak in whatever language you like to speak, you will speak nothing but yourself.”

Abiy’s takeoff squarely confronted and raised more serious questions than answers, not only by genuine historian and social scientist who devoted their academic life, wrote, thought the Anatomy (physical), Physiology (functional), Biochemistry (interactions) of the Abyssinia proper versus the whole south since her establishments. Genuine historians who devoted their life in studying the region unanimously concluded that Habesha proper as they prefer to call themselves or Abyssinia by European is nothing but an extended right arms of the European colonizers of Africa during the era of the scramble for Africa in 1884/1885 known as the “Berlin act,” analog to European colonizers of the rest of Africa. But what we reduadtly hear “The ONLY INDEPDENT BLACK COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, THE BASTION OF AFRICA LIBERATIONS, THE ONLY THIS AND THAT is/was a balsted lies that turned to the chronical yet untreatable diesases inherted from one tyrant to the next ruled with an iron fist since her invention that pops up in their mind in for front once they griped the political saddle from where the people of the whle south are yet suffering from and did not get rid of it yet.

In fact, the only difference between most of the European colonizers called “The colonies via seas and oceans have been created for the metropoles by metropoles,” whereas the extended Abyssinian Empire nicknamed as the only “Black Empire” was created by settlers from Abyssinia proper buttressed by Europeans in the horn of Africa that holds true to the very date. As a result, she turned to the permanent dependent of foreigners in one hand and her predatory nature that preyed on the whole south incarcerated within the artificial demarcations as she is known on the map on the other hand since the last quarter of the 19th century to the very date

In other words although the African continent suffers from the legacy left by the European colonizers yet, but most of them physically left back to their home, to Europe with the exception of the Dutch colony who stayed in the South Africa and finally invented the Apartheid System, which is more similar to, the Abyssinian settler colonialists: the aliens of the north who established their own Apartheid system that we call it the Naftanyaa or Gafaol system in the whole occupied south that holds true to the very hour.

She maintained her predatory-prey relationships with the conquered, occupied, resettled and exploited natural and human resources of the prosperous part of the entire south, metaphorically, “the Garden of Eden,” a size of five to six time larger than the original size Abyssinia proper incarcerated within the empire that traded with the stolen name “Ethiopia.” Within the time frame, the Oromo’s as the formidable power in all sense turned the prime foe and target of elimination and assimilation policies to the very date.

Hard pressed: since 1991, the contemporary EPRDF, the Tigrian (the Yohanisawians) gangs incubated and hatched in Dedebit desert, i.e. in Tigray committed DEMOCIDES camouflaged with the (EPRDF) Abiy’s part under the tutelage of TPLF-fascist similar if not identical to their uncles the Amhara’s (the Menelikawians) tyrants who they replaced and preyed on their resources and human labor of the entire people south and enriched themselves and their place of birth there is nothing more or less, and all are cuts from the same cloth. As a result, she survived and maintained her status quo by the muzzle of guns provided by the foreigners.

Who is inside Abiy & for whom the bell tolls?

Delivering these petrified words of myths and fairy tale that stank like gangrene used by all series of all settler colonialists locally known as the Nafxanyaas i.e settler Habeshas (Tigre and Amhara) killer-militias who gripped the political saddle since the poorest and barbaric empire was established. Without a shadow of a doubt, today even a hard core Coptic Debtra cannot be may narrate with confidence unless he is schizophrenia as Dr. Abiys did as an “elected president” in his inaugural speech most shockingly as Oromo, at least physicality or biological.

What all in one meant by Dr. Abiy, not only the whole people of the south, human, even the flora and the fauna, the soil and the water of Oromia and the whole south knew for granted if one is intelligent enough to understand their language. In front of a grand jury composed of the genuine historian, Dr. Abiy has fallen down with his nose like a baby child who tries to change is quadrupedal move to bipedal move. After hearing his speech most of genuine historian and expertise in social science and the main steam, people from all walk of life mostly responded and commented by summing up to one word, i.e. A propaganda.

If so, what is propaganda after all and what is at stake?

The word propaganda of Latin origin defined by Encyclopaedia Britannica:

As, dissemination of information, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion. More or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, banners, monuments and so forth). Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda that has a specified goal or set of goals. To achieve these he /she deliberately selects facts, arguments, and displays of symbols and presents them in ways he/she thinks will have the most effect. To maximize effect, he/she may omit pertinent facts or distort them, and he/she may try to divert the attention of the reactors (the people whom he is trying to sway) from everything but his own propaganda.

The definition leads us to empty out from its debris of the very dangerous  tool called propaganda. This tool was used throughout in human history from time immemorial with all its consequence that led human beings to commit the worst crime in human history. It led humanity to chattel slavery, colonialism, wars, holocausts, flight, and elimination of fellow human beings on this planet. It led to Harma muraa (Breast chopping), Miila ykn Luka muraa (Leg chopping). Harka muraa (Arm chopping) red terror, genocides, ethnocide, and evictions, etc., of the Oromo people committed by a series of Abyssinia tyrants that hold true to the very date.

One of the most regrettable behaviors of human behavior is gullibility of the mass to microphones, swallowing raw, each and every phrase, dance with the tones, the propaganda of “WE, OURS” any-one who sat tall on the political saddle of the artificially bounded barbaric empire of Abyssinia, in capability of crucial thinking and digesting each and every word the phrase to finally ferret out the truth and avoid wallowing in misery that we have not yet get rid of it for once and for ever.

Abiy’s coming out from vociferous monsters and cold-blooded killers of EPRDF-gangs who suddenly turned a reformist, nevertheless his propagation lead us to conclude he wishes to move to retrograde (backward), rather than anterograde (forward). As our elders say: “Akka fincaan Gaala means when translated like a bull camel that urinates backward.” and that is what his take of speech proofs that is in fact diametrically the opposite to the unanimous forces of the revolution of the Oromo people that gave him a chance, to be where he is now “elected president of the prison house.” a litmus test that must be seriously to be proofed in which directions he is in the warmup to move. Filling old Wine in New Bottles cannot rescue the petrified empire.

The avant-gardes of QABSOO XUMUURA GARBUUMA (THE TOTAL LIBERATION OF THE GREAT OROMO NATION,) the Qeerroos, Qaarrees, Elders, Abba Gadaas, Hadha Siiqqees, religious Leaders, civic Leaders, Activists, genuine liberation fronts all in one, who sacrificed their life, stood firm against the TPLF-fascist regimes tyrannical and genocidal acts committed under the mantra of EPRDF, Abiy’s party who gave him a chance a litmus tests, to grip the political saddle currently have never every demanded for, One Ethiopia (አንድት ኢትዩጵያችን), claimed for Aksum kinship, Adwa victory or Orthodox state, to teach what love and apology etc, but diametrically the opposite of it. Thie crystal clear unwavering demands of the heroes and heroines of the Oromo people echoed from every corner:





























“Elected” President and the mark of the plural “We” is a fraud

The empire was known to be ruled by a series of guardians, one deposing the other at the barrel of a gun to grip the political power, her survival, and maintenance of the established status quo. If we cast our eyes, on the term that alleged by a series of tyrants who ruled the empire as it was told “the elected presidents” by itself is a misnomer. For the simple fact that there have never been records of what is /was called elections since her establishments.

Elections in the plain text mean (a citizen has a right, and free to vote, to casts a ballot to whom he or she trusts to serve his people without any interventions i.e. the choice of the people as a whole and one finally say: the People’s or Citizen’s vote) per se. The reality check of the empire proves that the vast majority of the people incarcerated within this prison house who were and still are not even recognized as citizens, let alone to elect their own candidates. These have been the unwritten laws. The facts implemented on the soil in the history of the empire since here establishment late alone to elect their own candidates. As the land and resources were/are the subjects of the Abyssinia settler’s colonialists power bewilders and so were/are the people to the very date.

The fact was /and still is that the word election has never existed in their vocabulary late alone to be practice on the surface and they were /are hyper allergic to it. What extended and exists in real is SELECTION (picking up one from the same cage, clan, political box, etc.,) a REPLACEMENT and RESHUFFLING the old, expired and unworthy guards from within the enclosed box of the establishments. As it was in the case throughout.

The despotic monarchy (Haile Silasse), the self-denial, for instance, alleged the kinship of “the tribe of Judah.” In cases of (Mengistu Hailemaryam) from the Derg, military junta, Meles Zenaw replaced by Haile Maryam Desalegn while he died and Abiy Ahmed replaced Desalegn from the contemporary TPLF/EPRDF fascist clans political box regime to save the empire that was arrived at her last phase of collapse.

It was told that the TPLF/EPRDF fascists leader Meles or Halie Maria griped the political power as “democratically elected presidents,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even more pathetic and ludicrous was that as once the fascist of TPLF-gangs from Dedebit desert, who could not make even 6% of the population’s once the claim of “100%” win in June 2015. The signified blasted lairs that the whole world knows, yet quoted as the symbol of absoulte tyrannical rules where the people virtually belong to the property of the the regime that clings into political power bewilder in the world.

Tyrants are virtually addicted to the plural term እኛ” means We.” እኛ ኢትዩጵያዊያኖች (We the Ethiopians), once they griped the political power deposing the other with all means possible to claim as if millions of the citizens incarcerated within the empire put them on the chair to rule them with an iron fist. Indeed the vast majority even do not know who their names are let alone to elect them to serve them in real. Let us not forget that the diptych has another side, they were and still are the burdens, the main problem of the people, the mass, and have never been the solutions that one must see them with owl’s eye.

As a rule thumb, when dealing with settler colonialists (the Neftanyas) and their offspring’s structure and system and the mindset they supplanted in the land and the people of the whole south under colony, one must always keep in mind, what was called ELECTION and DEMOCRACY per se is a prescription’s of suicide pili to swallow willingly which of course none of them do swallow voluntarily, and no one indeed expects from them. For more see https://oromolands.blogspot.com or https://bilisummaa.com/

Indeed, that was the main reason why the TPLF-gangsters made a U-turns, ultimately betrayed and intrigued what was signed in the so called Transitional Charter, right after occupying Finfinnee. They knew without a shadow of a doubt that if the genuine election was held at any time within the Empire they must have gone back to Tigray as they come with bare foot, empty pocket and looking like zombies.

Just five weeks, after seizing power in July 1991, the TPLF-fascist convened the so called national conference and assigned 87 members of the Councils of Representatives (COR) as it was called and established the Transitional Government who drafted the transitional charter in Finfinne. Right from the begging the TPLF-gangs clad with the grab of EPRDF (conglomerates of POWs) fabricated in Dedebit desert such the OPDOs to be deployed as a working horse within Oromia and their alikes in their corresponding in their ethno-nationals terra.

They began to dictate by taking the Loins to share of the COR, 67 Seats, and crucial ministerial posts like in Defense, in Security, in Finances, etc., and left only 13 Seats to the oldest and the most powerful, formidable prosperous Oromo people’s liberation fronts, 12 Seats for the Oromo Liberation front (OLF) and 1 seat for the Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia (IFLO) with less influential posts.

Nevertheless, in Oromia, they have destined to witness that the parties they fabricated the OPDOs that stench to the Oromo people could not gain a single digit late alone to win in Oromia with in that short period of the presence of the Oromo Liberations Fronts within its people that was proved in pilot elections probed. From here began the fascistic and rigorous acts of elimination policy of all genuine people’s fronts like the Oromo Liberation front and IFLO in Oromia, the ONLF in Ogaden, the SLF in Sidama and the others who fought against the barbaric empire in their respected terra.

As it has always been since the establishment of the empire, the Oromo People’s Liberation Fronts turned their prime target to be wiped out. To achieve their goal,TPLF fascists deployed and employed all means of repression tools ruled with command post for solid twenty seven years and committed democides, and it still continues.

To be in a position to read their mind and ferret out the truth of with whom we are dealing and avoid errata made relentlessly by trusting the untrusted in the past. We are dealing with the offspring’s of divers and invaders and settler colonists that prey on the whole south and their perfect assimilates behaviors, mindset and their chameleonic characters. One and half centuries ago Blanc, (1868) thought us who exactly the Abyssinians were and still are. Lessons which is necessary to draw from it.

He said:

Abyssinians, except the working peasants, there is nothing in them to praise or extol. Beggars infest the land; the priests are ignorant and bigoted; the soldiers, the curse of the country. Abyssinians, I regret to say, are cowardly, adepts at low treachery, lazy, pretentious, and pompous. Naturally drunkards and gluttons, they are only abstemious by necessity, and their festivals are but low and coarse orgies. They have no literature, no means of recreation. Their conversation is a revolting incoherent talk, partly blasphemous, partly lascivious, and when they favoured us with their society, always ending in requests for favours. When we state that cleanliness is a shame, debauchery no disgrace, robbery, treachery, and murder glorious deeds, we have summed up the qualifications most prized by that degraded race; and if their timorous nature made them recoil before the daring act of murdering the white men, their guests, they enjoyed, at least for a while, the idea of their importance, and swaggered, full of pride, before the few helpless individuals their king detained in captivity and in chains!”

Bear in mind a baby child, a pregnant women, thousands of heroes and heroines who was killed, massacred, incarcerated in concentration camps “prison” tortured, raped, etc, the known and the unknown Oromos who has equal value as his own and the TPLF/EPRDF killer-dogs deployed by the regime from day one as their feet held Finfinnee to the very date. Even more shameless are the culprits, the killers, tortures, rapists, looters . etc., still run free with impunity. He indeed shares collective responsibility for subhuman acts committed on the Oromo people as the highest-ranking member of the fascist regime.

In an attempt to run from the truth, Abiy come out with petrified terms, our one Ethiopia (አንድት ኢትዩጵያችን), Orthodox is a country or state (ኦርቶዶክ ሀገር ነው), ideology and theology and stench propaganda, the political rhetoric, cynicism of his fellow Oromo’s such Oromoon Nama Hammachuu malee Nama dhiibuu hinbeeku, Oromoon arjaa dha, Dhiifama (Apology) Jaalala (Love) words to paper over the cold blooded mass-murderers of the TPLF/EPRDF-fascists the past-Abiy’s party for the last solid twenty seven years and in an attempt to save his enterprise intact.

The contradictory pose terms muffled up that proved his own inner voice rather than the hard–pressed serious political demand of the people who brought him to grip the political saddle, one which is not a delusion or fantasy of the petrified propaganda deployed by all tyrants  ruled by sticking to their guns since the establishment of the settler colonial empire that survived and maintained by preying on the whole south bonded with an artificial demarcations and the status quo of the empire as she is today.

Abiy turned every-one at once, a friend of all. A friend of the victims and the victimizers. A friend of the killers and the killed. A friend of the evicted and the evictors. A “benevolent” throttled by the settlers colonial apparatus, the genociders, looters and a mediocre. Pioneer studies of settler colonialism (SC) and its interactions within the colonized in history prove that SC can create the pseudo-patriotism of the colonized in various level, from the bottom to the tip of the pyramid through its tireless assimilations, conversions processes, and the webs created to trap, catch some of his colony selections.

The very few at the top as privileged “patriots” from within the establishments to serve as loyal guardian of the empire and more and more as it moves down to the bottom of the pyramid, the servitude. One must always keep in mind that the most of settler colonists come to live in the territory they occupied, not to leave and go back to their homeland from where they come. To maintain their privileges and prosperity they owe from the system they established, they will leave no stone unturned at any time and space, and in all opportunities, gaps they found withn the colonized.

Before death I shall, said Heinrich Heine, moved in my heart, forgive them all the wrong they did me in their lifetime. It is true, one must, forgive one’s enemies- but not before they have been hanged.

Injifatnoon kan Ummata Oromooti!!!!!!

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