Oduu Haaraya


Truth-barometer #2


By Odaa Hora


One of the bloodiest man in the African continent, Mengistu Hailmarim was forced by the USA and the Soviets to fly out of Finfinne on 27th May 1991 in the midnight to Harare. The specific rescue plan was designed and arranged by the Ambassador Herman Cohen of the United States of America before he will be shot dead, or caught, and executed by hanging like Saddam Hussein of Iraq by one of the three forces marching toward the umbilical cord and capital city of Oromia: Finifinne or Shagar.


The military junta, Colonel Mengistu ruled for sold 27 years with an iron fist. He implemented a Stalin-style of Soviet Union on the face value and he was known as a father of red terror. In folk’s mouth, he was nicknamed as “sew belaw Menge,” when roughly translated into English   “the Cannibalist Menge,” a reflection and an indication of his cruelty, inhuman acts, and homicides conducted during his terrorist rule in one of from god forgotten empire that knew nothing except, war, famine and subjugation. On the streets of Finfinne, there was a popular joke that folks whispered to each other in the1990s, when roughly translated into English: “During the Night, Mengistu speaks to his portrait hanging up on the wall in his sleeping room. He asked; what is going to happen with us? Oh, very simple, said the portrait; I was hanged up on the wall for a long period of time as you know it exactly, and you will be also hanged up Colonel.


Raised to power by coup d’etat of the despotic feudal monarch, Tefere Mekonnen, who renamed himself to “Haile Selassie, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah,” Mengistu begged the USA and China respectively for aids to consolidate his power. The outcomes from both States were futile. They sent him back empty-handed; a slap in the face of the Colonel, hungry for power. Finally, he flew to Moscow, to Leonid Brezhnev, who promised him said: “from my country you can get all what you want except Atomic bomb.” without any preconditions, a jackpot as in lottery for the bloodthirsty military junta. Mengistu acknowledged Brezhnev by saying: “Leonid, I am your son, I thank you for all.” The gun seeker got the gun provider.


Once, he got what he disparately needed without limitations, firearms (the hardware part as in a Computer such as Kalashnikovs, Migs, etc.) and Ideological fathers of the so-called socialism’s three prophets: Marx, Engels, and Lenin, (the software part as in a computer), finance, advisors, military trainers and shield of protection against his adversaries, killers began training killers. He began the elimination of his concurrence right around him in covert or overt, who were more qualified, charismatic military generals at that period of time and more liberal in action like General Tefere Banti.


He used the recipe analog to the Stalin of Soviet; the shoemaker’s son who had robbed in his native Georgia. Mengistu was the admirer and preacher of Stalin throughout his terror and barbaric rule. Mengistu was a bloated pseudo-patriotic and narcissist. He was known for his redundant, long, boring propaganda speeches and reading word-for-word citing from the books of his prophets to whom he preached and the evils he cursed.


Once, consolidating the power and securing his surroundings, he began terrorizing the civil society, civil organizations, political parties, stamped them all as an anarchist; scapegoats to justify his terror act against those who did not suit to his view, were uncomfortable with his power and considered to be dangerous against his totalitarian dictatorship. He deployed his trained killer commandos, cadres, militias and security spies to each corner of the empire. Mass arrests of the civilians, Jailing, torturing, executing, hunting from door to door, etc., indiscriminately were daily agenda throughout his regime. Mengistu, a pitch black colonel turned to the ultra-orthodox Stalinist version tyrant for the seek of the so-called socialist revolution in the horn of Africa. He forced the people incarcerated in the empire to wars, one after the other, lead to chronical hunger that the world has destined to witness. His global signature was War, Assassinations, Terror (WHAT), forced resettlement, and Villagization from north to south just to note some among others throughout his tyrannical rule. He turned one of the poorest, aids dependent empires into a real prison house for about three decades and left with heavily indebted poor country ” to a value of 11 billion US $ stated from 1977 to his day of forced flight.


Right three months after Mengistu’s flight, H. Q. Loltu’s publication that was concerned about the forces that may define the future fate of the dependent colonial Abyssinian within her artificial boundaries first, and the external forces, like the United States of America, and her allies. He thoroughly analyzed the three major forces the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Eritrean people’s Liberation Front (EPLF) post-Mengistu (Dergue) regime. within the dependent Empire known current “Ethiopia” and the USA as a patronage that defines the future fate of one of the poorest predatory empire in the horn of Africa


The USSR that was established post-WWI was collapsed in the 1990s. The Berlin wall was torn down. Old but new, over fifteen sovereign states were reborn within the Soviet Union itself, and in other east European satellite states of Soviet Union beyond her boundaries. The collapse of the Soviet union automatically means the collapse and the death of the Soviet-dependent military junta know as Dergue, lead by Mengistu in the fake “Ethiopia” empire in the horn of Africa.


Loltu thoroughly analysis, and predicts what comes next to the  military junta, Dergue I after “cold war” in the kindling point, No.29 of September 1991 issue titled: “On The Limits of tactical Alliance” H.Q. Loltu wrote:

It looks like we discarded the old Dergue I model of Ethiopia for nothing more than a pastel painted Dergue II model. Nothing has changed except that new promotional material was used, and a new coat of paint and new seats were added, and different chauffeur has hired. No one can get where he or she wants to go in this vehicle. As a matter fact, the new chauffeur is a relative of the old chauffeur and knows nothing more about navigation or mechanism that old one did. He refuses to follow anybody’s direction or take them anywhere. He has decided that he likes being at the wheel, even though the bus is going nowhere. He insists that everybody who climbed in must remain there and is trying to keep his passengers on board by force. People are realizing their condition and are leaping out of the vehicle at great risk to life and limb just to get where they wanted to go and where they were assured this bus will take them.”


  1. Q. Loltu is Mr. Sisai Ibsa, may his soul rests in peace, our polymath, beloved Oromo Nationalist, Activist, know with series of his signified publications, The Kindling Points. Sisai Ibsa is also the co-author with our Qabanne; Bonnie K. Holcomb, of “The Invention of Ethiopia: The Making of a Dependent Colonial State in Northeast Africa” (1990). A must read book, especially by those who are still suffering from the myths and fables of “Ethiopiawenet/ Ethiopia-ness, the only independent state, the only Christian Island, chosen by god, a tribe of Judah, the bastion of Africa liberation struggle, in African content, etc.”


Since the invention of the Empire during the scramble for Africa political western colonizers in the last half of the 19th century, there were categorically two major forces that determined the fate of Abyssinia, her expansion, establishments and maintains toward the south and turned her to the predatory empire of today’s “phony Ethiopia.” One, the internal forces within the empire and second the external forces (forces from abroad) to the contemporary.The internal forces include the masters from the north and the assimilated southern who physically belongs to the oppressed people, but mentally colonized whom the masters can reshape, redesign, rename and deploy them according to its needs to serve the masters interest and profit. They are the most challenging ones in the process of the liberation struggle because they will fight harder than the colonizers to be accepted by their masters.


As a result of this interaction throughout colonization, transfection of (Amharaization) process, some successful transfected (amharaized) clones inserted in their mind, given a fake stolen name Ethiopiawenet were injected to serve and to maintain the empire. It can be detected from those who suffered and still suffers from a chronical migraine caused by the transfection of Amharazition and its transformation to Ethiopianization, who still serves as a slave like in the computer configured as Master-Slave. In other words, in practice, these were /are slave minded individuals or groups who turned their back on their own oppressed people, sworn to serve as a vassal for their master. The clones or chimeras were and still are the major hurdles in the liberation process of the oppressed south than their masters-north indeed. EW Blyden reminds us, Slavery of mind is far more destructive than of a body.


The gangsters still get plenty of aids from the west


In relation to the USA and Oromos, Loltu wrote:

“I do not think that the United States was aware of the importance of the Oromo. Too many of the U.S. experts and advisers on a policy of Ethiopia believed Ethiopia propaganda about the greatness, the cleverness and even the innate superiority of the Abyssinians in the north. The U.S. has never taken the people of the south and specifically the Oromo seriously enough.This mistake has blinded them to the realities of the era. ”


During the autocratic feudal monarchy rule of Tefere Mekonnen, whom Britain’s brought him back to Throne from exile, James P. Richard’s as an ambassador, ones on a special mission to promote the Eisenhower doctrine for the Middle East designed to combat communist in road responded to Aklilu (foreign minister of H. Selassie regime in 1957) said:

To listen to you Mr. Minster I ought to be ashamed to be an American. But let me tell you this, were it not for the United States, Ethiopia would not even be on the map today.”That tells all about “The only dependent nation, bastion of African liberation… etc”


It worth’s to note that Mengistu was forced to fly to Moscow while the USA rejected any form of aids, and its reverse, the unlimited support of Leonid Brezhnev that turned Mengistu to a life long barking dog against the USA and allies throughout his dictatorship. As his redundant longlasting slogans: the Three major Enemies as a system “ Imperialism, Capitalism, Feudalism” and The USA as the vanguard of the first two systems. As people say, he was, of course, punching above his weight, not new , it is a typical behavior Habeshas. Poor Mengistu; had he knew that the some state or system, the USA whom he cursed thoroughly out his tyrannical rule become his rescue boat, otherwise it could have been exactly what his portrait said to him. He will beg hanged in the center of Fifinne, or killed by all possible means like all tyrants known in human history.


The USA must wait about three decades to come back to the sphere of influential domination of the Abyssinian Empire that was lost during Jimmy Carters presidency to Bill Clinton. Since the collapse the Soviet Union and the flight of Mengistu to Harare, three US Presidents visited the African continent: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Baraka Obama, Their formal policy made and read from cheat sheets during their travel in Africa they all said they have interests in Africa. The difficult question to find the answer is who is not interested in Africa and why?.


History proofs that there would have been no America or Europe without African resources and labor as we know today and that hold true to the very date. And It is all for profit, acquisition of African rich resources, the rest is just a political jingoism for the past millennium.  Africa helped to develop western Europe and Americas in the same proportion as Western Europe and the USA helped to under-developed Africa and stifled geniuses who at the risk of torture rise up to declare the truth and demand liberty. What is at issue is an Africa where dictators kill, steal and usurp power yet are treated like heroes at meetings of the African Union. The USA and allies promoted warlordism, giving plenty of aids to the gangsters as a political award, name them “our strategical allies,” for cooperating in looting,plundering and exploitation of precious natural and human resources without limits and conducting genocides in the African continent, for instance, such as in DRC.


In case of fake Ethiopia, the major plan and the arrangement of the USA Ambassador Herman Cohen in saving Mengistu’s life and his family to whom the USA was the primary enemy, was in fact is not a humanitarian act, but a political calculi, beyond double standard as it was called a “soft landing plan”to replace one monster with another monster, Meles Zenawi (Dergue II) that suit to the USA agenda to serve as marionette gangster around the horn Africa “save the Christian island” as the Portuguese did in the 1540s. H. Cohen of the USA and his successor made a grave mistake promoted warlordism instead of consensus and encouragement in implementing the basic universal human right on the ground of one of the forgotten barbaric empire in the horn of Africa and still insists on recognizing the fact on the ground and unbiased judgment.


The tyranny of TPLF gangsters of Albanian-communist worshiper and admirer whom Cohen singularly blessed and anointed them to grab the saddle in Finfinne in summer 1991. Since then the gangsters  conducted genocide, systematic extermination, and ethnocide on the targeted southern people that all of the western ambassadors knew what happened and is happing right in the back yard of their office in  Finfinne to the present.


Recently, H. Cohen, the former USA Ambassador to “Ethiopia” said:“the minority regime in Ethiopia can never achieve economic development.” What a sensational discovery! Where were the TPLF or Tigreans ever been the majority in this forgotten prison house ? Did not you ignored the concerns of the genuine Liberation Fronts like the OLFs proposals for a neutral global legal body to observe and intervene to implement the charter signed by the gangsters of the Albanian-Orthodox-Socialist TPLF to watch their moves and acts carefully who knew nothing except guerilla warfare (hit and run in the dark) in the Tigrean desert for about three decades.


Furthermore, have you every read or observed that the Abyssinia have a culture and acquaintance of what meant human right and democracy? Indeed, what was called human right and democracy are acts of suicide if it is realized in the predatory fake “Ethiopian” Empire. History proofs that Abyssinia was and still known with her global signature of chronical famine, wars, intrigues, and diabolic lies, myth, fabrication, etc., on this planet.


Nevertheless, It was first, the President of USA, Bill Clinton who attested to the leader of the Gangsters the adjectives; “good guys, new breeds of Africans ” to the rebel front leaders who took power in Africa like Yoweri Museveni; Paul Kagame, Meles Zenawi, Isaias Afewerki among others during his visit to Africa. In de facto  he meant the “darlings” of the USA or west as a political award post the collapses of the Soviet blocks. Since then they all waged wars, conducted genocides in their corresponding regions, and the USA was known to be the architect, even the direct participants of all atrocities such as in DRC. The investigative journalist and specialist on intelligence and private issues, Wayne Madsen’s,the Author of the book: “Genocide and covert operations in Africa 1993-1999.” and his testimony to the commission, facts, figures, and analysis can be regained. Moreover, the UN Report also named that the USA, leading buyers of the illegally exploited resources such as diamonds, gold, copper, platinum, and other precious minerals, including one-columbite –tantalite or ”coltan” which is a primary component of computer microchips and printed circuit boards from DRC followed by Germany, Belgium, and Kazakhstan.


The Cameroonian international law and a columnist Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme in a July 2005 New York Times Op-Ed protested:

We are troubled to think that they are so misguided about what Africa’s real problem is, and dismayed by their willingness to propose solutions on our behalf. We Africans know what the problem is, and no one else should speak in our name. Africa has men of letters and science, great thinkers. They (west) still believe us to be like children that they must save as if we don’t realize ourselves what the source of our problems is.”


Today, twenty-five years later, the prediction made by our Loltu is a depicted proven fact that Dergue I lead by Mengistu was replaced with Dergue II lead by Meles. As an Oromo proverb when roughly translated into English means changing a stove does not make a soup more palatable. The only difference being that Dergue I was a darling of Brezhnev to Gorbachev of the USSR, the Kalashnikov, Migs, etc. providers. Whereas, Legesse (stolen name Meles) Zenawi was a “darling” of President B. Clinton to President B. Obama primarily. The other difference was that in the last years of his regime, in the 1980th to his flight, Mengistu shifted his primary target to the northern provinces of the empire mainly in Tigre and in Eritrea and waged wars. Whereas, Dergue II (Meles’s) reversed the course and turned from victim to culprits. He targeted the people of the South incarcerated in the “quasi Ethiopia-state” in general, and primarily on the Oromo people indiscriminately. He planned the police of systemic extermination analog to Nazi Germany and acts of crimes conducted, and still does, on a daily base: Eviction from ancestral soil, killing innocents, torturing, jailing, repression, indiscriminately, looting, plundering resources etc. since the TPLFEPRDF” tyrant regime occupied Finfinne, the umbilical cord of Oromia in summer 1991. That proofs what was/ is happing in Africa continent is indifferent to the so-called the Donor states and agencies as it happened in Rwanda, DRC or Darfur in recent past. And that was the begging. Since then independent of who holds power in Washington, the aids to the Tyrant, gangsters were grown up exponentially. The gangsters get plenty


In the year 2013 alone the assistance of the USA government to the regime reached US$ 4 billion. President Baraka Obama, the first USA President and Son of an African who addressed in the African Union in Finfinnee “Addis Abeba” to African people signed the 10-year renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity. The objective of the recent visit of US president to Africa among others was mainly not what was spoken, delivered for the screen, but it was an attempt to regain her lost prestige she holds after first and second world war in the 20 century that gradually shifted to Asia mainly China following the old colonial Europe re-scrambling Africa.


America’s policy towards Africa for the past decades proofs that rather than seeking to establish situations which civil war and ethnic turmoil reign supreme have seemingly destabilization (Unruhe bewahren), rebel leaders including MelesZenawi, Isaias Afewerki, Yoweri Museveni; Paul Kagame, among others. the United States has a long history of supporting oversight in the DRC Civil War in order to gain access to the country’s natural resources. In fact, the Former Secretary of State, Mideleine Albright, was found of calling pro-US military leaders in Africa who assumed power by force and then cloaked themselves in civilian attire. ’beacons of hope’.


In reality, they permit unscrupulous International companies to take advantage of the strife to fill their own coffer. The world knows that Melees Zenawi who come from Tigray desert turned from zero to the US $ dollar of 3 billion within less than decade, It does not come from a vacuum, but It is scrupulous planned and stolen resources from the south when they are dying from drought and hunger, and there are more gangsters left to be exposed and brought to justice like Charles Taylor of Liberia among others.


Comment wrote to President Obama’s Speech in Finfinne


Dear Mr. Presidant:

I am one of the sympathizers, who listened to your speeches you made in the USA or abroad, sometimes repeatedly, and read your book. I was sometimes even your advocate in podium or friends circles from different regions of the world. As I heard from your speech in Finifinne, the original Oromo name that was renamed to “Addis Abeba,” analog to Cecil Rhodes, Salisbury, today’s Harare.


In Your speeches, you softly knocked the people who called themselves OROMOO in their own language Afaan Oromoo not the way you said it“OMOROS”that is used by the northern colonizers to denigrate the Oromos.


Mr. Prsedent: Secondly, we are a nation per se of over 40 million people, not a tribe, ethnic or what else. In reverse, there has never existed the nation called “Ethiopia.” the term  stolen by Tefere Mekonnen from who replaced the name Abyssinia.


Oromos have one language, Afaan Oromoo (Oromo language);the second largest African Language spoken in the horn of Africa extended from the tips of red sea coast in the north to Tanzania and known as Proto- K(C)ushitic Languages in Africa. Oromos have territorial continue, culture. Oromos are the cradle of human, human civilization, the grandfathers, and mothers of the Nile Valley Civilization.Oromos are the origin of Sirna Gadaa-Seeqqee- A unique autochthonous socio- political system of an indigenous African people, and one of those remarkable creations of the human mind that evolved into a full-fledged system of administration before the birth of Athenian later called western democracy.


Sirna Gadaa-Seeqqee suffered extremely cultural genocide throughout the colonization of Biyya Oromoo /Oromia and the creation of one of the poorest Euro-Abyssinia Empire the contemporary “Quasi-Ethiopian–State” during Sahle Mariam, “Menelik II” aggrandizements policy and expansions, buttressed with European (gun providers) weapons, advisors, mercenaries during the period of European colonialists scramble for Africa. Under your foot where you are standing and giving speeches to the African people at the AU-hall, the bones of millions of Gosa Galaan of Tuulama highland were exterminated analogy to The indigenous folks of north Americas, a misnomer called ”Indians”, the umbilical cord of Oromo land calledFifinne or Shagar that was renamed to “Addis Abeba” by Menelik II,wife’s wish. The Oromos who lost their Ancestral homeland conveyed their grievance in an Afaan Oromoo Oromo poem that nearly reads when translated into English .


No more standing on Intotto


No more standing on Intotto,

to look on meadows blow

No more taking cattle to Finfinne

to water at the mineral spring.

No more gathering on Daalatttii,

Where the Gullallee assembly used to meet

No more going beyond Gafarsaa

To chop firewood.

No more pasturing calves ,

on the meadows of Hurufa Bombi.

The year the enemy came

Our cattle were consumed.

Since Mashasha came ,

Freedom has vanished.


It was not the Oromos but the Abyssinians hordes (Amhara and Tiger Mainly) primitive creature´s who migrated most intensively since the 18th centuries in search of food and water, shelter, and life, turned to landlords on our ancestral soil. The voice of the Oromo people that warned unanimously the aliens of the north to leave their ancestral soil, and their preparedness to pay the sacrifice for their liberation is as old as the foundation of the OLF, most significantly since 1991, at the time the Front got an opportunity to communicate with his people face to face in daylight.The alien of the north exactly knew to whom the land belongs, and if they follow, obey the rules of the charter they signed they will go back to Tigre, the poorest of poorest province in the Empire where they will hardly afford to pay for their meals let alone to be billionaires on the fate of the south people and resources without a shadow of a doubt.The USA and her allies the west treats,and still consider Africa most especially “fake Ethiopia” as their backyard and blindfold their eyes and turn their deaf ears against the atrocities committed by the TPLF /EPRDF gangsters since the come to power by force, intrigues and exclusion of the vast majority of the population.


As H. Loltus has predicted, the mindset of the USA in relation to the Oromos and the southern people, in general, was proofed today than ever in real ,the fact that the world has destined to witness in the last twenty-five years. The formal redundant gerunding terms, emerging, developing, improving, etc., just a positive spin on awful tyrants atrocities within their corresponding regions and the services, and profits they gave to the USA and to uphold the power.


The mindset of the political west when it comes to a fake “Ethiopia” and the people increased within the empire has a long history of ignorance and arrogance, deep-rooted cultural of denials and discrimination. Summing up, One Monster replaced the other Monster patronaged by the Western in the Abyssinia “fake Ethiopia” Empire. Aids were used as a political reward to the TPLF gangsters who come to power by military force in 1991. The new monster was crowned to serve the mutual interests of the donors and his gangsters “ government” club in the exploitation of natural resources, Land grabbing, deforestation, cheap labors etc and got  and  still get plenty of supports that keep them to hold the power and cling onto it at all costs as far the westerns profits from the gangsters at all costs.


Finally, unless we want to gain a psychological satisfaction by acting like a moral apostille “non-violence struggle” a false recipe that could never uproot one a predatory Empire like “fake Ethiopia” by quoting some false individuals, call whom one wants, the armed struggle is as old as history itself and shall remain so until we are liberated without no ifs, ands, or buts.


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