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The TPLF Tyrant Regime of Terror-Horror & Genocide in the Horn of Africa

Truth Barometer #7


By Odaa Hora


Independent of time and place, most of the acts of genocides known in human history are (were) committed by regimes instigated and sponsor terrorism than insurgencies regardless of how they come to power, either through the ballot box or gunmen. Tyrannical regimes, men like, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, Stalin’s of USSR, Pol Pot’s KhmerRouge of Cambodia, Mengistu Hailmaria’s Derg (Miltary Junta) and Meles Zenawi’s TPLF of “EPRDF”, among many other dictators, authoritarian and tyrannies, whose list has no end are, irrefutable facts of regime terrorism that led to deliberately planned, and executed act of genocides; a crime against humanity. Regime’s Terrorism was employed by as a technique of instance of “state, or new nation-building such as through racial purification (Adolf Hitler’ moto! only “Aryans” have a right to exist, breed and rebreed, and the rest must be wiped out from the  surface of this planet by all means possible), ideological revolution (Mengistu Hailmaria’s imported socialism or death) or development and prosperity of the Tigreans on the fate of the rest of (Meles Zenawi) by scapegoating the people or the group of people they targeted.


Tyrants define themselves in contradistinction to their invented enemy. Hitler found the Jews and other groups –Gypsies, Russians, Poles, etc, Mengistu echoed the USSR’s, Kalashnikov providers slogans; Imperialism, Feudalism, and capitalism; the major three pillar enemies to be distorted for  the seek of his external propaganda, and “anarchism, separatism etc, to massacre all who were against his dictatorial rule and committed genocides known as  the “Red-Terror” and waged wars one after the other, and Meles designed the extermination policies of the Oromos from all sphere of life  in 1996. And later in 2009, he copied and adapted the anti-terrorism law from the USA Patriotic act of legislation against terrorism that was passed by Congress on October 26.Thes are all means through which tyrants can strengthen and dominate their conceptualized, initiated, designed plan to govern their project and to execute it at national and international level.


As their signature tyrannic regimes virtually restrict peaceful means of resolving conflicts by which legitimate aims may be pursued. They are allergic to opposing views, has Zero-tolerance to share political power, thus any available alternative means of resolving conflicts have zero chances, while, the regime for the tyrant regimes power meant, a driving license, to rule with corruption, maim, murder, mass arrests and horror and terror enshrined in one mans rule “state policies” with unlimited power and time.


Once the tyrannic regime figured out what was considered as an enemy, it designes deliberately planned and calculated elimination policies by mobilizing all force under his control. The regime instigatges and wages wars of terror and horror of to exterminate the targeted people or groups of people. The regime massacres, arrests, tortures, rapes, evicts, displaces, conducts gruesome grotesque acts on the victims indiscriminately and genocides take the path.


William D. Perdue in his book, Terrorism, and the State: A Critique of Domination through Fear wrote:

The main form of terrorism is “regime terrorism,” a “higher terrorism” managed by the leading Western states to help them mobilize the world’s resources and people to serve their own interests. They employ their superior power to advance and protect the transnational system that they dominate and “to keep the world safe from change. These states use a wide array of means to dominate through fear that includes under the rubric terrorism not only straightforward regime terrorism, but also the warfare state and its operations, racial terrorism, settler terrorism, surrogate terrorism, and a vast array of other forms of state intervention.”


Right, after the eves of the collapse of the ideological-east block, and the fall of Berlin wall, the genocides in Rwanda (April to July 1994), in the DRC (1996 – to the present); sometimes called the “African World War” were committed. The genocides in Darfur (2003-to the present) are irrefutable crimes against humanity that the world had destined to witness right at the eves of the 21st century. While the lists of regimes that committed genocide have no ends, the incidences stated here must be considered as the tips of the Iceberg in the bleeding African continent where tyrannic regimes rule have become engrained as a norm in much of the continent today.


The challenging question that one could not figure out is not which regime has, but which regime has not committed genocide per se, in the continent of Africa, according to the definition of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) Article 95 (1), and affirmed the principles of the International law recognized by the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal and Resolution 96 (1), The Crime of Genocide defined in 1946, as:

Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups as homicide is a denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence of human being shocks the conscience of mankind, results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these groups, and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and the aim of the United Nations.”


Varies studies made on the issue of basic human rights and democracy in Africa continent proves that out of fifty-five flag anthem dependent “quasi -states” at most six of them transferred power to the next elected person or party, at least without bloodshed, leave alone to think about freedom, justice, rights, rule law etc, in all sphere of life. That indicates that over fifty “quasi African-sates,” the vast majority of the African people are ruled by despotic authoritarian, tyrannic regimes regardless of how they come to power. Thus, it will not be difficult to ferret out the truth of the duties of the catchy name called the African Union: a Union of the club of calcified authoritarian regimes who cling to power until they die, or in some case, last minute fly out to save their neck, or until the bullet gets them. It may seem surprising for the healthy human mind, but in Abyssinia, known with stolen name ”Ethiopia,” whose signature is a territory of chronic famine, wars, displacement, refugees and donot know nothing except being ruled by warlords, despotic monarchy, military junta, and now by TPLF-tyrannical regime at global level, a dead man like Menelik II and Meles Zenawi do rule from their graveyard.


Settler Genocide committed by the Habeshas


Settler and genocides studies prove that both are two sides of the same coin. Some examples may shed more light on it. The European settler commitmented genocide for more centuries against the native Americans, called them “Red Indians” a misnomer. The naitive who survied centuries of gruesome and grotesque acts were not considered as citizens until 1924. Similarliy the European settler commited genocide against Aborigines of Tasmania current Australia.


The Settler Habeshas or Abyssinians (Tigre and Amhara mainly) called (Neftangas) meant the gun-carrier and invader’s and occupiers policies of eliminations of the indigenous black people and the destruction of black African civilizations in the Horn of Africa is as old as their date of immigrations to the region. Their recoder proves that the ponifical glory of the so-called “King Ezanas” empire, converted to Christainity, he virtualy exterminated the indigenous family of the northern Kushite people such as Waraa Aagaa, the family of Aaga branch of the Kushites (Waraa Kaasuu) and deformed to “Agew”and  their indgenious black African civilization. Furthermore, he conducted genocide during his aggradaizment policies and expansion wars toward the south and destructed the Meroitic Black African civilization around the Nile Valley. similar to his half-siblings, the settlers and the invader-hordes from Arabian peninsula that began in the 7th century AD destructed the first and the oldest human civilization known in the world: The Great Nile valley civilizations. Ezan and his invader hordes predated on the occupied people, an institutionalized pluder system called gafol or zagol: the birth of the Abyssinia preadatory and dependent system that holdes true to the present.


The subjugation of Oromos colonial expansion and aggrandizement policy of the aliens of the north who settlers in the north eastern part of Tulama began about one –and –half centuries before meneliks occupation of Fininine. It began by Warlord called Amha Eyasus around 1743, who conquerd all north eastern Tulama Oromos and ruled for 30 years and setteled in Halkobarrii or Goroo beela “Ankober,” about 175 km northeast of Finfinne highland; the heart the  Oromo Land. From there up on each warlord of the alien of the north who lived in gafol system followed up their fathers and grandfather footsteps.


The coming of Europeans after Berlin’s conference, scramble for Africa to the horn of Africa was a prelude to the genocide commited by Menilik and his Hordes. Among the rival warlords in the region, Menelik II wa left the as the only candidate to act like a pawn for major European rival to boost up spehere of influences in the red sea and the Nile River. He profited from allmost from all then in covert or in overt even fron so called  “neutral Swiezerland.” With help of European advanced firearms, financial support, active participation military advisors like Alfred Ilg, Menelik was able to wage wars of colonization, under the umbrella called “Hager maqnat” means institutionalization of the war of elimination, occupation, and resettlement by the alien of the north called the (Neftagnas-Settler- gun carrier brigands) committed genocide.


Millions of the Oromos were massacred, evicted from their ancestral soil, the survivers was forced to assimilation or chooped their hands and leges and women brustes by employed and deployed killer armed brigands through his colonial expansion and aggrandizement policy. As result, the southern people were conquered, occupied and incorporated to one of the poorest barbaric, dependent, colonial empire surrounding by the Brtish, France, and Italian colonies in the horn of Africa.


The Habeshas; the aliens of the north have inherited their genes, from Ezana where the DNA trace of colonial expansion and aggrandizement policy, the elimination policies of the Oromo people from their ancestral soil primarily and resettling by the northern aleins the (Tigreans and Amharas) and their attempts to wipe out the rest; the whole south if they can for centuries and continues to the present. Right now, it is crystal clear than at has ever been in the history of the predatory dependent Abyssinian empire.

The tyrannic TPLF-Regime lead by Meles Zenawi’s was catapulted into power in 1991, under the auspices of the USA and ruled with an iron fist hitherto. After consolidating power by employing and deploying Stalin of USSR style, for which he was known, He further established and institutionalized “State” terrorism per se continued the elimination policies of his predecessors. He legalized a policy of genocidal acts manifesto that targeted the Oromo people from all social life primarily published in November 1996 analogy to Hitlers Nazi Germany’s manifesto to wipe out the Jews people primarily from his “Reich” and then from Europe and finally from this planet. https://oromolands.blogspot.com


Right after the tyrannical regimes grap the political power, they designed, planned, and systematically execute the acts of regime or “state” sponsored terrorism. They mobilize all resources under their control; such as military, security, finance, techniques of repressions, mass media, etc. The armed forces served as the major insurance and the backbone of the tyrannical regime that operates from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, the last layer to maintain the political hegemony in both national and global sphere and to achieve their planned ultimate goal of exploitation and self-enrichment.


The TPLF tyrant clan purposively, calculated and employed someone of their own ethnicity (the Tigreans) puppets from the other ethnicity suitable shareholders of mutual interests of exploitation of resources and plundering within the territory they control and resources that come in from abroad or sent abroad. The clan hired posts to the loyal Avan-guards bounded to the leader personally and established an institutions and policies that became a gang of thugs of the targeted southern people in the whole empire. Out of sixty-four top military posts of a leader called “Generals,” about fifty of them belongs to the TPLF clans. As TPLF meant Tigre people: the northern tips of the empire, their population statistics make less than 6 % if one trusts their untrusted statistic in all spheres of societal statistics from the approximate estimates of about 100 million people incarcerated in this prison house called “Ethiopia.”


With an absolute monopoly of the military post, the military so called Generals become the power wielder, an employer, and deployer of special killer troops called Agazi and Leyu police (trained killer squadron). The rest fourteen Generals listed in the TPLF post are those who worths for nothing independent of their ethnicity. They are there to serve as bridges, translators, in other words, the GPS of the reckless settler and invaders to bring them to the last corner of the empire for which the alien of the north are virtually strangers.The fourteen underdog generals awards were given measured to their degree of loyalty to the regime and the atrocities like mass murders, mass arrests, torture evictions, rapes, looting etc, that is what they trained for and enshrined in the regime’s system, “states” policies and frequently exercised and committed as it was  ordered.


In the year 2007, the continuations the act of genocide targeted the autochthonous people of the whole south incarcerated in this prison house and eviction policies from their ancestral soil declaration of the TPLF-tyrant regimes was published reads:

Ethiopia is endowed with natural resources suitable for bio-development. In this regard, at [the] national level, an estimated 23.3 million ha suitable land is available for development of bio-diesel. Regionally, the available land in million ha is: Oromia 17.2, Benishangul-Gumuz 3.1, Gambella 2.8, Somali 1.5, Amhara 1, Southern Nations Nationalities 0.05, Tigray 0.007. Statistical information for Afar and Harer is not available. It should be noted that there is information gap in some of the regions; nevertheless, the potential is expected to be higher than the available.”


The figures listed above does not include lands grabbed for Maize, Rice, Roses, etc., plantations by evicting the indigenous people from their ancestral soil, and leased for less than 10$USA per hectare for hundred years to the greedy, dead moral and ethic-less, so-called “international investors,”, in defacto they are monsters, scramblers, and invaders who profit blinded their eyes, Raush (Intoxicated/ hallucinated) their minds. These enterprises and their home States are the major the insurances in all forms and the protectorate of the major dictatorial and tyrannical regimes in the African content who clad in democracy, security, development garbs. But the facts on the soil speaks diametrically the opposite is true.


When the TPLF/EPRDF tyrants orders indiscriminate killings, tortures, rapes, loots, conducts gruesome sub-human act, of Oromos, evicted millions of arrests en masse, packed in the concentration camps (CC) like Sardines in Qaalitti, Qiilinxo, Ziway, etc, analog to (Buchen Walds, Aushwitz, Dachu of Nazis CC (Konzentrationslanger (KZ)), or Stalin’s GLAG,  the tyrants were and are not called Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin by the so called, the “civilized political West,” the main donors of the tyrant regimes. They rather paid visits, acknowledged them, extended loans and credits visa, open door for money laundering, offshore banking, provided modern war machines, material, trainers (Killer-train-Killers) techniques of physical and psychological violence. They recognized them, call them: “good Man with whom we can make business! Partner, you did a good job! We will secure your credits and loans. They boostes the psychic of the tyrants to proceed with the atrocities of elimination policies of targeted people and the commission of silent genocide: a hidden crime against humanity from the majority of the people in the world. These are undeniable evidential facts on the soil documented by sacred human right NGOs like AI report: Because I am Oromo,  Genocide Watchs, HRW and various human right advocates, institutions and torture survivers from priosns, more precisely concentration camps of the prsion house.


when it comes to Africa, they do not consider them tyrants rather they protect forfeiture property and storage and more prominently,  when it comes to the impoverished empire of the Abyssinia: The loyal client per se: after all the TPLF tyrants of today in Finfinne and the Liberator of yesterday in Tiger desert grap the political and military power by the help and selection of the Westerners that suit their own plan. Horand Knaup and Juline wrote the New Colonialism Foreign Investors Snap Up African Farmland. Africa: the last frontier for finding alpha.” The word alpha signifies an investment for which the return is greater than the risk. Africa is alpha country.”

Furthermore, they maintained major bottleneck to the global community to prevent the act of genocides and ethnocides before the tyrants, dictators and authoritarian regimes go too far. They remain a bottleneck to justice to prevail, vetoing against the commitment of the international community to its promise to the convention based on the Charter of The Nürneberg Tribunal and Resolution 96 (1), The Crime of Genocide and Punishment under International Law, which was unanimously signed, to bring the criminal leaders of the genocide and ethnocide and theirs collaborates to the global criminal courts to be punished accordingly.

We wonder and appreciate if we may know, how many Oromo blood and tears must be spilled to fulfill your requirement to consider it a genocide per se, if at all you have one, and to consider, a tyrant regime as a criminal to be brought to justice. You were telling us A true democrate do not afraid of Justice, the basic credo of human and humanity and have no doubt to call a tyrant is a tryant independent of time and place. Right, Now genocide is going on day in ady out from Shagar, the umbilical cord of the Oromo people and the capital city of Oromia at the time the tyrants of TPLF/EPRDF decleared state of Emergernce and waged war of eliminations, conducting genocide and state sponsered terrorism aganist Oromos and alikes on thier ansectoral soil.

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