Oduu Haaraya

The TPLF Tyrants clan encapsulated in the Ring oF Fire

Truth Barometer # 7



By Odaa Hora

An Irish proverb says, “Put a silk on a goat and it is still a goat.”  As whatever  pretext, name they attest to themselves,  portrayes and propagates, history has repeatedly proved that tyrants are always tyrants independent of time and place.


They possess contradictory behaviors of an anomaly, live with fear because  they do  know their deeds in thier life. They consistency lies, and posses the culture of denials, hypocrsy, nepotism, fabrications used to erect false edifices that must maintain at all costs till they cought red handed, captured and brought to justice or killed. Power for the tyarnt is a license to corruption, killing, torturing, incarcerating, burning, looting and lust for wealth. Tyrants held power by armed supression, grisly combination of maschine-gun and mysticism on down-trodden populations.   


They  generally moves with four M’s (Motivations, Muscles or Maschine-guns, Murder and Mysticism) in their lifetime. Their primary motivation sets on lust to acquire wealth, chauvinism, cynicism, greediness, and selfishness. To achieve their goal they implementes a grisly  combination of muscle; machine-gun in holding, maintaining  and clinging into  political power as the main means to achieve their goal and solutions  for ever challenges they face.


A year after the  current regime led by Meles, the architect and the brain of the TPLF–gangster clan took power planned, calculated and systematically implemented Stalin style of power-holding and maintaining. The regime began the process of elimination of  the genuine political parties and their  political leaders with whom they drafted the charter of transition after the collapse of the military junta in 1991.


The regime began in overt and in covert operations against them, began targeted killing,  jailing in mass, hunting closed all offices, facilites, pludrerd  their properties and forced to exile. The overt and covert elimination was  ordered against formidable political forces, personals and institutions and systematically and cold-blooded killings followed all form atrocities committed  against their sympathizers, business mean artists, e.t.c. people from all sphere of life, indiscriminately, who said no to the tyrant WAYANE hegemony.

The regime operated and still do operates under the masks of Federalism, Democracy, Terrorism, Development, e.t.c., as a client stuck with the political west, mentored,  financed, blessed as “good guys” by the same people who tells us today that  the regimes stakeholders belongs to one clan, the very minority and tell us the statistics.


During his Stalinist-style of power consolidation and maintenance, the regime conducted the act of genocide, in Oromia, Ogaden, Gambel, the lists go on, and evicted millions of the  indigenous people from the ancestral soil,  incarceration  in  one of the poorest barbaric, predatory empire in the horn of  Africa ruled  iron-fisted until his death  in the year 2012.


Haile Mariam Desalgn a perfect assimilate from the south was brought to the position from nowhere to avoid the internal clashes between the deep-rooted TPLF rival groups after his master, Legesse “Meles” Zenawi has physically gone that turned his back against his own people and becomes a marionette and  a talking drum of the TPLF commanded and ruled regime. fabricated, cloned, branded  by Meles as a good product, loyal servant during his iron-fisted rule.That is why  people official says and continues saying that “Meles is ruling from his graveyard” and that does not come out of the vacuum, rather based on the facts on the ground of the commanding power of WEYANE. Once they brought him to the post, H. Mariam sworn to proceeds with his master’s project, plans, and preaches in the name of his master.


The famous anti-slavery hero of the  African-American  Frederick Douglass reminds us that:

Those who profess to favor freedom; and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one ; or a physical one ; or it  may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them;and this will continue till they are resisted with other words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. He further said: Where justice is  denied, where poverty is  enforced, where ignorance prevails, and  any one class is made to fill that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and  degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.    

Today while we thank our Heroes and Heroines of our people who sacrificed their life to preserve our culture and tradition that went through planned, calculated  and implemented wars and waged to wipe out Oromummaa:, the Gada-Seeqqee System:the unique primordial pure African culture and holidays like Irrecha, the apex of  Oromo cultural celebration  among many others.


Oromummaa went through extremely genocide and ethnocide for centuries by aliens of the north, the Habeshas /Abyssinia to the very date. Never theless, whatever vilification was done and still do, It survived. Now more than every, our culture is found in renaissance (the revival of of anything which has longbeen in decay or  extent), in the position of flowering, in each and every angle of Oromia and no one on the planet reverses it and  furthermore gained global reckon. Let the pictures of Hora Sadii speak for itself.


Irreesa as the apex of  the holidays of thanksgiving to Waaqa to all Oromo people, the  Omnipotent, the creator of the universe according to Oromo philosophy, and Worldview. Irreessa  has been celebrated two times annually, in Birraa (Spring) and Arfaasaa /Afraasa (Autumn) seasons before it suffered extreme ethnocide since the Occupation of Oromia. Irreessa a signature of the  identity of the Oromo people (Orommumaa/ Oromonesss) part and parcel of the complex  unique egalitarian system of Gada-Seeqee System of Oromos in the horn of  Africa.


The  Oromos celebrate their symbolical rituals of their Irrecha in the open air around their Waaqas (God) given beautiful natural lakes (Hora), Malkaa (Streams), Mountains, Hills, e.t.c. Water is  primordial, a source and maintains of Life  in Oromo philosophy and mythology.  They prepare from one to the next Irrecha holiday  celebration and show up with their beautiful cultural dressings and symbolical  tools and express their personal and collective experiences of the past and their hopes for the future after the Rainy season (Gana) has passed.


Nothing is new, but there are new Ears!  


The Declaration of a state of emergency by TPLF tyrant regime: Today, while we thank the heroes and heroines who sacrificed their life for freedom and liberation with empty hand crossed and  to the technological advances of human endeavor, Internets, face books, youtubes, twitters, google etc, an era of flowering Oromo medias and  global medias like Aljazira,  the gruesome acts of the regime, at list can’t leave hidden to the world. It will not stay long as untold history buried in the empire whatever major the tyrants deploys.


The planned, calculated and systematically implemented massacre (ethnocide) committed by the regime  on  holy Ireessa  celebration of 2016 Sunday,  October the 2nd  in Bishooftu at Hora Arsadii on Pilgrims  was brought to the world at the spot to be watched and judged.


The world had witnessed  fighter jets flying lower and lower to the Masses, again and again, spraying  tear- and- burning gasses, dropping  stones packed with paper right from the top  tanks  rolling and shooting on the ground, armed disguised surrogate killers intermingled within the crowd and shooting the person next to them


The atrocities committed  by trained sniper-shooters with modern automatic rifles hidden in the bushes around Hora Arsadii hills began precise shot in the head and heart. As the military jet began spraying the gas and shooting began from all sides the masses of the pilgrims were turned into panic, Hora Sadii was turned to a death toll of the beautiful colored Oromo pilgrims.


The massacre what the world has destined to witness in Horsade, Bishooftu at an umbilical cord of Oromia on the day of IRREECHA PLIGRAMAGE on October 2, 2016 is nothing more than spilling more Benzine to the Ring of Fire and Flame of the Liberation Struggle people blowing toward the  the heart of OROMIA, and to others with similar historical fates and victims of genocide and ethnocide  to dismantle one of the most gruesome tyrant’s, TPLF-Fascist regimes that controlled the empire at gunpoint for the last solid 25 years and conducted genocide and annihilation policy.


The year 2016 was expected  to be the final phase of Irreessa or Irrecha Oromo culture and Religion celebration in Bishooftu, Hora Arsadii  to be registered as the UNESCO World Heritage in Human History. For this unique holiday, a conservative estimation of about two million people who succeed to arrive at  Hora  Sadii/Sadee, Bishoftu to their destiny for celebration by hook or crook, breaking down all hurdles and manipulations the regime has worked on it  in every angle to  block them once the Abba Gada had announced the Date of  celebration of Irrecha festival of year 2016 on Sunday, October the  2nd.


Right know we are witnessing that the tyrant TPLF gangsters are acting like a dog  infected by the Rabies virus and do not know what come out of their stinging mouth and calcified Brain. They do sense that they are sitting on the epicenter of the  HOT VOLCANO at the umbilical cord of OROMIA in Finfinne surrounded by the RING OF FIRE and FLAME blowing toward them in every direction with tempo and to melts them as a piece of butter droped in to flame the  very soon.


Attribute to those Pilgrims who lost their life by TPLF-Bloodthirsty Ogres in Hora Sadii, Bishooftu;Oromia. one of my favor Poet, let her Soul RIP, Maya Angelou:


A Last love,
proper in conclusion,
should snip the wings
forbidding further flight.
But I, now,
reft of that confusion,
am lifted up
and speeding toward the light. 

Maya Angelou




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