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Tigray fascist group: The new war front between Tigreans fascist group (TPLF) and the Oromo people, the case of Oromo-Somali border.


By Roba Jalata


I read two rogue published articles on two pro-Tigray fascism websites (Tigraionline and Aiga forum) in the past week regarding the war front between the Tigreans fascist group  i.e “Federal government” and Oromo people in multiple front of Oromo-Somali border. Mind you, I put the federal government in double quote because the Tigray fascist group call themselves a “Federal government”. I don’t want to give that legitimacy to the minority Tigreans fascist group that slaughter unarmed people in multiple fronts. That said, let mentioned about the two article. I don’t want to write a long article on this topic because this isn’t a scientific paper and don’t require research to discern the cause of war between the Tigreans fascist group and the Oromo people in Oromo-Somali border as Ismail Mohammed Abdi eluded to. You might ask, who is Ismail Mohammed Abdi? He is an author of one of the long article on the pro-Tigreans fascist group websites. The title said, “Shedding light on the recent violence in the border areas between Somali and Oromia regions of Ethiopia”. The title is misleading, it contains catchy phrase such as “Shedding light”.


To save your time, let me summarize the content of his article. He claimed, he went to the war front in Oromia-Somali border where the war has been going for the past couple of months, did his own investigation. He concluded, the cause of the war is Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO) i.e Oromia regional state. He said Oromia regional government sent heavily armed militia to wage a war on the Somali people. He argues, there has been unsolved border claim between the Somali and Oromia regional states. “Instead of resolving about 420 Kebeles in contention, Oromia regional state chose to wage a war on Somali regional state”. Laughable right! I don’t go to the detail of the article, you may read it if you want west your time. I decide not to provide the link to the rubbish article intentionally.   The purpose of this article is to show you who created this war and why? Who are fighting? Is it true the war is between Somali and Oromo people who lived together for centuries as the Tigray fascist group portrayed to tell us using the third party such as Ismail Mohammed Abdi?


Based on my assessment, the current war isn’t between the Somali and the Oromo people, it is the war between Tigreans fascist group and the Oromo people. Why? You might ask. We have published a classified document written by Tigreans fascist group a year ago before the current war has started that lay out the action plan to wage a current war against Oromo people. The original document was written in Tigrigna (the official language of Tigray fascist group) and someone translated into Amharic. To me this classified document was the concrete evidence, the blue print, the action plan which unequivocally discern the aggressor against the Oromo people, The Tigreans fascist group. It is nothing to do with the Somali people and the Oromo. You can find the original classified document and Amharic translation Here (https://www.robemedia.com/2016/08/12/top-secret-tigray-fascism-tplf-welkait-oromia/). The author of the classified document was Goitom Yemeane Gebreab, one of the key Tigreans fascist group clique. Now, let me point you to the paragraph in the classified document that lay down the action plan to wage a war against the Oromo people a year ago. I took a screen shot from the original classified document and inserted as image to save your time.


For our reader who don’t’ speak Amharic, I want translate the content of the paragraph as accurate as I can. It says, “… When we see the issue out of our region (Tigray region), from 1998-2008 there were a border issue between Somali region and Oromia region; southern region and Oromia region. Whether it right or wrong, in both cases the issue were presented to the ‘House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’ and the House of Federation decided to set a referendum and the citizen of these regions chose where they belong and the issue ware resolved. For example, For the border issue raised between Somali and Oromia regions covers the broader area between Maeso and Awash rivers to a Kenyan border that covers many Waradas and Kebales. Based on this, the two regions established a committee and campaigned till the referendum by investing Millions of dollars, thousands Kuntals of Wheats and rice; and oil mainly through a clan leaders, community leaders and prominent individuals. At the end the language speakers got Waradas and Kabeles based on the level of their gift, the level of their campaign, cunning and level of their agility. Because of the weakness of the Ogaden (Somali) army and the weakness of the Somali regional government, the Oromia regional state that had a better organization, money, wheat and rice got a better success. Right now, in many of the previously Somali Waradas and Kebeles, the people have been hissing. They say, we were deceived and joined Oromia region, now our kids are learning Afaan Oromo by force, we are ruled without our language. Unfortunately, we understand it was a done deal, unreturnable ask for forgiveness. For a thing described above not happens on us, we the Tegreans, what should have to do?” Long translation, right?


After this document, the Tigreans fascist group spent in arming Somali region “Liyu” police and disarming the special police in Oromia region after declaring state of emergency. The Tigrean fascist clique Major General Abraha, Eastern command, is leading the current war between the Tigreans fascist group and the Oromo people. Literally, the Tigreans army are rapping, killing, and robbing the civilians in the Oromia regions in a multiple front. The so called “Federal government”, the Tigreans fascist group, has declared official war on us. As a country, we don’t have a national army. The army is the property of Tigreans, they are effectively using it to sustain their apartheid system. In short, the fight is between the Tigreans fascist group and the Oromo civilians. The Oromo civilians have no other alternative except to fight and die. Many lost their lives. Oromo knows this very well. We know who declared a war on our civilians, it is the Tigri fascist group and not the Somalis. That said, I am not preclude the Tigreans slaves and horses in the Somali region who are responsible in the current war against Oromo unarmed civilians. For example, Abdi Illey, that sadistic and murderous president of Somali region, is the horse and slave of General Abraha, Eastern command who has soaked his hands with the blood of Somalis and Oromo’s civilians.


I hope, I have answered who are fighting, and let me say a few things why the Tigray fascist group declared war on Oromo civilians on multiple fronts. The possible short scenario may be to weaken the Oromo people, because the Oromo people unanimously has rejected the Tigray apartheid system and has been demanding its own democratic right for the past two years aggressively. Does TPLF succeed in subjugating us? I doubt!!!!


Let me go back to the two-rubbish article published on the pro-Tigrean fascist website. Through these article, the Tigrean fascist group want to tell us the war is between Oromo and Somali people, they want to act as “Federal government” as an “arbitrator” using their slaves and horses such as Ismail Mohammed Abdi, a pseudo investigative writer.  


Wait a minute, I haven’t told you about the second article. The second article was a reply to Ismail Mohammed Abdi written by Amen Tafari. The title was “Burning the Floor with Demon”. The article has no content worth mentioning, it is void. The purpose may be to attract attention to the jargon written by Tigrean fascist group horse and slave, Ismail Mohammed Abdi.


At the end, I thank you for reading this short article. I hope, I convinced you and presented the clandestine classified document that layout about the current war between the Tigrai fascist group and the Oromo civilians. The document is the blue print, the template, the plan, and the proposal for the current war. As individual of that nation, we have a responsibility to stand with the Oromo people, the civilians and support them in all we can to defend themselves from the Tigreans fascism aggression. Unavoidable choice, to defend themselves in all possible means!!!!  


God bless the Oromo nation! The peaceful people!

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