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United States Of Hate: Muslims Under Attack


The United States of Hate. The documentary is on youtube as well (though not sure for how long) and BBC 3 at the links below.

One thing positive that has come out of this is that me and Frank are still in touch and I do think we’re actually forging a friendship. Fear is based on ignorance and we have to genuinely fight it. I actually pity some of these people and am trying to live the supplication of the Prophet (peace be upon him), “forgive my people, because they don’t know any better.”

Some things were said about the Quran and the Prophet (peace be upon him) that clearly are misconstrued and hurtful to hear, but thats what we’re up against. It’s not easy to fight this ignorance but as we can see, this is what we’re up against.

Some people have asked me if I’m afraid and the answer is no. Not because I own a huge gun or am confident in my own strength, but because I fear no one but my Creator. We’re not going anywhere and we have to fight this divisiveness and I’m confident we will. I am close to the families of Deah, Yusor, and Razan who were killed by this hatred. I will never stop fighting the disease that led to their lives being taken, OR the disease that leads to innocent people being killed in the name of the religion that is so dear to me.

I will continue to call out our misguided foreign policy, the misguided interpretations of my religion, and the misguided response of those who can’t see that the vast majority of Muslims are stuck between a rock and hard place with this vicious cycle.

I also want you all to know that it’s not all bad in Dallas. I’m on the board of a huge interfaith alliance, Faith Forward Dallas, which is doing some amazing things. And with the rise of hate has come a rise of love. We’ll fight this together.

Finally, we filmed for days on end for this and only a few clips were shown so I ask you to keep that in mind. Also, though it doesn’t show, I signaled with quotation marks when using the word “Islamic” at the end of the film.
To me, the lady who showed up with the welcome refugees sign is the hero of the film. Don’t ever forget that there are people still like that in this world.

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