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Urgent letter!!! Here is the Notice to the government and the open call for the demonstration,

by Dr. ‪#‎Tsegaye_arerssa‬
31 July 2016
Obbo Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa, Speaker of the House of Representatives , FDRE.
Obbo Muktar Kedir, President of the National
Regional State of Oromia.
Obbo Ibrahim Haji, Commissioner of Oromia
All City Councils in charge of Matters
pertaining to Public Political meetings and
Peaceful Demonstrations.
CC.Dr Mulatu Teshome, President, FDRE.
Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister,
FDRE; Chair of the Command Post currently
governing Oromia.
General Samora Yunus, Chief of Staff of the
Armed Forces, FDRE.
Ato Asefa Abiyu, Commissioner of the Federal Police.
Central Committee of EPRDF.
Executive Committee of OPDO.
Subject: Open Letter regarding the carnage in Oromia and possible next steps
Dear Sirs,
It is to be recalled that the Oromo people have been expressing their total and complete discontent with the administration over the last eight months and a half. This
expression has taken the form of peaceful protest (#Oromoprotests ) forcing the government to rethink the Addis Ababa
Master Plan, amend the Oromia Urban Development Proclamation, reschedule the Ethiopian School leaving Exam and, more recently, to stop dumping waste in the
Sandaafa area. Much to our disappointment and to the disappointment of the entire
Oromo nation, this peaceful popular protest has been consistently met with overt
violence from the Government’s security forces. According to our estimates, over 600 Oromos are killed. (It is to be noted that the
Human Rights Watch had reported earlier that over 400 are murdered by government security officers arbitrarily. Even the regime has admitted that there were 173 killings and hundreds of incidents of injury to civilians, arbitrary arrests, and other forms
of abuses, and yet there was no attempt on the part of the government to take political
and legal responsibility for this.) Targeted killings have been going on even in the absence of any public demonstrations in
Shashemene and the towns in the wider W Arsi district. The Government has so far not
done its part to investigate the cause and bring the perpetrators to justice. Even as we write this letter today, the killing continues
in Awaday. Few weeks ago, several arbitrary killing of children and other civilians was witnessed and burning of a building has
also been observed while the local officials were watching the fire to the point of self-entertainment with the sight. Today, we have noticed the killing of protestors by
snipers who targeted Oromo lives.
In the last eight months and a half, hundreds of peoples suffered wounds and other forms of bodily injury from shooting.
Over 5000 Oromos were shot and injured by the Security Forces, mainly the Agazi. Tens of thousands have been victims of mass arrest and are suffering arbitrary detention and torture in prisons large and small in various parts of the country. Oromo leaders are detained and tortured as political prisoners. Hundreds are reported to be missing and are victims of forced disappearance. All this has been unaccounted for thus far as there was no independent commission of inquiry established to inquire into the matter. Nor has the government invited international
investigators such as the UN’s Special Rapporteurs on Arbitrary Execution, Forced Disappearance, or the Committee of Experts.
The dispossession and displacement of Oromo farmers and residents including those in the suburbs of Addis Ababa)
continues uninhibited so far. The civil administration of Oromia is still not restored in full. The Oromia National Regional State
(ONRS) is still under the military rule that governs through a Task Force from a Command Post. Oromia is virtually under the
rule of the Agazi.
The fundamental demands of Oromo people remain unaddressed. Discrimination is rife. Economic disempowerment, political marginalization, total loss of voice is patent.
Oromos are disproportionately
represented in the statistics about the Ethiopian prison population. (It is reported that the prison population has risen from
86% to 95 % within the last nine months.) Oromo political leaders such as Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelissa, Dejene Tafa, Addisu
Bulala, and almost all of the OFC leadership are imprisoned for no legally justified reasons. They are subjected to abuses as political prisoners. The state of basic social services is deteriorating from day to day. Health, road, and water services infrastructure have all
collapsed to the point of crisis. There is virtually no semblance of governance in the region except the terrorizing of the civilian
population through a heavy mili

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