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VIDEO: Oromo refugees protest for registration outside UNHCR Egypt

Members of the Oromo community continue their sit-in outside the UNHCR office in 6 October city for the 13th day in a row.

Oromo asylum seekers in Egypt are demanding UNHCR provide them protection by issuing them with the refugee registration card.

Dozens of protesters say they will continue their sit-in as long as it takes for the UNHCR to respond to their demands.

The UNHCR told Ahram Online Oromos are treated like any other nationalities that are registered with the UNHCR as asylum seekers and then get an interview for refugee determination.

“We have a large population of refugees but since 2014 we have implemented a new system where we make sure that the waiting period to sit for a refugee registration card interview will take about 18 to 19 months,” Marwa Hashem, the UNHCR spokewoman in Cairo said.

This is based on an individual basis, not because you are Oromo or not. We have already met three times with Oromo representatives and I think we will still meet with them again. Their main concern is that they need to increase assistance by the UN.”

Video by Rawan Ezzat 

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