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WBO was gloried in Ireland


There is nothing like Oromo Librations Front that has become part and parcel of Oromo people’s live.  Many people say the objective of the OLF is so tuned to the history and political thirst of Oromo people and that is why it became the objective of the Oromo public as well. Today, Oromo people both outside and inside Oromia covertly and overtly support OLF. Whether the OLF, as an organisation, is weak or strong, it has got the right place in Oromo people heart. Both the friends and the enemy know this fact.
On January 4/2014 the Oromo community in Ireland celebrated the 2014 WBO Day.  The WBO day was the day of joy here Dublin where all the members and supporters of the Oromo national struggle came together and gloried the Oromo Liberation Army.  On the day, WBO was portrayed as the shield of the Oromo people, the ornament of the Oromo history and the hope of the nation’s future. The Oromo public here is in full hope of seeing the glory to be achieved by WBO, the gallant.
We were thrilled and highly motivated by the experiences, brave deeds and achievements of the previous members of the Oromo Liberation Army. The previous OLA members told us their encounters and achievements in battle field, in communication and army leadership against the Derg, the TPLF, and the SPLA military aggressions against OLA. The victory and glory OLF achieved on both political and battle fields were amazing. WBO is truly the hope of its people, the light in the darkness of history.
We are happy that we have a true political organisation and its military wing OLA that has been, and is ready to die for our nation to end the bondage of Oromo people. We never forget those who died for us and those who are now fighting for our liberty, justice and freedom. We will never be dismayed by what the enemy is doing to our people and never give up the fight for freedom. We support OLF and any movement or political group that fights to end the tyranny against the Oromo people.  
 We love you WBO, Leeca Bosonaa victory is yours!

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