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We demand full protection for all political leaders currently active in Ethiopia including Jawar Mohammed

For Immediate Press Release
October 23, 2019

T​he Oromo Community of Minnesota denounces and condemns the calculated assasination attempts made against Jawar Mohammed, Executive Director of Oromia Media Network and an influential activist on October 23, 2019. As one of the largest diaspora Oromo community members we played a significant role advocating for Ethiopia to respect human rights, uphold the rule of law and ensure the equality of the people.

However, the blatant action taken against Jawar by Ethiopian government has shown us that the transformation has regressed back to silencing critics by force and intimidation, instead of fostering culture of debate an open dialogue to address critical issues. This action threatened the collapse of the rule of law and the democratization process the country is attempting to undergo currently. It will have grave repercussions in the regional peace and stability, the basis for the Prime Minister’s Nobel Peace Prize award of 2019.
The members of Oromo community of Minnesota condemns:

● The assassination attempt on Jawar Mohammed
● The arrest and detention of political leaders and supporters
● The use of force on the youth protesting peacefully as well as other civilians
● Arbitrary arrests and detention of citizens for exercising their constitutional rights
to freedom of expression and assembly
● The glorifications and resurrection of past controversial figures insulting he
Oromo conscience, evoking historic trauma and re-victimization this great people.

Thus, Oromo Community of Minnesota stands with and work to address the grievances of Oromo people as well as safeguard our future both here and at our homeland. We urge the government to refrain from creating further chaos and inviting situations that can tear the country apart. The Oromo Community of Minnesota demand the following actions without preconditions:

1. We demand full protection for all political leaders currently active in Ethiopia including Jawar Mohammed

2. We demand transparent and credible investigation and explanation about what has transpired on October 23, 2019 at Jawar Mohammed’s resident and the result of the findings addressed to the public as soon as possible. We also demand those responsible brought to justice.

3. We demand the immediate halt of violence across Oromia with various vigilante groups

4. We demand the release of all political leaders, supporters and youth detained for exercising their democratic rights.

5. We demand justice for the lives we have lost as a result of unrest initiated by the government and financial compensations for their families.

6. We demand answers for central Oromo quests during the Oromo Protests, chiefly declaring the ownership of Finfinnee and compensating farmers who lost their livelihood by the Addis Ababa Master Plan.

7. We demand Afaan Oromo to be the second working language of Ethiopia

8. We demand equal representations of historic facts, refrain from historic
misrepresentation and cultural genocide
9. We demand Dire Dawa and Wallo return to under the control of Oromia regional

10. We demand for federal government to guarantee the peace and security of all
residents in Wallo, Guji, Wallega and Dire Dhawa and other areas facing similar

11. We call on all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to stand up for justice and work
together to transform Ethiopia to a democractic country that works for all.
We support the people of that country to exercise their democratic rights to elect their representation without coercion or intimidation in the upcoming election of 2020. However, the safety and security of citizens should take a priority as we head towards the election.

Please contact the Oromo Community of Minnesota Board Public Relations Najat Hamza (​najat@oromomn.org)​ or Community Center as above.
Oromo Community Minnesota Board of Directors
The Oromo Community (OCM) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization registered and licensed by the State of Minnesota. OCM operates a member-supported Community Center at the above address.

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