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Western tax money has to be a free oxygen for Oromo people revolution instead of expensive ECMO for dying TPLF state terrorism.


By Dr. Baro Keno Deressa



  • Secretary of state Mr. Mike Pompeo
  • President of the European Commission Mr. Jean Claude Juncker



ECMO is instituted for the management of life threatening pulmonary or cardiac failure (or both), when no other form of treatment has been or is likely to be successful.

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Ethiopian empire is at a critical transitional stage. Given its size, location and interests, Ethiopia is at the heart of a ‘regional conflict complex. Ethiopians are aware that the current state of affairs is not sustainable and that it represents danger not only for the future of Ethiopian empire but also for the entire region.  As a minority, the apartheid regime of TPLF in Ethiopia has decided that it cannot survive in a peaceful democratic arrangement that is at peace with neighbors. The TPLF concluded that its very survival depends on propaganda, selling-fear and doubt, Lies, deceit, misinformation, fabrication, exaggeration and falsification are their standard mode of operation. However, the strategy is no longer effective because Ethiopians have given-up on the TPLF and they are rejecting everything TPLF.

The continuous dominance of the Ethiopian state by the TPLF/EPRDF since 1991 with a monopoly of power without political competition leads the Ethiopian empire and the entire region to the disastrous consequences. A political opposition exists, but remains powerless. Opposition leaders have been subjected to abuse and their parties prevented from operating as such through an array of restricting laws and regulations.‍

The model of power control is concentric circles, with the TLPF at the core of power and dominating the EPRDF coalition, followed by a second ring, composed of the ANMD, OPDO and SEPDF, which act as more junior partners of the EPDRF or the servants of the TPLF and a third ring made up of EPRDF satellite parties, such as the Afar People’s Democratic Organization and Beni Shangul-Gumuz People’s Democratic Party. The second and third rings are present for symbolic nations representation without substantive meaning for their national interest and sounded role in the country’s government compared with that enjoyed by the TPLF.

The top ranks of the security forces remain dominated by party members of Tigrayan origin (The Ethiopian National Defence Force is about 140,000 personnel strong (army and air force), The Ethiopian Federal Police force estimates around 30,000 personnel and the Ethiopian National Intelligence Service). Actually it is difficult to distinguish the government from the party, and the security services are easily perceived as partisan executive agencies. This is mostly because the national interest continues to be defined and decided on the basis of a particular ideology and set of individual/group interests that brooks no competition and allows little public debate.

The Oromo people in general with their patriotic sons and daughters of Qeerroo are intensifying  their struggle for freedom. This freedom struggle is not only to liberate their homeland Oromia and their people OROMO from century long colonization. This struggle is to liberate all oppressed nations of Ethiopian empire, to safe the region from catastrophic consequences and lastly to keep the international security safe and solid.

Oromo people/Qeerroo versus government(TPLF)

  • Oromo people and Qeerroo are demanding freedom while government (TPLF) responding with tank (mass shooting from the ground) and air force (shootout from the sky).
  • Oromo people and Qeerroo promote peace and security while government (TPLF) promote hate rate, terror and destruction: targeted shootout on the street, imprisoning and torturing (video evidence is available)
  • Oromo people and Qeerroo are crying for equality and prosperity while government (TPLF) is answering  with Displacement and Massacre in refugee camps, schools, restaurant and living room.
  • Oromo people and Qeerroo are looking for solution while government (TPLF) is creating and  manufacturing conflicts (millions of Oromo’s were internally displaced in eastern and southern Oromia because of fabricated conflict of TPLF between two brotherly nations Oromo and Somalia).
  • Oromo people and Qeerroo are plighting for universality while government (TPLF) is insisting and protecting the apartheid system.
  • Oromo people and Qeerroo are demanding transparency and honesty while government (TPLF) is promoting insecurity among families and entire nations by  ‘one-in-five’ policy (referred to an intrusive policy of surveillance based on intelligence gathered from informers in one out of every five households).


TPLF under cover name Ethiopian government versus western leaders:  

  • The ‘global war on terror’ and location of the Ethiopian empire at the heart of a ‘regional conflict complex’ leads to convince the western power to fully support the TPLF under cover name Ethiopian government in order to keep political power and state security organizations centralized and under control. Mostly US resources have become available to countries in the region in the form of diplomatic support and funding. This has generally resulted in the regression of civil liberties and prioritized security concerns over quality-of-governance concerns. The second effect is that, that countries in the region, Ethiopia included, have been enabled to brand as ‘terrorists’ groups that have domestic grievances. This branding has happened mainly through associating such groups with the transnationalism, radicalism and extreme violence of Al-Qaeda’s jihad, which was the central theme of the war on terror. Examples in the case of Ethiopia include the suppression of the Oromo Liberation Front and which has played a role in cutting off alternative conflict-resolution channels such as peace talks.
  • Misleading the international community by calling his military the vehicle of development. TPLF definition:  The military are vehicle for development (The main vehicle through which military involvement in the economy takes shape is the Ethiopian Metals & Engineering Corporation (METEC), a parastatal business conglomerate run by the military. Don’t be fooled by TPLF cheap propaganda. TPLF military are killer, butchers and moral less, at this moment they are massacring and genocide is going on across Oromia and in entire Ethiopian empire from east to west from north to south.


TPLF under cover name of the Ethiopian government is a pathological liar, an addicted killer, well-funded state terrorist, undemocratic, fascist and anti-peace.

Proposal to the western leaders:

  • Support the Oromo people/qeerroo revolution to end the state terrorism and keeping regional and international security intact. Supporting Oromo people/qeerroo revolution is a win-win investment (safe, solid and tax money remain at home out of TPLF corrupted leaders).
  • Support the Oromo people/qeerroo revolution to bring lasting peace and democracy and rule of law in Ethiopian empire.
  • Support the Oromo people/qeerroo revolution to stop the ongoing massacre of the innocent civilians across the Ethiopian empire.
  • Deny the TPLF leaders the safe heaven and assist us in order to bring them to the international criminal court (ICC).
  • Stop to oxygenate the critically ill TPLF by investing peoples tax money to safe vegetative TPLF. At this moment investing in TPLF to oxygenate thorough Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is very expensive and no financial insurance. Normally for one government the basic insurance is his own people, the Oromo people and entire nations of the Ethiopian empire are already dismantle the respiratory and circulatory function of TPLF. So, invest your money, energy and time on Oromo people/qeerroo revolution to get back more.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgiu.

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