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When You Shoot a Zebra in the Black Stripe the White Dies too

By Oumar Hussein | June 18, 2013

Many commentators either have misunderstood or misquoted Jawar Mohammed. He plainly stated that the Oromo Struggle and the Ethiopian Muslim Protest complementary to one another. He said clearly the two don’t contradict each other. Islam had been weak following its introduction in the northern parts of Ethiopia. As it gradually had penetrated into Oromo Land, the Raaba Doori, the military force of the Gadaa System, defended it. And Islam became part of daily life for many people in Biyya Oromoo/Oromia. It is, therefore, impossible to separate Islam and oromummaa since they have been interwoven. They are two sides of a coin. Even Mahatma Gandhi, one of the fathers of a non-violence movement remarked “those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”

It is well known in Oromo politics, these days, to mischaracterize someone for having a different view point. There are so many comments posted last week on this website and still being posted. Most of these comments label Jawar Mohammed is Islamist, extremist, terrorist, not nationalist, sell out…et cetera. None of these character assassinations is true. They are just writing for the sake of writing. What is wrong for muslims protesting against the Ethiopian government for interfering in their religion affair? The Amharas are also protesting against the government for interfering in their religion affair. Does that erode their identity? Does that make them extremist? No. What is, then, a big deal about us? In today’s Ethiopia praying five times automatically makes you an extremist. Most of the comments are rubbish and unfounded. The comments can be categorized into three groups.

The first group misunderstood the whole message of the speech. This group just picks one word or phrase and trying to give different meanings. Talking about Islam, for instance, means extremist for them or not saboona. They are easily manipulated by others. They are shallow individuals. The second group seems those who work for the existing repressive Ethiopian government. And they are spreading lies among the people to confuse them purposely. This is how they earn their living. As Gandhi put it “there are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”The third group is the OLF ‘leaders,’ members, and supporters. This group knows nothing except hairsplitting and philandering, womanizing. Our Oromo people have been humiliated, tortured, killed and evicted from their ancestral land on broad daylight. The OLF leaders, however, have been doing nothing for the last 22 solid years. They took refuge in Asmara, their master’s capital, Eritrea. At times, they come out on youtube draped with OLF flag and say Bilisummaa is around the corner! Gadaan Gadaa Jijjirammaati! The only thing they are good at is character assassination. That is their creed of envy and ignorance. Jawar, keep it up. There is a good opportunity to fight the Ethiopian government now. The OLF, however, is unable to exploit it. As Winston Churchill said “a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” They are not willing to learn from what happened in Tunisia and Egypt. What Julius Nyerere once remarked was right: “A nation that doesn’t learn from others is nothing but a nation of idiots.” I don’t understand what the OLF leader is waiting for. Perhaps, it is waiting for the supernatural power to interfere. The late Chinua Achebe also said “People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about, not when it’s around your neck.” The so called leaders, members and supporters of OLF, instead, engaged in saying Jawar is this and that.

In general, there are no such things as oromummaa first and religion is second. Oromummaa and Islam are like flesh and blood. You cannot separate one from the other. Our body is lifeless without flesh and blood. The South African saying “when you shoot a zebra in the black stripe, the white dies too” describes it best.

Oumar Hussein

About bilisummaa

Yaa rabbii ilmaan Oromoo haqa garsiisi warra haqa isaa ka dhabe karaa haqaatii fii gootummaan ifirratti falmatee deeffatu godhi!! Baha, Dhiha, Kaabaa fii kibbatti sagalee keenya tokko nuuf taasisi yaa waaqa!!

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  1. amantiin yeroo ka'u kiristia'nni oromoo maaf maratu

    Dany says:
    18/06/2013 at 5:53 am
    Dubii ajaa’ibaa, Oromoo nimaraattanii?
    Yaa Oromoo mee waaqa sodaadhaa waayee dhimma kanaa baayyee irrati yeroo fixne achumati dhaabaa. Mee faaydaan dhimi kana iti dadeebi’aa oluun Oromoof qabu maali? Namooni dubii tana iti daddeebi’a olu yaadni saani naafhingalu. Akkasumaas, Enliffaan barreeysanii diina keenya hunda Oromoon akka walingalle labsuu yoo taate dhugumaan milkaawan. Afaan Oromootiin illee yoo tahe silaa ajaa fii dhukkubni nuti qabnu numa jidduti oola. Oromoon waan isii tolaa fii isiif hintolle ka addaan baafate hinfakkaatu.

    Biyyako says:
    18/06/2013 at 6:33 am
    Namooni akkasiti barreessani diina ta’uu danda’u kanaafuu mee haa’eraafanu jarakoo. Kabiraa eega ABO hogganani dadhaboota ta’anii obbo Oumar maalif bara 22 teessanii tajabdani ufii bosona maalif seentanii hinsirreesine? Ammas ta’u muslimni, kiristaani, waaqeffataani, hunduu oromooni kanamananidha(amannudha) nuti hundi oromoodha Oromummaa kenyatu caala waliti nuhammata. Diinota kana hubadha.

    Qalbii says:
    18/06/2013 at 6:28 am
    Danyii, dhuguma jette. Galatoomi. “Gowwaa tokko abaaraa innuu of abaarati bulaa.” inni jedhanii mammaaksan sun, dhuguma, asirratti ka’uun waan barbaachisu natti fakkaate.
    “Jette, jettee, —–”

    Ejigu says:
    18/06/2013 at 6:43 am
    I recently heard a group of Ethiopians talking about a hot cyber conflict between Christian and Muslim Oromos in response to the narrow nationalist Jawar’s speech calling for Jihad. And I asked them which website and they gave me this site and I was following all your postings. As an Ethiopian praying for the rise and glory of Ethiopia on the graves of its enemies, I am finally happy to see that Christian Oromos are still defending their Christian believes and also their Ethiopian heritage. One more thing, please post all your responses in Amharic if you can otherwise in English as most Ethiopians don’t understand Oromo language. This is a good debate that non-Oromo Ethiopians should all follow. I have already told about ten friends of mine about the issue you guys are fighting over.

    Jimma says:
    18/06/2013 at 6:45 am
    Ijjanno adda addaa argina. Kana fudhatus jira. Kan hin fudhannes akkasuma. Lakki seera qabeessa amantaafi oromummaan wal hidhee jira jennu taanan-jabaatani dhaaba ormummaafi islaammumma walitti hidhee socho’u ijaaru. Kuni furmaata ta’u danda’a. Itti yaadu. Carraa argameen ijjanno qabnus bekssisu dandeenya. Waanumaaf kana hafarsinuf naaf hin galu. Waanta xixqoo irratti yeroo deabarsuun bu’aa hinqabu. Kana booda ummati bu’aa isaas waanuma arguuf hafarsuun akka gatii hinqabne hinuma beeka.

    Muslimhood says:
    18/06/2013 at 7:17 am
    Why focusing on the eloquent Mr Jawar? Former OLF leaders, now ODF leaders, are becoming Muslims and promoting Islamic slogans too (but I am not sure whether they heartedly accepted Islam as their religion or not). A-Salaam Malikum! Inshallah, Allah Akhbur and so on have become their routine slogans while addressing audiences of their ODF members.

    Ethiopian Muslims (particularly Oromo Muslims of Jimma, Ilu Abbaaboraa and Wallaga) should be proud of them and must embrace them as a member of their Muslim brotherhood along their ODF. They are visionary leaders of not only Oromo Muslim Brotherhood but also leaders of Ethiopian Muslim Sisterhood, as Mr Jawar is an eloquent speaker. I hope, the belief in ‘Muslimhood’ could help them enhance what they envisaged to reconstruct,the Grand Cushtic Muslim Nationhood in north eastern Africa. Mr Jawar should be seen within the context of the big Gand Plan, not as separate personality.

    Kallacha W. Kune says:
    18/06/2013 at 7:31 am
    Wayyaaneen ati Kristaana jettee Oromoo hidhuu, ajjeesuu, dararuu, saamuu fi Biyya abbaa isaa irraa ariyachuu dhiifteettii? Oromoon ishiin ummata Gumuz hidhachiiftee jumlaan ficisiifte, saamsifte, dubartoota keenya salphiftee gudedchifte Kristaana mitii? Ati Islaama, Kristaana ykn Waaqeffataa ta’uun Wayyaaneef dhimma isaanii miti. Kan isaan barbaadan nama isaa otoo hin taane qabeenya lafa isaa irraa fi jalatti argamu dha. The rest is just noise. Kan garage bilisummaatti nu greasy Oromunmaa qofaa dha. Issa Oromiyaan bilisoomtee amantiin keenyas kabajaa fi ulfina argata. Nu hunduu galma tokko keessa bilisaan teenyee waayee guddina Oromiyaa mariyatna.

    Stop attacking one another. That helps our enemies not us.

    Selamawit says:
    18/06/2013 at 7:36 am
    Oromos fighting on religion is good for Ethiopia’s survival.
    Such religious war by Christian Oromos against Muslim Oromos are becoming a talking point among Ethiopians. This website is now very popular for running this topic without interruptions. All Ethiopia will thank you for giving us the chance to have a glimpse at what is going to come in Oromo camp that wants to dismember Ethiopia. Ethiopians will always stand with our Oromo Christians as long as they refrain from talking about Oromia that will not happen.

    Beqele says:
    18/06/2013 at 7:57 am
    Muslimhood I agree with you.
    We Christian Oromos need to wage an open war on those Oromos who say A-Salaam Malikum! Inshallah, Allah Akhbur. Ehtiopia is a christian country and we Christian Oromos must fight in cooperation with other christian Ethiopians. I hate former OLF leaders, now ODF leader for saying Allah Akhbur. They are crazy.

    ayyaantuu says:
    18/06/2013 at 8:19 am
    I would like to say delete out and we are one either christians or muslisms or wokefannas.
    Religion is the preliminary colonizing status for all oromos.
    Jewar can confer his imigination and 40 million oromos gives different imiginations.

    Zewde says:
    18/06/2013 at 8:23 am
    Ethiopia hagare telatochish indih yifajulisha! Duroom oromo oromo olf silu yetim aydersum sil naber. Amara limesegen yigabal qes liko betkristian amtito ye Iyesusin menged yasayachuh. Inantem kristian Ethiopiawi Oromowoch temesgenu le hymanotachin silaqomachu.

    Jimma says:
    18/06/2013 at 8:49 am
    Akkanumaan waccu. Waanta adeema jiru hin argine. Oromoon yeroo kamiyyu caala qabsoo gaggeessa jiruf guufuu itti ta’an kan irra caala barate akka irra aanaa jiru hin hubanne. Yartuu barbaadani waan amantaa hafarsiitus nutti ergu danda’u. Garaagarummaa qabnu dhiphisnee qabsoo fuldurati demsissuf yemmu tattaafacha jiru kana bukkeen kan nu jeeqan ummatni jala bu’ee hordofudha. ”Organized” ta’an qabsoo keenya jequuf yaalu danda’u. Kana hundi keenya beeku qabna. Bilisummaan kan tokkummaan hin dhufne amantaan wal hiruun dhufa??. Rakko fidee dhufu fagootti hubachuu dadhabuudha. Gariin ishee akkuma bishaan gabate irra jiruuti. Garuma qabdetti jalatti.

    Hawasa says:
    18/06/2013 at 8:55 am
    My Oromo brothers,
    What happened to you? this is sickness. I am from Sidama nation I didn’t expect this to happen between Oromos fighting about religion. It is really really sad. How can you allow such minor issues to divide you and make you a laughing stock by your enemies. You already see some ehtiopianist getting involved in the argument and making profit out of it. oromos have many big enemies and don’t forget while you are arguing over religion your people are suffering under TPLF. So too are my people. We should stop bickering and focus on the bigger picture of freeing your people. People like Sidama are looking up to Oromos as allies and when I see what is going on in this website about religion I lost hope in you. Shame shame!

    bachaka says:
    18/06/2013 at 8:56 am
    The Oromos are in religious enthusiasm. But it will never take them forward than inviting the fallen Neftegnas system back and pushing Oromos 100 years backward. It is very sad that these people will never, never learn from the past. They are divided on subclans, clans, areas, regions and religions. Our Oromo intellectuals are very sick and they need treatment. But which treatment ? How and where ?

    the Oromian bateleur says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:18 am
    Whoever come out with the religions case is not advocating for Oromos cause, but for their own opportunistic interests which will feed them on the earthly lives and in heaven take them to the hell/Al-Azahab. The one who denys his identity and promotes religion is first denied by the Almighty God, and second by the modern world. He/She will not inter the God’s Paradise. Oromummaa is our common identity, while religion is a private thing between the believer and his God. If Oromos do not understand the difference between their Oromummaa and religion, they will lead themselves to abyss and our Oromia will fade away into this abyss. I believe that there are many Neftegna infiltrators who are capitalizing the religion issue which the Oromos themselves have brought forward. People, be aware,vigilent and watchfull.

    Biro says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:28 am
    Do not fake yourself, the Oromo never fight on religion. The have rather another historical enemy, what they call the Neftegna system. They hate Amhara.We , Amhara should do not waste our time in confusing ourselves. We should rather claim independence from another Minority Rule, The Gurage Junta, Dr Berhanu Nega, Hailu Shawul and etc. We Amhara are left with out leader.

    Biro says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:32 am
    Dear Selamawit, Bekele;the Oromian bateleur and Zewde,
    Do not fool yourself, the Oromo never fight on religion. The have rather another historical enemy, what they call the Neftegna system. They hate Amhara.We , Amhara should do not waste our time in confusing ourselves. We should rather claim independence from another Minority Rule, The Gurage Junta, Dr Berhanu Nega, Hailu Shawul and etc. We Amhara are left with out leader.

    de says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:34 am
    I dont believe for one second there is any problem of religion here. You can discuss the issue but not by fearing it.

    I asure you if anything Oromos will never fight for religion. I am only afried of regional divide and that was solved in 2008 move of jijirama, now even made oromo to unite more than ever. By this time most of us already realised we never have anybody except oursleves. We failed together, we will stand together.

    I dont have worries. Don’t you know TPLF did played all this tricks, how do you think it will work this time?

    de says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:46 am
    Oh sorry I forgot Mr. Oumer Mohamed,
    I have a question for Mr. Analyst. Instead of critising the OLF, why dont you do somthing by yourself. It is easy to critisie people but it is very difficult to do anything.

    Dany says:
    18/06/2013 at 9:47 am
    Ayyaantuu Web Administrator, please stop this madness!
    It is a travesty and a tragedy for Oromummaa to witness such destructive brouhaha splashed with insults and xenophobia against our own Muslim Oromos and their religion; How can Ayyaantuu web masters allowed such wicked and divisive postings to go on unchecked. This is not freedom of expression when it is tearing our unity apart. The administrators wilfully or deliberately allowed such poisonous, childish and divisive issue to run for such a long time while it is undermining our unity. Those anonymous dim wits, self-loathing, ignorant wannabe crusaders, some of whom write their gibberish just to show they can write in English, should be ashamed of themselves for causing pain and disquiet for those concerned about Oromo unity. You have belittled and denigrated each other to the delight of our mortal enemies who want nothing but the total disintegration of Oromo nationalism. You have even attracted the Habasha children to Ayyaantuu who expressed their joy lending you their support for the destruction of Oromummaa. I call on Ayyaantuu wed administrator to ban any more postings in relation to Jawar’s speech which has been taken out of context.
    May Oromummaa flourish and all religions left for individual’s choice. Please remember we have a titanic struggle ahead of us and can’t afford to bicker on trivial issues.

    de says:
    18/06/2013 at 10:00 am
    Oumer Mohamed says ” The OLF leaders, however, have been doing nothing for the last 22 solid years. They took refuge in Asmara, their master’s capital, Eritrea.” Guys dont even read too much just see the quate.

    I dont support the whole set of OLF to be in Asmera, some operating group can be in any country that wellcomed them, but I will never call wicked and hungery habasha (here it includes both as they are the same for me) a master, How can a country that has never been feed itself (both), stand by itself could be a master of anything?
    World failed us, neighbours failed us, we failed ourselfs for standing for ourselves but when we stand together as a nation called Oromia everybody will show respect. If you dont respect yourself nobody can. If you say today I will day for the integerity of the empire that enslved us and tommorrow you will say I want Oromia, nobody respect you.

    Gaarii says:
    18/06/2013 at 10:05 am

    Mul’ata says:
    18/06/2013 at 11:14 am
    Thank you Danny, Biyyako and all, in a house of mad people going at each other and inconsiderate administrators who kind of seem to enjoy the show it’s satisfying to see cool heads. May be I need to remind Ayyantuu admin that when Eskinder Nega allowed for a sick individual such as Tadios Tantu write genocidal notes against Tigray people he can never escape criticism because he didn’t write it. He allowed for madness and profanity to take place and so are you. Yes a debate is necessary but when it’s destructive, out of control and highly dangerous it needs some sensible head to put a stop to it.

    A message for the Oromo enemy – you can dream for a hundred years but you will not see your dreams of dividing us again. I repeat, dream on but if you think your dreams will become true then you’re not aware of the nightmare to come to you.

    To our own fools who have no idea what you’re talking about – calm down and get a clue first or get a life and education and help your sisters and brothers suffering in prison camps all over Oromia than wasting time on non-sense. If you haven’t seen already there’s an appeal from fellow Oromos stranded in Egypt as we speak looking for your help. Now that would be highly productive!

    dhugaa says:
    18/06/2013 at 11:30 am
    Obbo Hussein,
    Barruulee gaarii kanaaf bayyee Galatoomi. Obbo Jawar akka oromooti jecha kanaan duwwa mit kan madalamuu qabu. Barruulee isaaf dubbilee isaa amma yeroo haraati godhee hubachuun namatti jira. Kan inni jedhes sirridha.

    Qanquree says:
    18/06/2013 at 11:31 am
    Oumer Hussein,
    you are woyyanee spy who try to intigate non-existing fight between Oromos.
    we both have one Waqaa. we do not care about Juduasim or Arabism. It is not main issue for us at this moment . What all Oromos care is about our blood and our land-Oromia.Those who try to bring the issue of religion first, learn from the saying of late Sheik Jarraa Abbaa-Gadaa ” where you pray if you do not have land?”.

    Ayyantu editors,
    What is you point posting garbege ideas that divide oromoo? why you alow your self the mouth-piece of woyanees and Habashas as a whole?
    I have listened to Jawar comment but i did not found any issues that is controversal as such. Nothing is wrong with its analysis that could lebel him as such extrimist or Jihadist. On the other hand , thier are few individuals that try to crate some controversy among Oromos and make a way for enemies for further division( those are hired individuals and paid by woyannes dispora division who`s job is this).From his writing, Omar Hussien is one of them because his target is OLF not much about the issue- two birds with one stone- dividing oromos and weakening OLF.

    qero says:
    18/06/2013 at 11:47 am
    Hi all,

    Stop Diversion the Oromo struggle!!!! We have very sensitive issues like Aniyee, land grab etc.

    Those who don’t understand the Oromo; please don’t think the Oromo people will spend time on this. NOW THE OROMO KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OROMMUMMA AND RELIGION. OIL AND WATER CAN LIVE TOGETHER BUT OIL AND WATER CAN’T MIX. SO “HINMARQINA DUBII.”


    Support the people!!! the true leader!!!


    Jimma says:
    18/06/2013 at 1:21 pm
    Ayyantuun maal godhe? Kan ilaalcha falami qabu barressu bira jira rakkoon. Namni tufatee bira dabru deebisani fidu. Waanta barresamuuf “responsibility” fudhachuun kan keenya malee kan Ayyaantuu miti. Yoo maxansuu didan “biased” jedhu. Abalu degerta jedhu. Waanta hojjanu beeku qabna. Yaada falami qabu kanuma deebisani fidus danda’u. Enyu akka barresulle beekun nama rakkisa. Waanta guddaan yaada isa jabeessu irratti hojjachuu qaba ummatni.

    Beekaa Biyyaa says:
    18/06/2013 at 1:29 pm
    Obboo Umar, hin dogoggorin kan Obboo Jawaar bira dhaabatte fakkaattee dogoggora wal fakkaataa hojjatte. Jawaar Mahammad Oromoo miti kan jedhu hin jiru. Qooda inni akka ilma Oromoo tokkotti buusaa jiruu fi turees kan dagatu hin jiru.
    Garuu akkuma ilma namaa kamuu Jawaar iddoo kanatti dogoggore Obboo koo. Akka koo Jawaar ifaan bayee yaada isaa ifa gochutu irra ture. Yoo kuni hin taane ummata isaa dhiifama gaafatuu qaba. Bifuma kamiinuu Oromummaa amantiwwan Oromoon itti amanu keeysaa tokkotti maxxansuun dogoggora. Kana qofaa miti eenyummaa fi amantiin ummata tokko gola gola galuu. Keeysattuu inni Oromoo bifa addaa qaba seenaan isaa.

    Dogoggoru na ofkalchaa.

    Umarka jimmaa says:
    18/06/2013 at 1:41 pm
    Dubbiin dubbiitti nam a baasaa! Siyaasa Oromoo kan Quucarsaa jiru dhiphoota ergaa diinaa qabatanii gariin wollaalumaan mooraa QBO keessatti ilaalcha fi gocha farra islaamummaa fi kiristaanummaa xuquu isaaniiti mee fkn . Jaarraa Abbaagadaa maqaa balleessanii qophxeessuuf islaamummaa inni lubbuu isaa caala jaalatu waan tuqamee tarkaanfi qbo utuu hin milkaa’in akka inni hadhaa gahuuf sababa ta’e…
    Mooraa QBO keessatti kan Odeeffamu amantaatu(muslim & kristian) nu garboomseedha waan ta’eef namni amantaataa waaqeffataa hin hordofne ni tuffatama (mana hidhaatti illee akkanuma)
    mee bobbaa WBO Gara lixaa bara 2002 ALA yoo ilaalle namni marsaa jedhamu dargaggoo Oromoo Orumummaaf woreegamuuf deemaa jiran garuu Rabbii Ofii waan qabataniif Irra guddaan isaanii Qur’aana of harkaa qabu ture namtichi magarsaa jedhamu kun Kana argee mee hundumti keessan fidaa jechuun harkaa guuree ibidda itti qabsiise dargaggoo kanaan rifattee jeequmsi ka’uuf jennaan Bultum faan ijoollee tasgabbeessanii hamlee du’aa kanaan namuma sanaa wojjin gara dirreetti erganii taaliyaan nagaa qabdu kan lakkasaa milkiin achi gahe kun akka jirutti diina harka bu’e namni Magarsaa jedhamu sun booda ni diinome…
    Mee wol tuffiiniifi dhabdeen kamaal Galchuutiif Daawut Ibsaa maali? qoratameeraa! Kana kanan jedheef islamatti bubu’uun tola hin Qabuu QBO Hamma yoomiitti worra mastaaf Qudduusiitiin hooggana jedhe kamaal jechuun kamatamaa bahe… Ph.r Mararaa Guddinaas Ilmaan mishinarii yoom Qabsoof ta’u jedhee jedhamaa mee Rakkoon Oromoo kun akkamiin furamaa “dhoksaan fanxoo hin fayyisuu”! jedhaa Mee ifaan ifatti mariidhaan borii Oromootiif furmaata waaraa kaa’aa hayyoonniifi beektoonni… Kannee Oromummaan waaqeffataa ta’uunn madaalama jettan kanne kitaaba(ilaalcha) dirribii jala deemtan bishaan wollaalumaa keessa bahaa hededa qabadhaa
    an akka islaama tokkootti namni kamuu akka islaamummaatti bu’u hin fedhuu! akkamittin sabakootiif lammii koo Qabsaa’uu danda’a?

    Tufaa says:
    18/06/2013 at 1:46 pm
    Who is to blame on this particular issue? Jawar Mohammed who letured attandants of Ethiopian Islamic conference in Minnesota or those individuals who reacted to his assertion? One good point Jawar raised was that, he told Muslim Oromos not to abbandon their Oromummaa by giving priorities to their Islamic faith. He is right on this specific point. I hope he should raise this point too, whenever he gets the the chance to attand Pheenxee Oromo conference. The Pheenxes are unanimously worse than any sets of Christianity or Islam. Jawar became became short-sighted and reckless when he blidly tied Islamummaa and Oromummaa as historically co-habitant ones. Our Muslim Oromo brothers and sisters had accepted Islam never , never in favour of it but as a rejection to Abyssinian Orthodox brutality, for example, in Wallo, Rayyaa, Yejjuu, Ittuu, Warjjii. In order not to offend his Muslim Adare, Silxee, Gurage, Somali etc.audiences, however, Mr Jawar did not want to touch this facts of truth in his speech.


    First of all, I do believe in myself and worship my Creator Waaqa.I do not believe in Islam or in Christianity do not worship the Bible or in the Quran. They are theirs not mines. To me, they are foreiners who came to the Oromos, to the Africans for that matter, as guest looters, brain-washers and oppressors, not as guardian liberators nor as servers. One day, believe me, they will go back to their respective lands of origin, just like the British imperialism, that lost its empire from the sunrise to the sunset and now restricted to her isolated island in North Western Atlantic Ocean.

    Last but not least, ‘Thanks’ to Mr Jawar and to those who are reacting to his views, for their clear and visionary stands,that we non-Muslim and non Christian Oromos of Oromo origin in all spheres, are able to comprehed something that will be waiting for us. You, Biblist and Quranist individuals, Oromo or non-Oromo alike, pleases give us peace! and also be at peace with your natural mind by rethinking the effects of the unnatural mind uploaded on you. We do not want our Oromolsand, the whole Ethiopia for that matter, to be the Afganstan of NATO occupied force.

    Umarka jimmaa says:
    18/06/2013 at 2:20 pm
    Origin origin origin… Maal jechuudha laata as jirti kunoo! Dubbiin!

    Jimma says:
    18/06/2013 at 2:31 pm
    Amantaa kamiyyu kabajamaadha. Amanta amma biyyaa qabnutti kan bira itti dabalamus danda’a fulduratti. Amantaan kan dhunfaati. Amantaa tokko dhiisani gara tokkottis deemun mirgadhas. Waaqefanan malee kan biroo seena ofii qaba akkatti ummati fudhate. Yeroo kamiyyu ummatni amantaaf lolees hin beeku. waan gadi qabaniif hacuccaa falmaa turee. Osoo amantaaf falmaa ture amantaa kamiyyu kan halagaa harkaa fudhate gatee ture. Hundi keenya akka barbaanuti waan hiknuuf isatu rakko fide. Kana dhorku hin dandeenyu. Falami hin barbaachisu kanaaf. Yoo kan habashaa “orthodox” ta’e malee hunda irratti dhibbaa guchaa turte. Akka hattu warra “protestant” ta’an harka duubatti hidhani magaala kessa ofaa turani. Mana qaallus gubaa turani. Ummatni keenya halagaa harka bilisa taanan dhibbaa amantaa irra jiran furmaata argatu. Kan xiyyefachu qabnu waanta guddaa malee waantoota xixiqootti irratti yeroo ballessu hinqabnu. Lakki qabsoon keenya hidhata amantaan qaba jennus mirgadha. Nuti lakki jenna. Kan keenyatu sirridha kan jennu taanan jabaatani dhaaba amantaa waliin hidhata qabu ijaaru. Maal gochu danda’ama. Waan yaadu qabnu osuma jiru kanaaf iddoo kennu hinqabnu.

    Moti refugee says:
    18/06/2013 at 2:34 pm
    Ohumar ur stupid, idet, bulshit and noncess man. You never reach ur mision and darget.

    Barii says:
    18/06/2013 at 4:04 pm
    Habesh goons need to reduce their excitement about the presumed feud in the Oromo camps. Unlike the Habesh who follow their few opinion-makers like cow herds, Oromos are used to discussing the most controversial issues openly. It marks the democratic culture of Oromos, where all individuals’ opinions matter, not opinion-makers. Thus what ensues is nothing new. It won’t lead to permanent feud either. It’s part of the usual Oromo discussion culture.

    But too much of it may be just a loss of focus or a waste of time, at the worst.

    Bortola says:
    18/06/2013 at 4:05 pm
    Jawar is entitled to his opinion. He is a private person. I do not believe he can influence any Oromo by his comments. But he is completely wrong on facts and also politically. On facts, Oromos have existed as traditional believers much longer than the introduction of organized religions: Christianity and Islam to the Oromo land and for him to portray as Orommummaa and Islam are co-habitants, ignoring the very existence Christian and Waaqeffatta oromos is factually incorrect and shameful. It is also politically dangerous at this very moment when Oromos need unity than any divisive issues, which we already had more than enough of it. Any how, it is good to hold discussions of this nature and Ayyantuu is doing a commendable job in this regard. Let us ignore this dude’s ignorant comments, as he can not speak for the Oromo people.

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