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Truth Barometer 14 Part 2

BY Odaa Hora

The first part of the article has thoroughly addressed the common psychological traits of tyranny, their malignant narcissist behaviors that geared them toward absolute power. The bibliography of individual tyrants, their chronic megalomania, grandiosity, and uniqueness portrayed from tyranny from antiquate to the contemporary; the newly born tyranny of the 21st century. More importantly and more puzzling and understandable facts that raised questions, how do fictions, myths, and legends that may entertain, but turned to a real endemic and furthermore pandemic societal diseases and led them to be Mega–killers, instigated, waged wars to global stages and exodus in human history like an aerosol-transmitted germs. How a human being that profiles itself as the apex of evolution or creation turned to follow tyranny like sheep flock that follows their Sheepherder and be able to commit sub-human acts and ravaged human life as I pointed it out in part I.

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This part of the article will explore the practical aspects of extreme cruel features, methods, tactics, and strategies of tyranny utilized to catapult and maintain an absolute political power and committed crime against humanity: Genocides. To explore the means which are commonly attributed of extreme tyranny, the systematically compared methods and characteristic listed, clear and easy reference publication entitled:Aristotle on Extreme Tyranny and Extreme Democracy by Ivan Jordovic’s was adopted.

Methods of Extreme Tyranny

1)        1)    The Prosecution and Removal of Prominent Individuals

Tyrants adopt the overt and covert operations to maintain an absolute power, want to have it all in their own hand. The zeal of tyranny to wipe out the invented enemies and rivals targeted is a common trait to all, old or new tyrants in human history. While their premise of their ideological stands and moves to be made are virtually based on fictions, legends, and myth, e.t.c. they do not have friends to trust. So to say tyrants do not even trust their own shadow. They are psychologically unstable, full of self-doubt, selfish and masters of arrogance and narcissism. Therefore the first clandestine action of the tyranny is the removals of the prominent individuals, groups, or political party leaders by scapegoating cursing and considering them as prime enemies to justifies their tyrannical acts and keen to elimination, persecution, and repression etc.

While prominent are self-confident, stable and gain trusts from their people in large, for tyranny they are nightmares, potentially formidable force and a threat to the authority, the absolute power to be held and to be maintained with iron-fist. That is the first step taken by all tyranny from antiquate to the contemporary. In other words, the universal recipe of tyranny names it Hitler, Stalin or Saddam as I have already stated in the first part of the article. Coming to the Abyssinian tyranny, right after the collapse of the despotic regime of Abyssinia monarchy in September 1974, the so-called Dergue (Military Committee) also implemented the same recipe.

The Stalinist military junta Colonel Mengistu H.Mariam (virtually unknown) first step was an execution of two charismatic Generals like Aman Andom and Taafarii Bantii one after the other within a short period of time to come to the absolute power. Once the power was consolidated in his hand eliminations of those whom he fears, right within his own cabinet or within the society, politicides, wars, and terrors turned to the policy of the military junta’s barbaric one-man rule for solid seventeen years.

The current Stalinist TPLF-tyrants, cut from the same cloth, who replaced Mengistu personally, but took his footsteps of elimination policy at a face value. What was new is that the TPLF-gangster clan primarily targeted the Oromia and the Oromo people by in large, and committed covert and overt elimination policies that hold true to the very minute. In summer 1991, three major liberation fronts, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) brought the collapse of the military junta and occupied Finfinnee.

In auspices of the USA and the EPLF, the TPLF and the OLF signed the so-called a Transitional Charter: a dead-born child; to facilitate the peaceful political campaigns discourse within the empire toward smooth and legitimate elections. In order to facilities the political tasks, all armed military forces must return and stay in military barracks. While the OLF fulfilled his obligation the TPLF-Tyrants made a U-turn, they catapulted to the political power by intrigues and mischievous tactics and strategies, betrayed what they signed.

They used the charter as a bait to disarm the Oromo Liberation Army and commit Massacre in camps, the begging of the first Genocide conducted on Oromos in Oromia right on their ancestral soil and that was the first tyrannical step of the TPLF-fascists on the road to hold and maintain an absolute power, the empire turned back to the era of Mengistu’s tyranny, except the primary victims, are now the Oromo’s.

The aliens from Dedebit desert who went out to the bush to “Liberate Tigrai” showed their real fascistic face. From then onwards, the fascist of TPLF-Tyrants began to implement the unwritten law against the Oromo people, hunting prominent Oromo’s from every social sphere, killing, arresting, torturing, raping women, exiling etc, turned the major duties of the regimes policies employments and deployments by utilizing extreme cruel methods and repressive machinery and killer troops.

Now, the concentration camps officially called prisons are overcrowded by the Oromo elites and Sabboonas andSabonntus from teenager to the elderlies, from all walks of life indiscriminately. The TPLF-fascist committing, genocides and ethnocides in each and every corner of the empire are turned to the daily agenda and the major accomplishments of the TPLF-tyrants tangible fact proved for the last twenty-seven years and its continuation. In other words, the TPLF-fascists did not come and occupied the heart and the soul of Oromo land with buckets of green Grasses (Marga jiidha) but with a bullet and maintain the empire with a bullet. It was also a proven fact, again and again that they are absolutely allergic to ballet box.

In other words, it is very crucial, most importantly for those who still believes, quotes and engaged in analysis of the so called “this article number and that article number in the constitution says this and that”. For one, tyrants are virtually lawless. Second, tyrants implements their own law, the unwritten law one needs not to read but destined to witness in real life on the surface. Third; what was called ballet box for tyrants is analog to a provision of a glass of poison to drink and immediate death: a commitment of suicidal act that the tyrants knows for sure and acted aggressively and took and elimination order of the contenders one after the others that was exactly what was happened in the past and happening now in one of the primitive, barbaric and predatory empire found at the hands of the TPLF-gangsters which once the military junta called them “bush mouse.”

After consolidating power in one man hand the TPLF-gangster clan implemented in covert and overt hostilities and suppressions against the Oromo people. they deployed the polices of evictions of the Oromo’s from their ancestral soil and the acquisitions of their fertile, rich lands and resources that they tirelessly deployed and employed by implementing all extreme cruel means, tactics and strategies to erase physically and from the minds of the Oromo people’s genuine struggles (kaayoo Bilisuumma Oromoo) of the Liberation of Oromia and their vanguard: the genuine Liberation fronts who fought the Abyssinia regimes within Oromia as the current TPLF-fascists clan did in Tigrai and the EPLF in Eretria since their establishment to the collapse of the military junta in summer 1991.

2) Favoring Flatterers

Why tyrants favor flatterers “intelligent opportunists” was thoroughly addressed in the first part of the article. Nevertheless, drawing a paragraph again could not lead to redundancy. By favoring the flatterers, like OPDOs, the tyrant regime deploys the wicked, submissive ones. The regime uses them as (Köder) baits (poisoned food pallets used to trap like rodents), trained and branded them to serve as a spy; a double agent with the motto to misguide the struggle to the extent they can. The main zeal of the regime is to commit covert and overt actions from within the Oromo people by using the flatterers, who are systematically and intentionally trained, selected and finally dispatched within their own people. To enhance their credibility the regime even sent them to their village of birth. The Oromo proverb: “Qorree Qorree’dhan baasani,” of English, “Nail is driven out by Nail” will give the clue to the concept and the strategies the tyrants’ attempts to use, to buy a time for further plundering resources, transporting to their save ditches, to secure their exploited properties, their life and their families and seeking heavens somewhere else via seas and oceans or to the places of their birth.

   3)  Sowing the Seeds of Dissension and Slanders, Turning Friends against Friends

The tyrants of Abyssinians are the settlers from Arabian Peninsula the Habeshas or Abyssinia are/well known, cultured demagogues, chauvinist and masters in spreading slanders versus the whole southern indigenous and non-Semitic-speaking people conquered, occupied and turned to their slaves, incarcerated in one of the barbaric empire with her artificial demarcations known as “Ethiopia” on pieces of paper.

 The Abyssinia tyrants basic plan for existence and maintenance of power was based on prejudice, by cursing the others” by inventing “monsters” that suits their basic tactics to propel to the political power, their survival and maintains of power in their own hand. They deliberately instigate and stirs up wars between historical friends to preserve unrest by all means possible. By doing so the regime keeps the people to be occupied and convinced of their indispensability. Secondly, the regime aims to established durable conflicts, by blood-shedding between friends by supporting one whom the regime sponsors against the other for his own benefits. This method was implemented by all Habesha/ Abyssinia tyrants since their presences in the African continent. These facts are known and recorded in the historical relationships of Habesha versus the indigenous African people as a w hoe and specifically, the non-Semitic stocks incarcerated in the empire the holds true to the very date. Therefore there is nothing new.

 The TPLF fascists systematical plans implemented under the motto to “turn friends to foe” and series of dramas they orchestrated and propagated in media to flare the match in each and every corner of the empire to curse the genuine Liberation Fronts older than them selfs indeed is a fact at the spot, what we have destined to witness since the occupation of Finfinnee. They most prominently targeted the Orom people, designed and video-audio recorded within Oromia versus the others who settled in Oromia before the birth of the TPLF and around Oromia which are an open secret and yet, the project continues in its aggressive form.

 The inventions and causes of old but new to flare fire with neighbors who lived with peace and harmony with each other, one culture fertilizing the others before the coming of the aliens of the north is turned their means of existence and maintenances of absolute power. As a result, all planned and calculated acts of horror and terror instigated and sponsored wars around Oromia or within Oromia with the last twenty eighty was basically by turning friends to the foe. The current wars in Oromia, massacres, evictions going on in the eastern and southern Oromia is one among many others tactics and strategies the TPLF fascists deliberately planned. They recruited, selected and sponsored the most submissive narcissist, psychopathy, megalomaniac, outcaste person like Abdi Iley’s grotesque acts of crime against humanity, genocides committed and continuous on right now in eastern and southern parts of Oromia under the tutelage and sponsorships of the TPLF tyrants.

 Lifton said: “This world is not this world” Global media will show us round o’clock what is going on in Myanmar, the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas, how the Australians treats refuges or false alarms of individuals or groups suspect of terrorist acts, But when it comes to Africa more particularly “Ethiopia” as she was known as the pawn of the European colonizers. The crimes against humanity, and continues genocides and the evictions of the Thousands of Oromo’s in eastern and southern Oromia the poly-gloted Europeans and profit-geared states and their companies kept their eyes blindfolded and deaf ears as if nothing is happening. Furthermore, the pol-gloted Europeans sponsored the tyrants in Africa, as their door-keepers built the Auschwitz-Birkenau, Blezic, Burkenwalds in the African continent, provided them modern automatic rifles and vehicles to accomplish their dirty jobs. We have destined to witness where the Sub-Saharan African who fled from tyrannical regimes to save their life and finally landed in concertation camps like in Libya and sold as a sheep today in the 21st century. Robert Jay Lifton, the Author of the Book entitled: THE NAZI DOCTORS medical killing and the psychology of genocide.

“I gained an important perspective on Auschwitz from an Israeli dentist who had spent three years in the camp.We were completing a long interview, during which he has told me about many things, including details of SS dentists’ supervision of prisoners’ removal of gold fillings from the teeth of fellow Jews killed in gas chambers. He looked about the comfortable room in his house of Haifa, sighed deeply, and said,”This world is not this world.”.

Preferring the Company of Foreigners

Typically, a despot invites men of foreign to his table, always keeping their company rather than that of his fellow citizens, since he considers the latter his enemy, whereas foreigners have no reason to oppose his regime.”

There could have been no Abyssinia Empire as she was known on the map with her artificial demarcations as we see her today without foreigners indeed. What is new is known is that the Empire as a whole belongs to properties of the TPLF-Gangster clan most importantly the territories south to Abyssinia proper the richest and fertile part of the horn of Africa that the TPLF-Tyrants clan began to wholesale, lease for less than 10 US dollar per hectare. They began planned eliminations of the indigenous people from their ancestral soil systematically committing genocides and ethnocide as their father and grandfathers did. As it has always been in the past Oromia and the Oromo people turned their primary target of eliminations and evictions, under the hidden slogan of Oromia for Sale and Oromo’s must be perished. Since the occupation of the TPLF-Fascist clan the degree and the speeds of the poly-gloted profit geared foreign companies and the TPLF-fascist clans clients competing to scramble Oromia and the south has skyrocketed.

Prohibition of Any Sorts of Concerned Social, Cultural, Educational Circles, Gathering, Institutions and Entrepreneurial ships.

Right after occupying Finfinnee, the TPLF Fascist from Tigray desert waged war and began subjugating Oromo culture. All cultural centuries, like Macca and Tuulama association, were banned their properties plundered and, the leaders of the association were arrested, killed and exiled. Oromo press media, Oromo music, Oromo books and books shops were banned. Oromo journalists and authors, Oromo artists were hunted, gunned, incarcerated in concertation camps, tortured, raped and exiled. Oromo entrepreneurial were shot dead or jailed, tortured, and their properties were confiscated.

These forms of grotesque forms of crime against humanity, genocide turned the signature of the fascist regime since summer 1991.The regime established a system similar to their predecessors, the military junta, Mengistu, in fact, copied in face value what was known One-to-Five of Stalinist style cell building to infiltrate and control the whole populations to the level of villages if they can. 

Education is the cornerstones of any society in defcato. Thus it is one of the Institutions of the regimes that play a vital role. No colonialist, more specifically settler colonialist will never ever allow his colony to gain the wisdom he deserves if at all chances are given to enter the camp called “Education.”. In fact what was called “education” is one of the major and most sophisticated institutionalized systems of operation, a silent killer that ultimately raises more questions, The 4WHs (Who?, Why?, What?, Where? And How?).

The Abyssinian system of education, most precisely the tool of forced assimilation of the whole non-Semitic speaking people incarcerated in the primitive and barbaric empire. The curricula was/is copied from Europe and institutionalized by the tyrants who come to power mostly with guns was established to serve the regimes in power in all spheres of social life. The major objective is to build loyal Abyssinia (Amhara or Tigre) so called “elites” for their future to maintain the political, social and economic power and the predatory prey relationships of the aliens of the north versus the south respectively.

One among many General Taadasa Biirus attempts of Alphabetizations of his trains, soldiers in their spare time that turned him to the prime enemy of the despotic monarchy Teferi Mekonen in his period that led to the plans of assassinations by suicidal commando is one tangible facts among many who passed through the Abyssinia system of Educations. General Taadasa was told: You are awakening the gigantic force of the Oromo people whom we rule by keeping them one century behind us. Thus, the current settler colonialists’ power holders of the TPLF tyrant took the same measure virtually nothing has change except the replacement of Amhara’s by Tigraian “elites” and privileges. The zeal of the settler colonialists are fundamentally the same i.e, to maintain the predatory–prey relationships established between the aliens of the north, the Abyssinia’s (Amhara or Tigre) versus the whole south by all means possible. There are no ifs, ands or buts. The methods are listed for clearer understanding of the features of tyranny, otherwise in practice they are interlinked with each and must be understood as a packet tyrants deployed to sit on the saddle of absolute power and cling into it.

 Tyrants are willing to commit to anything…including mass murder to maintain their domination over every human being alive. They abuse the lives of the people they are entrusted with by the perverse dictates that they, themselves, would never live by. And they feel justified in this by their own self-righteous elite morality, which sets them high above everyone else in their own minds. You and I, however, are made of quite different stuff. Our words are filled with our true beliefs and backed by the honesty of our actions. We take great pride in not only who we are…but overcoming the struggle it took to make us this way. We are men and women of character…principles…and courage!” R.G. Risch.

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