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Truth Barometer 14 Part 3

By Odaa Hora



  • Preventing the subjects from knowing each other


Spreading distrust among the citizens is also paramount important methods for tyrants. That constitutes one of the oldest extremely cruel methods tyrants used in recorded history. Mutual acquaintance among people can translate into result in finding out the truth. And the truth is a bitter pill to swallow by the tyrants. Therefore tyrants’ uses this method and keep the subjects in various boxes, give them new names, create artificial boundaries to keep them apart and protect it by all means and tools the regime holds in his own hand to divide and rule.



  • The preventions of leisure


According to Heuss quoted by Jordovic’s, to deprive the citizens of leisure (make them asholoi). One of tyrants’ main goal is to turn the citizen to his servitude “free slave” and he employs and deprives them all right by deploying his suppression machinery. Tyrants of the TPLF even went too far and crossed the red lines right from day one of the occupations of Finfinnee by evicting the Oromo’s e in masse from their ancestral soil and turned them homeless, stranded them on the street and turned them, beggars. The Fascist of TPLF systematically levied giber “taxations” on the citizen to keep them meager and look at the hands of the tyrants and dependent on the regime to survive from day to day. Furthermore, the fascists invited various profit geared poly-gloted companies and states of mutual interests leased land by evicting the people from their ancestral Soil. They, both scrambled, plundered all natural resources, grabbed land and exploited cheap labor of the Oromo and the south people as a whole. The fascist of TPLF intentionally instigate wars, terror, and horror to be paid by the people with blood and money.


Leisure is reserved for the tyrant’s clan and protected by the clan and their working horse whom they branded and deployed in the front-line to accomplish the dirty jobs. All undisputed human rights in all spheres of socio-political, economic, educational life etc., are the properties of the TPLF-fascists clan. And, keen to destroy the chances of leisure for the Oromo’s, the targeted people from any human endeavors in all walks of life such in social, economic and political activates, the fascists of TPLF designed and built a virtual wall and barbed iron against the Oromo people. They ratified, constitutionalized and implemented aggressive policies of control, means of repression and exploitation.


Moreover, the regime institutionalized legitimized and justified to deploy the armed forces to commit genocide using extremely cruel methods to turn the Oromo people to his servitude if they can and to maintain the master-slave, prey-predator relationships established by their grandfather and fathers within the empire. On the surface all right belongs to the TPLF-Tyrants clan and leisure is for semi-illiterate TPLF-gangsters clubs from Dedebit desert once Mengistu called them “bush mouse, or ..for Tigrai’s taxation that cannot even afford to buy chalkboard…” who graduated from thuggery to genocide turned to billionaires today.


Whereas, the right for the Oromo’s and about 80 ethno-nationals incarcerated in one of the backward, barbaric, settler colonial empire is diametrically the opposite. Misery, prison, eviction, exiling, repression, depravity, mass unemployment and recurring famine mass for the Oromo’s and the southern people as a Whole are facts on daily bases for the last twenty-seven years. To speak the very basic natural human right, let alone to exercise it led to death. If lucky packed into incarcerations in concentration camps “prisons.” For the aliens of the north settlers raising the fundamental basic and natural human rights by the Oromo’s and others is equivalent to sticking a knife in the throat of the empire and her death once and forever and the current TPLF-gangsters clans erudite from series of their predecessor.



  • To know everything the subjects say or do


The people will not dear to speak if they fear spies and even if they do the will remain anonyms. JordovoiĆ quoting Huess. The major role why the TPLF-Tyrants established the PDOs, the middleman in the far north Dedebet desert in Tigrai as a whole and the OPDO in Oromia, among others is to know and find the way toward the south to occupy and to plunder the world for which they are strangers. One must always keep the historical facts in mind that Abyssinians are /were strangers to the African content. Thus, we must always keep an eye on the twists of the Habesha’s as it has always been. We must always keep in mind Habesha’s were/are the offspring’s of divers, invaders from south-west Asia, who settled and lived isolated for centuries between the burning shores of the red sea in the east and the high mountain ranges in the Horn of Africa, later called Abyssinia by their inventors and sponsors to the Europeans and their alliance to the very date. As it was described in my previous articles it is a misfortune that she is geographically in the African continent. She is indeed analog to other Semitic nomadic hoards from Asian minors who invaded the African continent and eliminated the Indigenous African people in northern part of Africa (ante-Subsahara; considered as the members of Arab League with the exception of time of invasion and the person to whom they preach. They are cut from the same cloth based on the Semitics myth, their social, cultural matrix, behavior and the premise they immigrated to the African continent from to save thier life from the hotest arondouse arabain deserts


One must take into account the fact that settlers directly depend on the resources and human power of the indigenous people within which they settled. Thus, Abyssinians, as it has always been, are strangers in all spheres, in the languages and the cultures, to the landscape; to the flora and to the faunas of the indigenous southern people in the region. Therefore, they desperately needed middlemen, an assimilates such as PDOs, as working-horses and spies within the territories they occupied and settled. Abyssinia has been directly dependent on the south as a whole for her survival and maintenance of their place of birth and the oath the current TPLF fascists took and operated deployed all extremely cruel means to preserve it.


They baptized and renamed PDOs, under the Mantra of EPRDF adapted at the time and in the direction of global politics to be accepted and to gain foreign aid and credit loans. Utilization of middlemen like the current PDOs for the multitasking purpose is not a new recipe. By recruiting, assimilates, training them as the loyal working horse, and putting them in front-lines wherever and whenever they are needed. Their masters employ and deploy them to wars, to accomplish dirty jobs, as spies within their own people such as OPDOs within the Oromos. As cheap labor, tax and attribute collector, a ritual habit of Abyssinia’s throughout the existence of the empire. Otherwise, without middlemen, the empire could have never existed on this planet at all as we know her today. In fact, it is as old as the invention and the establishment of the backward and barbaric empire during the last half of the 19th century to the contemporary and that is the only means they first can come to power and maintain it further.



  • Distrust of Friends


Tyrant virtually has no friend, if he has he distrusts the friend since he knows well about the tyrant. Furthermore, tyrants fear both a man who is the better one who is much worse than himself and will not be his true friend. In Abyssinia armed struggle as individuals or in organized form against the regimes can be stretched back to the era of colonization. The rebellion such as in Tigray (Woyyanne-one), Gojam, and in Oromia like the notorious Bale resistance movements against the despotic monarchy was a recent past and well-known historical records. During the Derge military regime, various liberation fronts such as EPLF, OLF, TPLF, SLF, ONLF fought in the corresponding terra against the military junta to ensure the self-determination of their own people correspondingly. All liberation fronts fought against the military juntas 17 years of tyrannical rule of Mengistu within the Empire in their own geographical territories.

Once Mengistu’s regime was overthrown in summer 1991, and Finfinnee has occupied the Liberators of Tigrai who went to Dedebit dessert to “Liberate Tigrai” for self- determination as it was stated in their manifesto turned to the new tyrants and fascists. In their transitory period, they turned their back against all friends in combat against the military junta and eliminated them. They deliberately instigated and waged wars within the empire and their neighbor.


As Socrates calmed, that a tyrant fears both a man who is better and one is much worse than himself and will not be their true friend. Only a man can be tyrant’s friend who completely identifies with him and has an identical nature. That man will become omnipotent in the polis. That sums up about the relationships of the fronts, friends during the Mengistu regime which the TPLF-fascist regime cataloged in the camp of enemies and keen to destroy them if they can once catapult to the political power.



  • To weaken the citizens and deprive them any possibility of political actions


The goal of the tyranny is to hold the absolute power in one man hand. As a result, as Rummel said: absolute power kills absolutely. For these zeal tyranny utilized dozen of means where ten of common traits of the extremely cruel tactics methods, and strategies of tyranny focused on the TPLF-tyrants, the current fascists that cling into absolute power are addressed listed in three parts of the articles entitled why the TPLF Tyrants cross the red line. It must be understood that the methods listed are for the sake of clarity and easy understanding, otherwise practical they are interconnected and related to each other. As it was stated Tyrants are power geared, one–man-rule. To weaken the citizens and deprived them of any civic activities, restrained their movement, eliminate the prominent, economic impoverishment is their departing point. Tyrants have zero tolerance for any political activities outside his lenses and controls, implemented overzealous acts of a brute, intimidated the citizens to solidify their power. Furthermore, Tyrants invent, plans, instigates and wage purposeless wars within his own citizens, invented adversary, legitimize and authorizes his armed forces and commit genocide. That is the begging, where tyrants engage with self-destructive behaviors and acts of self-killing with his egotistical mannerism, grandiosity and megalomaniac traits.The wars the TPLF-tyrants instigated and waged within Oromia, confident and keen to destroy the Oromo’s is the wars waged against the neighboring independent states like Eritrea or in Somali popularly known as proxy war indeed are the fact on the soli.


These are formidable forces within the empire or around the empire that turned the TPLF-tyrants sleepless round o’clock since they occupied Finfinnee. These are forced those who question their authority and power in control by TPLF-gangsters and delineate their time of existence or succumb the empire once and for ever. The TPLF-Tyrants consistently proofed in words and in deeds. In the year 2005 after losing the so called election in Finfinnee, Meles who order who ordered the armed forces and massacred over 200 civilians and showed the real face of his clan the TPLF by saying:”We come to power with the barrel of gun Gun to the core of Oromia not with (Hoyahoyee- is Abyssinas children’s song during their Coptic new year’s.) Meles, still rules from his graveyard. From thereupon to the present, the tyrants of TPLF confirmed and devoted to maintaining the absolute power in their own hand by all means necessary.


For the TPLF-tyrants power means a license for violence, to rule with terror, corruption, maim, murder and commits genocide for the last twenty-seven years and continued in more aggressive form today specifically in eastern and southern in Oromia. Since they cling to power, we have destined to witness constantly that the TPLF-Fascists have been proved and reproved that they are hyperallergic to consensus and rationalism.

For those which are still dreaming of midday who are still beating a dead horse and believe they can remove tyranny through the means of the ballot box.


The Oromos and the vast majority of people incarcerated in this empire proofed long ago that we are unwilling to be enslaved and enough is enough we are ready to sacrifice whatever it costs to bring slaver and fascism in the Horn of Africa to the graveyard at last. They stood firm and resolute and unwilling to live with terror and horror under the TPLF tyranny prepared to confront the fascists by all means we can. For the Oromo’s and our historical alike, the current tyrants are nothing but offerings of the monster of yesterdays, name it Menelik II who was known for his cruelty, eviction, burning houses, hatuu Loonii (cattle Looter), an extermination orderer and remembered in history as Harma muraa (Breast chopper), Harka muraa (Arm chopper), Miila muraa (Leg chopper) or Yohanis, Mengistu or Meles,series cut from the same cloth. Thus, the current Fascists, a new settler, the newly born monsters, devoted by committing sub-human acts, and want to live in heaven in Oromia, while the Oromo’s life is in hell on their own and ancestral soil in Oromia.

Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche


That is all about the real CV of the kelai Woyyane (the second Woyyane- the TPLF), the liberators of Tigrai of yesterday’s;, and of Today’s fascists since they sat tall on the saddle of absolute political power in Finfinnee, the heart and the soul of Oromia and the Oromo people. Without the invented and branded PDOs, middlemen who were designed, served as a loyal servant in all spheres of social, political and economic life of the fascist regime could have stood on their feet for months let alone to rule for twenty-seven years.

The OPDO turned to a property of tyrants, undertook dirty jobs planned and ordered by their masters to retain absolute power.


They PDOs were and still are deployed as the custodians of the fascist tyrants commit democide. They are keen in evictions and destroying indigenous people from their ancestral soil biologically and their culture. They serves as tax n and attributes collectors, recruitment of soldiers and laborers, spy etc. They committed crime against humanity, sponsored terror and horror and endless wars within one of the barbaric, backward predatory empire to the very minute. And, the so-called “world” who profiles themselves as “civilized” zipped their mouth, turned their ears deaf and their eyes blind while it is Africa. No action itself is an action.


Ivan Jordovic’s  Aristotle on Extreme Tyranny and Extreme Democracy. Historia : Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte.Bd. 60 H. 1 (2011), pp 36-44.http:// jstor.org/stable /29777247. Accessed:09-11-2017 11:12UTC

Alfred Heuss (1971) Aristoteles als Theoretiker des Totalitarismus.

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