Oduu Haaraya


Truth Barometers No 14 Part 1

BY Odaa Hora


The establishment of Abyssinia (Amhara and Tigre mainly) proper versus Oromia and the Southern people as whole retained a predatory-prey relationship since the days of the occupation. They were conquered by dependent settler colonialist hordes of Sahle Maryam “Menelik II” at the last quarter of the 19th century. It was notoriously known as an era of the Scramble for Africa by Europe, one of the resources-less continent of all continents. Abyssinia Empire was invented and designed in Berlin as an extended right hand of the poly-gloted resource geared European colonizers and their alliances signed in 1884/1885 Conference to play the role of Pawn to the competing colonizers in the region and to act as the marionette. Since then, the dependent Abyssinia Empire played her role perfectly to the very date, shifting her faces once to the west political blocks, or the either who promptly provides her with unlimited Fire arms and repressive tools, Finance and advisors.


Because of her importance of geo-political positions for European colonizers economy and development during scramble for Africa, Abyssinia proper singularly, become part and parcel of the European colonizers project. Although, no Africans were part of the Berlin conference, nevertheless Abyssinia was considered as the partner the colonial project at this junction of history. While the rest of the African content was scrambled like pieces of cakes among the Europeans themselves, the turf known as “Abyssinia” was left for the Abyssinia rival warlords like Menleik II. Three major European colonizers France, Britain, Italy were the most active vividly players, who provided almost all what the Abyssinia warlords needed in desperate  to accomplish their dirty work of butchery, occupation and colonization of the south as a whole were provide. More importantly modern firearms, finance, advisors etc.Among three warlords in the region only Menelik II who was alive got from all European colonizers unlimited supports in competing with each other to levy their sphere of influences.


As it has always been for more than centuries the most formidable power of the Oromo people in all sphere of life, people’s power, rich in resources and civilization become the primary targets of elimination and exploitation by all aliens of the north. At this junction of history, Menelik II (the fascist of his time who cannot read and write his own language and a patient of chronic Syphilis) became the only candidate of choice, at last, to be buttressed by all Colonizers. As a result, he waged wars and massacred over 5 million of Oromo’s with ten years alone by implementing extremely cruel sub-human acts in committing Democides that continued from Abyssinia Tyrants to the next that still holds true.


Series of Abyssinia tyrants who come to power through putsches one after the other followed his foot-steps and implemented the same strategies and methods to hold the political power and to maintain it in one-man hand. This fact on the soil holds true right now with the zeal of elimination and to maintain the predatory-prey relationships of the alien of the north versus Oromo’s and the whole southern people incarcerated in one of the poorest and barbaric, dependent settler colonial empire of Abyssinia. The empire turned to a property of series of tyrants catapulted to a saddle of power through bullets and rules with bullets. The commitment of crimes against humanity, genocides, and ethnocides turned the policies of the tyrannical regime’s system of Abyssinia’s (Amhara or Tigre) consecutively one monster replacing the other that holds true to the contemporary TPLF-tyrants of the 21st century. Today, an estimated over hundred million people are incarcerated in this prison house ruled by the TPLF-fascists clan which we did not get rid of it yet


The TPLF-gangsters clan camouflaged by the name “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front,” (EPRDF)” dominated by TPLF-Gangsters clan who verbally cursed their predecessors, the military junta, Mengistu H. Mariam and legal affirmed death penalty to be considered as “Humane” in the minds of the downtrodden people who knew nothing except despotism, war, famine, flight, prison within the house of prison, etc. The Stalinist, Marxist–Leninist League of Tigray (MLLTs) and its underdogs implemented the extreme cruelest tactics, methods, and strategy of Stalin of soviet in a face value to consolidate and maintain the power in their own hand. To achieve their goal they invented the PDOs, trained, employed and deployed them within Oromia and the south people. The turned to the contemporary fascists by all standard of their capacity.


The main goal of the TPLF-tyrants planned and executed during this period that was/is officially proclaimed to reduce the demographical dominance of the Oromo people by half, wiping out the Oromo people from their ancestral soil, to grab the land, plunder resources and exploitation of the labor of Oromo people and the South people as a whole. The devastation of Nature, the floras, and the faunas, poisoning water, and soil, impoverishment of the people turned their daily accomplishments for the last decades of the rule with iron-fisted. As a result, the poorest and barbaric empire on this blue planet turned to the property of the ruthless TPLF-Gangsters clan and their wealth. Facts show that the walking skeletons; the Zombies of 1991 from Tigray desert we saw with our naked eyes, gradually turned to fat Otter, become from Zero to billionaires on the fate of Oromia and the southern people incarcerated in the empire that turned their prey. By deploying the recruited underdogs, the PDOs and killer militia troops called Agazi, the fascist regime committed all possible extreme cruel tactics, strategies, suppression methods and tools. Indiscriminate killings, disappearances, mass arrest, mass eviction, exiling, terror and horror, etc., by scape-goating the Oromo people from all social spheres of life turned regimes policy practiced and remained the main agendas and duties per se by day and night of the regime in Oromia for the last solid twenty-seven years, and is going on now.


Qabso xumuraa gabruuma: wakeup call

At this kindling point of the struggle of the total liberation of Oromia that arrived to its final phase to Qabso xumuraa gabruuma breaking down all extremely cruelty methods and tactics and strategies the fascist tyrannical regime implemented through  Oromia such us hanging a martyrs like Ketama Wubetu and his friend by hanging on a fence, only leopards can do to their prey, arresting Oromos en masse from teenagers to the elderly indiscriminately, torturing, and countless barbaric acts the TPLF fascist committed to crash the struggle for the Liberation of Oromia could not decelerate but in the reverse. It accelerates, unified, strengthened and lead to a firm stand to dismantle the tyrannical regimes and bury it once and forever.


In fact what every extreme tyrannical tactic, strategies, and tools the regime deployed and continued to do so throughout their iron-fisted rule, the more the regime brutal acts of terror and horror is sky rocketing to crash the struggle of total liberation by dispatching killers militias running from one corner of Oromia to the other corners like rabid dog turned to the set off alarm bells in the whole Oromia and beyond. It awakened the Oromo people from all corner of Oromia, via seas and oceans and to join the liberation struggle to accomplish the scared promise of Liberations for which heroes and heroines sacrificed for more than centuries as an individual, groups or in organized Fashion, as liberation fronts to free Oromia from settler colonial empire who survived hanging on the Tits of Oromia and the south people


Furthermore, the recent act of state-sponsored terrorist acts on pilgrims, who traveled weeks, days from all corner of Oromia to celebrate their unique heritage of Holy Irreechaa ceremony in Bishooftu, Arsadii committed by the tyrannical regime, again and again, reproved the real fascistic face of the regime. These grotesque act which the tyrants deployed in hope to crash the mind and the power of the Oromo nation proved diametrically the opposite In other words, the regime spilled gallons of fuel to the flaming Qabso Bilisuummaa Oromoo. in defacto it solidified, unified, galvanized, and fine-tuned the struggles of Qabsoo xumura gabrumma/the struggle of TLO from over a century of the predatory–dependent empire once and forever.


The regime’s basic plan for existence and maintenance of power was based on the principle of (unruhe bewaren) means to preserve unrest by all means possible. The regime stirs up wars in order to keep the people occupied and convinced of their indispensability, an old recipe of all Abyssinia’s tyrants recorded in history, and nothing is new of TPLF fascist. They also developed all extremely cruel tactics. Deliberately instigating and waged wars of exterminations and commitment of genocide and ethnocide under the mantra of “security, Terrorism, uniqueness in the African content, etc.” that turned the driving license of the TPLF-Tyrants to get aids of anything the regime in desperately needed most importantly fire-arms and repressive tools, finance, and advisers.


Nevertheless, the resistance of the genuine struggle of Liberation of the Oromo people against the TPLF-tyrants tanks and military jets, guns, other physical and psychological suppress methods and tactics of the dependent, predatory-colonialists of Abyssinia’s tyrants did not turn the liberation struggle an inch backward, but forward. The regimes over two decades of the fascistic sub-human acts committed in the dark hidden like cancer cells or in daylight were unveiled to the global standard today than ever and turned here in bankruptcy in all spheres. Here old recipes turned into invalid and impotent from within and abroad.


Planned Massacres in Arsdii Irreecha celebration day, rolling tanks on the soil, military jets spraying tear gas and throwing paper packed stones from the sky on millions of the pilgrims crowd in Arsadii that proofed the real face TPLF-fascist and their sub-human act turned to a wakeup call to the whole Oromia and furthermore their alikes incarcerated in this empire, but to some extent stayed abstains for the last two decades.


As Qabso xumuraa gabruuma is moving toward the core, to Finfinne, the heart and soul of Oromia and her people, like the waves of wildfire from each and ever-corner of Oromia the predatory empire is found in intensive care stations under artificial respiration provided my gun-Carriers, and the clock is ticking against the dependent, predatory settler colonial empire to be buried once and forever. In relation to politics and civics, the regime brought out its final card in the draw, his mutant PDOs. In Oromia the final product OPDOs; outshot of wicked, submissive mutant figures in show that we must crucial pay our attention and take them in the loop and levy the awareness against those who march under the mantra of “reform and reformers” sings, liberation songs to mesmerize the Oromo people to be accepted and credited, in defacto, they beat their own drums and in hope they may hijack Qabso xumuraa gabruuma in the way they profiled themselves verbally; I call them a daydreamers.


The fact is, they were/ are intentionally designed cloned for more than decades by their masters to commit their dirty jobs from within their own people to crash the genuine liberation struggle of the Oromo people if they can by all possible means, nothing more or nothing less and that is the main objective of the regimes necessity of their fabrication. And, in fact, they have fulfilled their duties since they were born and now they tries to do it under the mantra of “reform” and come out to the stage as “new product), although the are as old as the regime it self’s and are deployed in front line, disseminated in each and every corner of Oromia and within the Oromo people to perform their covert operation.


The current tactics and strategies, what TPLF-Tyrants attempts to use, is one among dozens of the oldest known extremely cruelty tactics, strategies, and tools of tyrants used since antiquate. It is called favoring the flatters. The Oromo people’s Proverb: “Qorree Qorreedhan baasani,”of English, “Nail is driven out by Nail” will give the clue to the concept. By favoring the flatters, like OPDOs, the tyrant regime deploys the wicked, submissive ones. The regime uses them as (Köder) baits (poisoned food pallets used to trap like rodents). The flatters are trained and branded spy to misguide the struggle if they can and finally to commit covert and overt actions from within Oromo people. The flatters are systematically and intentionally selected and dispatched within their own people even sent to their village of birth.


While a Man of free spirit Sabbona/ liberators know not how to flatter, whereas the wicked are submissive and can, therefore, be exploited for a dishonorable purpose. The regimes object and the deployment of the flatters is in believe that the may be able to read the minds and the soul of their own people such as the dispatched OPDOs within the Oromo People. Hey will attempt to infiltrate, to find out the site, force, time, actions in plan, and the prominent leaders to hack the operation strategies and tactics of the genuine liberation struggle and genuine liberators. Those are the facts that we are eye witnessing now on Oromia soil. The attempts of the mutants to jump on the vans-wagon of the total liberation struggle of the Oromo people moving toward the center core from each and ever-corner of the empire like the waves of wildfire that the tyrants of Abyssinia has never ever destined to witness since the establishment of the settler colonial dependent predatory artificial empire led by the new generation, the core of Qabso xumuraa gabruuma.


The new generation who took an oath to take this sacred struggle and to achieve his goal of liberation by underscoring Qabso xumuraa gabruuma, proved as a vanguard, a galvanizer, the motor and the engine of the custodians of the Liberation struggle on the soil. The Qeerroo and Qaarree at least for the last decades turned the TPLF-tyrannical regime and his servitudes sleepless. At the spot, the empire found herself in the intensive care in the enclosed-military station. And, soon to be brought into the grave and eulogy to be read. Bankruptcy from within and abroad in all spheres of life, political, social and economic is an open secret. The regime stinks like a gangrene Teeth to be pulled out very soon before the infection is disseminated to the whole system and lead to septicemic and finally to death.


Historical Discourses and the Psychic of Tyranny


Incredible efforts were made, are on making to understand, the understandable behaviors of Tyrants before the Common Era to the contemporary why they cross the red lines of humanity: societal boundaries, cultural norms, taboos, ethical codecs, e.t.c. By implementing extremely cruel methods and tactics committed one of the gruesome acts of crime against humanity coined as genocide by General Assembly of UN after unsettled disputes of World War I and the aftermath of World War II that caused the death of over hundred thirty millions of humans all-in-one.


The lowest depth to which the state can fall is despotism; and in the soul of the despotic man whom the Greek called ‘tyrant’, the three most motives, ambitions, fear, and greed, have finally triumphed over reason and humanity Plato (1). The word tyrant of Greek origin (tyrannos) described by Aristotle (2); the tyrant (tyrannos) is one who cut off the heads off those who are too high, undertakes measures to sow discord among subjects, impoverishes people with his exploits and uses informers and betrayers to undermine trust among his subjects.


Plato further stated that the challenges of tyrants reside in the tyrant’s character and the way in which he exercises the power. Lacking concerns for elementary considerations of justice, he needlessly creates enemies and set himself on a path that leads to increasingly chaotic behavior on his part. Tyrant is one who rules without law, egomaniac, uses gruesome, inhumane tactics and creates mistrust, a political order based on extremely cruel methods, and strategies against the targeted people and his own people. Tyrant seeks and exercises power for his own rather than the general interest of the society. The behavior, mindset and their cruel tactics and strategies tyrants utilized described from the tyrants of antiquate; before Common Era (BC) to the contemporary tyrants, “the new tyrants,” its discourses and societal impacts. And, Socrates (3) responded that unlimited power without the knowledge of god and evil is at the best unenviable and the tyrant who use it to experiment with his enemies, rivals to the most miserable of men. Herodotus (4) on tyranny said: one man rule of any kind, despotic and evil. But, the worst of all is, that he sets aside the laws of the land, puts men to death without trial, and rapes women.


Rummel’s (5) research reported that includes 128 regimes, states, quasi-states, and stateless groups who have killed in democide in the 20th century, from 1900 to 1987,in the world found out that nearly 170,000,000 men, women, and children have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, or worked to death; or buried alive, drowned, hanged, bombed, or killed in any other of myriad ways regimes have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens or foreigners. Democides according to Rummel include genocide as it was defined by the UN, massacres, extrajudicial executions, politicides and the like of noncombatants. He said that the number of dead could even conceivably be near a high of 360,000,000 people. He further shared us his thought to what extent a biological human can commit a crime against his own species by saying: This is as though our species has been devastated by a modern Black Plague. And indeed it has, but a plague of absolute power and not germs. Adding the human cost of war to this democide total, regimes have violently killed over 203,000,000 people in this century and concluded by summing-up: Power kills, Absolute power Kills Absolutely. (6)


I would like to drop some lines on what Black Plague means by Rummel while it coincides with my topic of a doctoral dissertation to emphasize the degree of mortality of human by tyrant’s analogy to the Plague germ in human history(7). Historically the term Plague has used to emphasize all contagious infectious disease called Germs (informal word for pathogen), invisible with naked human eyes what later on called microorganisms in general and classified to major groups as Bacteria, Viruses, etc. Although the prevalence of the Plague disease and its clinical descriptions go back to KMT known as ancient Egypt of the Pharaonic period dating back to the 16th and 17th century B.C. The plague’s main carrier flea is thought to be native to the Nile Valley and is known to be a Nile rat parasite.


The pathogen is known with its three, some classify it to four notorious pandemics. One among them is the notorious pandemics of the 14th century that stretched to the 16th century around the globe known as the Black Death in folk’s mouth and literature with its all controversies in human history, while it was theologized and one scapegoated the others as the cause of and transmissions of the disease. The Christian believers claim the Jews or the others Vis-à-Vis.


The word Black Death is derived from the clinical manifestations of the disease in infected person in most cases in Bubonic form (swollen and painful lymph bleeding below the skin called in medical term subcutaneous hemorrhage which darkened (“blackened”), gangrene of fingers, toes, and noses of the body of the patient. But, It was in 1894 that Alexander J.E. Yersin isolated the causative agent of what was called Plague is a Bacteria and from where the agent was finally named after Yersin and called Yersinia pestis.


This particular bacterial microorganism belongs to one of the most feared pathogens classified in group 1 ranking of international highly risk micro-organisms. Thus, the societal and psychological as well as its economic impact of the pathogen on the world whenever, and wherever it breaks out somewhere on this planet. The recent outbreak of plague like in Madagascar where 1801 cases confirmed will ring the alarm bell in the global level (8), because of its high contagiousity, the power of crossing seas and oceans as blind-passenger. Plague has also left an unforgettable memory of fear and power of devastations in human history that will quickly recall back from our brain. The pathogen is also an ideal candidate to be misused intentionally to harm the others, to be misused as a biological weapon by tyrants and terrorist groups. The worst and feared part of the disease is that there is no prophylactic measures, vaccines except in the Russian Federation and some member states of the former Soviet Union.


What Rummel called the Mega-killers regimes like the USSR, China, and Germany compared them with Plague and its power of devastation of human life. The plague was known to succumb the life of over 200 million people throughout recorded human history and the disease is not eradicated. The WHO registers about 1000-2000 case annually (7).


The Paradoxical Behavior of Tyrants and Idiosyncrasy

Betty Glad (9) analyzed the puzzling problem of tyrants and their paradoxical behavior and idiosyncrasy written records from tyrants of antiquate and three major tyrants of the 20th century such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Saddam Hussein. It is worth to note that the vast majority of tyrants, especially in African content and elsewhere are unveiled. Even though some names and their tyrannical rule were known there is a scarcity of research publications studied in depth or books. More sadly, there were tyrants indeed committed the worst crime against humanity but portrayed as “heroes” in African contents to whom the contemporary” New tyrants” preaches, celebrates. Menelik II of Abyssinia; the pitch black Leopold II of Belgium in Congo Free State can be considered as is the perfect example among the others in the region and the Current TPLF-tyrants who ruled with iron-fist for the last twenty-seven years.


Glad also underscored by saying: The paradoxical behavior of a tyrant is, his grandiosity and his skills in deception, manipulation, and intimidation is an advantage to him in securing power. But as he moves to an absolute power, he is also apt to cross moral and geographic boundaries in ways that place him in a vulnerable position. Thus, he may engage in cruelties that serve no political purpose, challenge the conventional morality in ways that undermine his base, engage in faulty reality testing, and overreach himself in foreign engagement in ways that invite a new challenge to his rule. And gave examples to shed more light on the subject. Hitler for instance once compared himself to Jesus, saying he would complete “what Jesus Christ began”, envisaged himself as a creator of new a whole new Germanic civilization, proclaimed himself, “the greatest in German history, a Polymath, etc.” Stalin portrayed himself the “new Soviet man, the creator of industrial might and military of the new communist order, the fount of wisdom, etc. Saddam Hussein portrayed himself as the heir of Hammurabi-the greatest lawmaker of Babylon. He claimed to belong to a noble family descended from the prophet Kuraishi Mohamedan family. He saw himself as a talented military despite a complete lack of training and erected a 12 meter status in Bagdad of his own on Firdos square.


The Grandiosity of the Habeshas or Abyssinians

The grandiosity of Abyssinia tyrants, Shums and Shiftans depart from the Zionist myth “Märchen” of Saba (Makeda or Balkis ) begat with Solomon and gave birth to a son called Menelik; “the tribe of Judah” and to make more monstrous, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah.” The foundation of Zionist-Solomonic myth was revitalized in the mid19th century. After centuries of butchering, mass slaughtering and devastation where three tyrants (Shiftans) raised to power in Abyssinian proper and claimed the myth of the tribe of Judah after butchering of the rivals was accomplished and hold the regional power. Kasa-the brigand from Tigray region baptized and given a new name, Yohannis IV to whom the current Tigrean gangsters, brags their inheritance of “heroism, braver, etc.” Kasa of Gonder (Amhara) who was known as the son of Kosso seller, and more specifically, one among of the extremely cruelest, sadist human-like creator, butchers who were turned to Toreros II. Similarly, Shale Mariam (Amhara) was baptized and renamed to Menelik II.


The case of Abyssinian tyrants and grandiosity is unique in arts and forms, while the status of the described tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, and Saddam Hussein was destroyed and global condemned and judged as mega–killers, genociders and ethnociders, and replaced by memorial status to remember the victims massacred by the tyrants. The issue of the tyrants of Abyssinia is diametrically the opposite. Their statue not only stands in the empire yet and turned to their site of pilgrimages, tourist attractions, inspirations, celebrations and the symbol of heroism, cults and further advertisements and pontifications and person of references from their grave to whom the contemporary tyrants preach. For instance, the Amhara’s preaches to “Menelik II, as Immiyee Menlik,” mean mother Menelik” so do, the Tigers to Yohannis IV, “Ye Yohannis zer or Lijochii,” means the race or the children of Yohannis.” and Meles Zenawi. Indeed these figures were, the Hitler’s of their time who succumbed the life of millions of the whole non-Semitic-speaking people of the south to Abyssinia proper with who were dealing yet, the tyrannical TPLF regime and his underdogs, old but new mutants who come out to media forefronts from nowhere to talk the talk of “the Liberation and Liberators vocabulary of the Oromo people,” but they cannot walk the walk. As the Chinese proverb, Talk doesn’t cook Rice.


Who are the current outshot Wizards?


The real question to get answered is first, who are these outshot Wizards? Second, why did the tottering tyrannical regime selectively brought his POWs cloned to PDOs to the forefront right now? Third; any reasons, if at all one, to trust the untrusted figures who now define and portray themselves as wizards, for the Liberation of Oromia prepping verbally? What methods, tactics, and strategies left for the TPLF fascists to buy hours, weeks, or months?


As it was well know, the cultivation of the current mutants took its roots in 1989 in Dedebit Tigray desert from the conglomerates of over three hundred thousand prisoners of war (POWs) military personals as the result of the collapsed tyrannical military regime of Mengistu H. Mariam after 17 years rule of terror, horror, chronic wars, chronic famines and devastations.


The major objective of the invention of the umbrella organization called EPRDF project by the Stalinist, Marxist–Leninist League of Tigray (MLLTs) and its underdogs the PDOs was a preparedness to take the whole empire under the Tigrean control and to turn the Amhara empire to a Tigre Empire indeed and the occupation of the south identical to their fathers grandfathers. And, that was the result we destined to witness to the contemporary. The Yohannissians who considered them self’s as the underdogs in the empire and went out to liberate Tigray as their manifesto reads. They replaced the Menelikianess as time and conditions suited them and sat tall on the political saddle in Finfinne, Oromia and showed their real tyrannical face.


The underdog PDOs were established as vital tools to serve until their last breath as a perfect and loyal working horses; the Askaris of the tyrannical TPLF gangsters. They were baptized, and branded as “Peoples Democratic Organizations (PDOs)” prefixed with the names of about 89 ethnonational incarcerated in the empire since the establishment of the dependent predatory Empire of Abyssinia ruled by Amhara’s since the last quarter of the 19th centuries with aids of poly-gloted, resource-geared foreign states and companies that holds true to the very minute.

Once power was consolidated by one man, Meles Zenawi, the leader of the TPLF-gangsters clan who ruled with an iron-fisted under the mantra of “Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front,” (EPRDF) till his death and replaced with his marionette Haile Mariam Desalegn. Furthermore, the regimes shifting strategies from covert to overt atrocities by declaring the state of emergency officially.


After the Bloody Sundays massacre committed on the Pilgrims of Holy Ireechaa celebration in daylight showed the real face of the TPLF-tyranny crossing the redline. These deliberately planned act of fascism on October the 2nd 2016 in Bishooftu at Hora Arsadii that will be remembered in the history of the Oromo people annually. To add insult to injury the tyrannical regimes erected a monument and chiseled words that read the massacre in Hora Arsadii was “ …TASA…” means sudden, unintentional or accidental that explicitly proofs an absolute denial of the fact as folks mouth: lying through their teeth, as Lifton (13) called it Doubling principle in an attempt to avoid guilt that the current forerunner of the OPDO officials heartbreaking and breathtaking speeches heard in Bishooftu, Arsadii standing on the soil where the blood the Oromo Pilgrims drained. These forms of tyrannical behavior and the Stalinist of the TPLF is at least as old as the occupation of FinFinne and in general the significance of the behavior and mannerism the aliens of the north heritage. They are known as the absolute denials name it whomever one like They is not only self’s denials but also the masters of doubling. Killing by poisoning or shooting in dark and then to be the first to carry the coffin in daylight in the funeral ceremony is one of the oldest known mannerism of the allies of the north the Abyssinians (10, 11,12).These psychological principle called “doubling” by Lifton (13):

The division of the self into two functioning wholes so that a part-self acts as an entire self. Doubling then is a psychology vehicle that involves a dialectic characteristic between two selves in terms of autonomy and connection. An individual self-needs to function psychologically in an environment so antithetical to his previous ethical standard. At the same time, he needed his prior self in order to continue to see himself as humane. Doubling has a life-death dimension, in other words, we have the paradox of a “killing self”, avoidance of guilt: the second self-tends to be the one performing the “dirty work.”

In fact what every extreme tyrannical tactic, strategies, and tools the regime deployed and continued to do so throughout their iron-fisted rule, the more the regime brutal acts of terror and horror is skyrocketing to crash the struggle of total liberation by dispatching killers militias running from one corner of Oromia to the other corners like rabid dog turned to the set of alarm bells in the whole Oromia and beyond. It awakened the Oromo people from all corner of Oromia, via seas and oceans and to join the liberation struggle to accomplish the scared promise of Liberations for which heroes and heroines sacrificed for more than centuries as an individual, groups or in organized Fashion, as liberation fronts to free Oromia from settler colonial empire who survived hanging on the Tits of Oromia and the south people. Furthermore, the recent act of state-sponsored terrorist acts on pilgrims, who traveled weeks, days from all corner of Oromia to celebrate their unique heritage of Holy Irreechaa ceremony in Bishooftu, Arsadii committed by the tyrannical regime, again and again, reproved the real fascistic face of the regime.


Today, the empire is estimated to harbor over hundred million people incarcerated in this prison house turned to the property of the hand-full of TPLF-gangsters clan, corrupted, hypocritical, chauvinist gun-carries of the Core TPLF-Clans the proven fact from within, and an open secret to the world. The 2017 PwrIndx (military strength) rated that one of the poorest, dependent predatory empire ranking in the 2nd place next to Egypt in firearm importing and debates in the African content and have 162,000 active gun-carriers; the military personnel’s, where the higher commanding ranks absolutely dominated by TPLF-clans deployed and employed mutant PDOs who sworn to serve their masters till their last heartbeats. In general, the importers of military hardware and software and debates that go back to Menelik era, and turned to chronical disease can be called Abyssinitis that holds true to the very date, when millions of the people die from hunger annual and over half of the population incarcerated in the empire suffers from chronic malnutrition.


Nevertheless, the resistance of the genuine struggle of Liberation of the Oromo people against the TPLF-tyrants tanks and military jets, guns, other physical and psychological suppress methods and tactics of the dependent, predatory-colonialists of Abyssinia’s tyrants did not turn the liberation struggle an inch backward, but forward. The regimes over two decades of the fascistic sub-human acts committed in the dark hidden like cancer cells or in daylight were unveiled to the global standard and turned invalid and impotent from within.


While the clock is ticking against the tyrannical regime that stands with tottering foots of the military clan, the regimes found out to experiment the mutant OPDOs if they may gear down the momentum of the struggle of the liberation in Oromia. Thus, as it is tantamount to detect, to evaluate from the facts known.The proverb cited by Mark Twain Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” signals that we must be able to detect the invisible, the dark side of the mutants, the messengers of the TPLF final plan of action in Oromia and in the empire as a whole to achieve, before the eulogy of one of the poorest, barbaric predatory empire hang on the Tits of Oromia and the South people as a whole is read. We must always bear in mind and found out that it is not the issue of my truth or your truth, but the TRUTH and that is the TOTAL LIBERATION OF OROMIA. The reason is simple: There are no ifs, ands, or buts left disproved within the empire since her invention.


As we know from the history that there are special days one celebrate and one grieves. Thus, it is only through the conjunction of historical facts, analysis and critical approval of the past that we can at least be able to value the present and think to draw the perspectives to the future. In fact, there can be no present without the past, and there will be no future without the present, i.e. the dialectical law of the Universe. It is not my truth, or your truth but the truth. Thus, to justify an organization such as the OPDOs we must pack them in one bag put on the balance plate to find the truth, the only truth not yours or mines. What we must weigh is the deeds, the crimes they committed from their date of establishment to the very minute on one side of the plate of the balance (Miizana) and the justices on the opposite side of the plate. What is finally called the truth (Dhugaa ykn Haqa). It is neither a sympathy nor antipathy valid, but, the concepts of truth, Justice, balances that sums up almost all what makes a human being, a humane: moral-codecs, ethics deities (Safuu), culture (Aadaa), orders (Sirna qabiyye), etc. the basics foundations of the Gadaa–Seeqqee system: an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo people registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in UNESCO world heritage. It was called Maat or Ma’at as it arrived at KMT (the black people of the River Nile), and the opposite was called Isfet meaning injustice, chaos, violence or to do evil. As it has always been in history that we fill cursing the OPDOs in total may be immoral or injustice, while we speculate that there may be some Sabbona individuals with the club, and tries to justifies their cause of membership may lead to like a saying “Laam Alegn besemayi weetetuwan yema’l ai” literally mean I have a cow in the sky, which I couldn’t see her milk.”

Summing up the facts and the figures of the current outshot “wizards” the “new OPDOs” we will all come to a conclusion.

  1. They are part and a parcel of the tyrannical regimes tool of operations since their day of their birth in Dedebit desert and sworn to serve their masters up-to-the-minute in Oromia.
  2. They are part and parcels of all crimes committed against humanity, genocides and ethnocide, evictions, etc,  committed against the Oromo people since summer 1991 to the very minute.
  3. They are criminalist to be brought to the global criminal court to be judged according to their positions and the role they played and committed. Having in mind that day of judgment is coming, at these crucial hours of no return of the liberation struggle (Qabso) of the Oromo people in one side and the tottering tyrannical regime in all spheres within the empire, via seas and oceans, we must be alert and be able to detect, to catch the mutants red hand before the damages the dream is done. We must be vigilant, concentrates like a Neuro-surgeon one his Operation table.
  4. A prisoner of war (POW) must first liberate himself, free himself physically and more importantly from the prisons of mind. Roaring like unlucky Lion in Zoological Park may send alarm signal of flight for his prey in the compound, like Gazelles, Antelopes and may attract the Zoo-visitors but can do nothing as a Lion. And so are the current outshot OPDOs who served as the fascist regimes major civilian working-horse in Oromia.
  5. They are responsible for the intentional, planned and calculated policy of elimination of the Oromo people by instigating and waging wars in each and every corner of Oromia by the fascist regime and his underdog loyal servants the OPDOs since they catapulted into power and cling into it right now. The fact is the TPLF-tyrants can /could not exist without OPDOs and vis-a-visa in Oromia.

We must always keep in mind that it is an issues of the sacred struggle (Kaayo Bilisummaa Oromoo) of the Total Liberation of Oromia (TLO), for whom Hero’s and Heroin’s as an individual, or collectively sacrificed and sacrifice since the colonization of Oromia by the aliens of the north buttressed by the European firearms and their alike to the very date.


Among one of the extreme cruel tactics of tyrants is rhetoric, to talk a talk but cannot walk a walk. Self-cult, self-profiling, self-pontification as the custodians of the liberations struggle just from nowhere, and more schizophrenic is when a culprit propagates and turns himself a liberator and seeks acceptance by his people.


The hidden agenda of the new tyrants and the deployments of the recent outshot mutant OPDOs enforced by their masters to come out to forefront and to talk the talk but no inch to walk the walk i.e an open secret. They OPDOs dream to hijack Qabsoo xumura gabrumma/the struggle of the struggle of Total liberation of Oromia (TLO) with empty hand and rhetoric just by jumping to Van-Wagon today. In fact, they are good for nothing, I have no doubt for their own self’s, late alone to solve the gigantic problems of the Liberations for whom Heroes and Heroines sacrificed their life since Oromia was occupied by aliens of the north and inherited their sons and daughters of today to accomplish the sacred Goal of Liberation now and inherit the liberated Oromia to there children. This is crystal clear that ruthless TPLF-fascist clans clubs know after twenty-seven years of tyranny the time has come either to take the path of their predecessor the military junta to flight or to dig their hole like M.Gaddafi. To buy weeks and months they must draw their final card at hand ,the mutant wicked, submissive OPDOs at least to gear down the momentum of Qabsoo xumura gabrumma/ the TOTAL LIBERATION OF OROMIA, the struggle against Abyssinia slavery to bring it to its the final phase of and turns them to smoke and ash once and forever, and free the vast majority of the people incarcerated in this hidden prison house on this blue planet. It is not my truth or your truth, but the truth and that is the only truth TOTAL LIBERATION OF OROMIA. The reason is simple: There is no ifs, ands, or buts left disproved.

The article continues and the next part explores the extremely cruelty tactics, strategies intrigues and tools tyrants utilized against their invented, enemies and their rivals more in details.


The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. Albert Camus



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