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‪#‎oromoprotests‬ To Oromo people and Qeerroo…

‪#‎oromoprotests‬ To Oromo people and Qeerroo, if we can’t defend our self just because we haven’t got a gun so- we have to do is by destroying any property which is belong to Tigray busyness people who is never pay tax since TPLF in power 1991 including Tigray farmer. So our massage is simple to those TPLF official like ” Abby Tsehaye”if they are not stoping killing our naions and those Agazi killer squid not leaves oromiyya this is what our people are going to do by destroying all Oli tank and blocking any main road which is leading to Finfinne to push pressure on Finfinne people who is under seige by TPLF or Tigre cadres.

This is our main weapon to this barbaric TPLF mafia, no mercy for those all evils, I will guarante you, the TPLF will collapse just a matter of time and we are half way to our expensive freedom after 125 years.which is thousands of Oromo people sacrifices their life’s and thousands of our hero’s still fighting for that freedom along side ABO anc Qeerroo including oromo people and also thank you to our diaspora oromo who is working hard and expepend their time snd heir energy for their nations day and night to make this happened.

They are stand with our people back home, and still people rallying all over the world against this savage and barbaric government world never seen before and could be espacial year for oromo nations as all, because we are united than ever, no one think this is happing, what most Wayene people suprise is oromo people never scare of their gun, no any more the fear of gun is gone for ever even if they could bring their tanks.

No one scare of them, thank you oromo people you the one who is make it happen this stage our resisting and protesting will continue, and specially our OMN team wow…… voice of 45million people, amazing, our big weapon for evils TPLF offical who trying to servive, their ideolgy has been destryed by people of Oromiyaa, they will never succed in oromiyya colonize styel rule, no any more and the time to go home those evils, our OMN is power full than their own cadres and machine gun.

Egaa saba Oromo kaa’ii Qeerroo Wajiiin yeron kunii dabaraanii bayee rakkoo nutii fiidhuu dandhaa kanaafhuu dandii chuufhuu Qeerroo wajiin konkolaataa akkanaa kanaa gubhuu dandii dejubutii gubatii karaa dhiyaatis akaanumatii itaafufunuu. Jabadhaa bilisumaa Berraa jiiraa.

Victories for our Oromo people coming soon.

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