Oduu Haaraya

The basic principles outlined by the pioner of the Oromo liberation movement says “Yoo dandeenyee, gabrummaa hundeen buqifnna!  Yoo dadhabnnee Ijoollee itti gudifnna!” (Gen. Waaqoo Guutuu).

Few year later after gen. Waaqoo Guutuu fired the first liberation bullet, educated Oromo sons wrote the Oromo liberation manifesto describing the evil of the Habasha colonialism that was responsible for the conversion of Shaggar into Shawaa. Since Haylamariyam Gamada wrote the Maccaa & Tulama constitution, another Oromo genius Dr. Haile Fida articulated the process through which the Oromo people can reach the goal set forth by the pioneers before him. Mean time, in the up and down of the Oromo political jungle, tens of thousands have lost their lives and yet, Gen. Waaqoo’s prophesy became the reality of our era.  The kids whom Gen. Waaqoo envisioned were born in late 1990s and they are about to uproot the Habasha colonialism out Oromia.

Interestingly, even though our great heroes such as Muli’s abba Gadaa, Hselemoo Qilxuu, Mammo Mazamir, Baroo Tumsaa and Badhoo Dachaasaa got killed by the lovers of Shawaa and Ethiopia, multitude of thousands heroes have risen and took up the liberation torch and they are marching forward today.  If there is a bad news in all these, it will be the birth and death of few low Oromo social class that are always susceptible to the sickness that forces them wanting to wash the feet of their Habasha Masters and leak the Habasha bloody hands.

What is essential for us to understand therefore, is that the enemies of the Oromo liberation movement are not the real Habashas but our own mentally ill men who can never redeem themselves from the evil of Shawaa identity crisis.

These types of men always seek certain political position under their Habasha masters because they feel they are incapable of standing on their own as an Oromo and enjoy life.  If only they are able to think independently, they could make a difference, but their ability to surpass their master’s influence is none existent.  For these weak minded creatures, what is most important is not learning how showa came into being but the political position they get under their masters.  There is no doubt that these weak minded men would work very hard under their masters command than on their own as an Oromo.

When it comes to serve the Oromo nation, these weak minded people would recoil in horror at the thought of becoming free from their inferiority but don’t give a second thought to stealing their Habasha masters mind and implement it.  

What these mentally inferior little men can’t imagine is what Minilik’s army congregation boastful dance would sound like after it was done with raping the Tulamaa Oromo of Shaggar, burn the houses down with little children and old people in it.  But I wish to ask these inferiors how would they like to wake up some morning and find that several thousand soldiers, together with over 3,000 horse men, 10,000 donkeys  and 12,000 mules, had moved into Shaggar and started killing all Oromos who lived in Birbirssaa, Dhakaa Araraaraa, Qaban’aa, Laga Harree etc.  For me, the challenges that our people faced that fateful day were immediate. From our oral family history, and from the books eye witnesses wrote, we learn that hundreds of thousands of homes were set a blaze and all the people in it were burned down.

Instead of looking back to the horror our people have suffered back then, our inferior slaves end up developing a good relationship with the rapist and murderers of their own great grand parents and now they are trying to undermine all the gains the Oromo people have made over the years.  
What is true though is that these inferiors don’t understand that they are stepping over the line and they will be sorry some day for their evil actions.

It is true that having an inferior few amongst us is not new, nor is it unique to us.  But those who doubt the importance of having freedom must understand that they are not only seek to diminish their own self worth but the liberty of 50 million people.  That means, their feeble attempt to justify such conduct only brings more forcibly to mind those explosive actions where one will be forced to get rid of the enemy  before the enemy itself. 
Down with Shawaa and with Ethiopia!
Oromia will be free!
Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

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