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LakK: kwo – 052-2016 REF.NO: oif-052-2016

Guyyaa: Hag. 23, 2016 Date : Aug. 23, 2016

Statement of the Central Committee of the Front for Independence of Oromia (KWO/FIO)

On Organizational Matters:

The Central Committee of the Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) held an extra-ordinary

meeting on August 21, 2016. This historic meeting was held at the time the Oromo people’s

quest for democracy, justice, political & economic rights and independence of our Country

Oromia has reached its climax.

After listening to the organizational report presented by the Executive Committee, the Central

Committee of FIO thoroughly discussed and reflected on the report and commended the

Executive Committee’s effort in implementing policies and carrying out day-to-day operations of

the organization. The leadership also took note of the strengths and weaknesses confronting our

organization and recommendations and further steps formulated to build on strengths and lessons

were drawn from our organizational weaknesses.

On Oromo Protest:

Front for Independence of Oromia (FIO) once again condemn the ongoing mass atrocity against

the Oromo people by the minority TPLF regime ruling the Ethiopian empire. The Oromo people

and other oppressed people in the empire have been demanding for their unalienable rights for

the last quarter of a century. In the last nine months, more than ever before, Oromo people’s

quest for democracy, justice, political rights and independence has reached the summit of its

growth. According to UN Charter, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which

Ethiopia is signatory and enshrined to its constitution, the Oromo people are entitled without any

limitation to the right of SELF-DETERMINATION UP TO SECESSION. The Oromo people

have the right to pursue free life, liberty and happiness as citizens of the world under democratic

government of its own.

The will, determination, and commitment of brave Oromo youth to defend their fatherland under

persistent heinous brutality of the occupying Tigrean elite military force have been unwavering.

Our people are so committed to break the shackles of colonialism, economic marginalization,


and denial of fundamental right for once and for all. To this glorious end, thousands have been

paying ultimate sacrifice, tens of thousands languishing in make-shift detention centers,

thousands disabled, and many more have been displaced.

Once again the bloodthirsty TPLF lead regime systematic mass slaughter of the Oromo people is

unparalleled by any of its predecessors colonial regime ruled the Ethiopian empire. The

magnitude and the extent of atrocities inflicted on our people are paramount to genocide. Despite

continued ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Tigrean occupying force; the current Oromo

protest has proved the will of Oromo people and their unflinching resolve to be free of colonial

rule as well as cruel exploitation. This bravery of Oromo youth reassures the Oromo nation that

the rebirth of sovereign Oromia is more than certain. It is written with the blood of Oromo youth,

and is built to the bones of Oromo in all walks of life; FIO resolves to dismantle colonial empire

and build Democratic Republic of Oromia on its demise in which all human races would live

with dignity.

On ODF and PG7 Alliance:

The best policy for overcoming difficulties, defeating the enemy, and building new and free

Oromia is to consolidate and expand Anti-Abyssinian colonialist ideology and build it at national

level. However, there are some traitors playing a destructive role from within, namely,

capitulation, defeatists elements, and the mouthpiece of global conspiracy.

Contrary to unbending generation-long struggle of Oromo people to liberate Oromia from

Abyssinian colonial yoke, time and time again certain individuals renewed their vows to

obliterate precious gain achieved by the Oromo nation. These individuals are traitors that never

rest of working against our noble causes. They never get tired of choosing their masters. They

were married to TPLF at the end of the twentieth century; now, at the dawn of 21st century

engaged to an anti-Oromo reminiscent of Amhara hegemonic element, namely the PG7.

The Oromo democratic Front (ODF) led by Mr. Lenco Lata deserted the unity of purpose with

the Oromo organizations and forged “unity” with the colonizers. ODF’s lack of vision and

courage to accept the fact that the only solution for Oromo and others colonized nations remain

decolonization;­ is therefore serious mistake in the history of the Oromo’s liberation struggle and

tantamount suicidal. However, their complete debacle remains theirs! The time for the liberation

of Oromia, Ogadenia, Sidama, Afar, and the rest nations under Abyssinian colonial yoke will

never be far, although we believe that the struggle will be very demanding that needs enormous

courage, determination, unity of purposes, liberation of mind, indefatigability and great deal of


Ancient and modern records equally witness that foreign elements can easily be controlled than

infiltrators that serve the purpose of an enemy. Genuine nationalists must always be on the


lookout for “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” expose their criminal activities with factual evidence

and warn the people not to unwittingly serve the Abyssinian purposes. The failure of the society

to weed those insiders out is the beginning of a total doom. As once, John F. Kennedy said,

“Mistakes remain a mistake only if people fail to correct it”. In Oromo struggle, repeated

mistakes have been committed, and Oromo leaders as well as the public failed to learn from

yesterday as we live to see it today.

Therefore, FIO condemns the “Alliance between ODF and PG7” and calls up on the members,

sympathizers, and genuine Oromos in the ranks of ODF leadership not to serve a dupe of

Abyssinian agents.

On Non-Violence Struggle:

There are historical cases when nonviolent resistance has been powerful and fruitful. Behind

every successful “peaceful struggle,” there is well­organized armed resistance. Kenneth Kaunda,

the former Zambian freedom fighter and President, said, “I was laughed at by the colonizers

until there had been violence. Then I suddenly became the voice of reason and the colonial

powers wanted to make me a spokesperson.” Nelson Mandela’s ANC had to introduce limited

armed struggle to deal with the South African apartheid regime. Martin Luther King also was

taken more seriously after the cities began to go up in flames in the sixties. There would be no

Martin Luther King Day if there had not been a Malcolm X.

The grandiose Oromo protest lit in every corner of Oromia has set a precedent and became the

beacon of hope for all oppressed nations with its shining victories against the occupying Tigrean

force. TPLF has dealt violently with peaceful protestors, killing over thousand Oromos in nine

months, arresting tens of thousands innocent people, torturing, and humiliating millions in

public, including many children. They do not hesitate to shoot a baby as long as it is an Oromo.

The despicable torture, intimidation, harassments, and psychological war to cause fear and

insecurity between Oromo nationals who aspire for their national independence is the pillar of

TPLF’s ethnic cleansing policy. Waves of imprisonment that have purely targeted the Oromo

profiles such as Bekele Gerba and extra­judicial killings are not novel phenomena; rather are the

25 years old routine that have been the part and parcels of TPLF’s agenda of cultural genocide,

economic apartheid, political marginalization, and territorial colonization.

Given that we face a regime that relies exclusively on force and kills our children in the street,

we have to adopt armed resistance to disarm those that are violent, the state apparatus – the army

and the police. The People like Oromo – without a legitimate representation in the empire of

Ethiopia – must have an alternative to lying down and submitting to genocide. Oromo grand

protest in by-itself is not going to bring down the Tigrean regime armed to its teeth. The Oromo

people has given peace a tremendous chance, and exhausted all the possible means ranging from


“petition to the TPLF government” to pleading with the western nations to reduce bloodshed.

What choice do the people have other than resolving to bring sufficient pressure on Tigrean

colonizers through meticulously coordinated non-violent and armed struggles?

Demonstrations and propaganda on internet or social media will not defeat the neo-fascist

regime. Fascism, colonialism, and imperialist aggression are defeated by unity among our

nationalists. Colonial vestige can only be up rooted by facing it with equal or more sophisticated

tools they are using against us. FIO has been working hand-in-hand with Oromo people to this

end, and herewith resolved to renew its commitment to continue building the decolonizing


On the Unity of the Oromo Political Forces:

Although Oromo people and nationalists have been engaged in a life and death struggle under

different organizational labels, their ultimate goal remains the liberation of their land from the

yoke of Abyssinian colonial system. Having different political groups/parties with competing

ideas may be healthy for a nation, but a multitude of liberation organizations with no

coordination and a centralizing strategic core has proved to be detraction. FIO has been working

and will continue working relentlessly with Oromo nationalists outside our organizations and

endeavor to unite the entire Oromo nation to do away with disintegration and whatever manner


There cannot be any other hope for our nation unless we act as one big family, not as many

separate one. FIO calls upon all Oromo political forces to unite their arms against the enemy and

to take none reconciliatory course to march the people to the final destiny. It is FIO’s prime duty

to guide our people on the right path, which takes us in unison, quickly to the independence of

our country.

Call to International Communities:

The minority Tigrean regime has garnered strong financial, military, intelligence, and

technological support from the western nations under the banner of “War on Terror.” In the past

20 years, the Tigrean government, from the US alone has received over $40 Billion Dollars in

assistance. Despite the Oromo activists and international human rights groups report of the

Ethiopian regime’s gross human right violation, the US and EU continued funneling money to

help building the TPLF’s repressive machine. The Ethiopian regime has grown to one of the few

nations on earth that terrorize the very people they were obligated to protect. The regime that

supposed to be “terrorist watch dog,” has evolved to an “authorized terrorist” that brutalize its

own people. Instead of limiting the expansion of terrorism, TPLF has changed its role to sawing


the seed of terrorism. The Ethiopian regime has become the agent of destabilization in the horn

region. EU and US is pursuing a lost cause in a long haul.

Giving deaf ears to the cry of subjugated people, and lending blind eye to the pool of bloodshed

by the surrogate regime will eventually haunt the west. It is therefore, FIO’s sincere call to the

western nations to show their solidarity for the Oromo people not the killer Tigrean regime. FIO

joins millions of Oromo people urging the US and EU take a meaningful action beyond the usual

“we are highly concerned with the situation in Ethiopia” statement. The regime that fails short of

serving the need of its own people cannot deliver on its international obligations. The regime that

mistreats its own citizens loses every moral ground to be trusted with “War on Terror.” The

regime that is busy fighting its own people may not be able to accomplish its global


It is FIO’s sincere belief, the so­called aid is funding genocide, torture, imprisonment, and ethnic

cleansing. Deliberately ignoring widespread injustice in Ethiopia and maintaining the support for

the tyrannical government, do not only damage the long term American and European interest

but also violates the ideals of freedom, justice, and democracy.

Hence, FIO warns all international communities, the U.S. and E.U. in particular, the situation in

Ethiopia is a ticking time bomb. Act now before it is too late, and stop supporting the murderous

regime prior to the country succumb into full-fledged civil war.

On other Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples In Ethiopian Empire:

FIO upholds the ideals on decolonization, humanity, respects for basic rights and human

dignity-and our staunch believe in human liberty, independence, choice for decent life

and respect for democratic and God given rights for peoples of the Empire and beyond.

FIO unequivocally condemns the crime committed against people of Gambella, Ogaden,

Amhara and currently the people of Wolqayit Tsagade. FIO supports their struggle, and

praise their heroic act in pursuit of justice. By any possible means necessary, we stand by

their fierce fight against fascist TPLF regime.

Oromo has the will, TPLF the power, surely, the Oromo people shall Prevail!

Oromia Shall Be Free!

Central committee of Front for Independence of Oromia ( KWO/FIO)

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