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Professor Asefa Jaalataa is accusing others ( his former peers) for very same thing he is doing himself instead of re-evaluating his own political propaganda campaign action..

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I use to think Professor Asefa Jaalataa and a few others in Diaspora at different scholarly level. Now after Observing their actions behind the scenes with some serious popularity contest political campaigning actions similar to children’s games dominating North America communities with negative effects, now furthermore spilling over to our societies around the world through social media campaigning, words of mouths etc.. analyzing their false negative informations they are feeding our society through their works to win, evaluating their individual actions of what they are doing to each other to destroy one other over power struggles kinda made it hard for me to trust or believe any of them. and made me think twice about their values and principles Legitimacy differently than how I use to see them.

In my vocabulary one oromo who downgrades his fellow brother or sister to gain power himself with false statements or accusations is unfit in our society him/herself. I’m sure our people know that by now. I believe Standing on true principals is crucial at all times. And Let’s not forget our past unspoken histories of Many Oromo scholars who have had died in our own power hungry individual’s hands in the past in addition to our enemy’s when issues like this one arises.

For instance Professor Asefa Jaalataa’s response in this interview makes no sense. He is accusing others ( his former peers) for very same thing he is doing himself instead of re-evaluating his own political propaganda campaign action. Ask himself If he is really doing the right thing? in each interview conversation he is labeling them With unnecessary names to make himself look good in public eyes. He is forgetting those people he is accusing are his peers, close friends at one point, if he claimed they are “Ganttuu or gurgurtuu” that means he is in the same boat, and He is part of those who are fighting over power playing a role for creating confusions divisions among Oromos with Ganddummaa and Goosummaa viruses behind the scenes instead of standing for what’s fair and right like intellectual or scholar for the Oromo people during critical moments of their lives to bring changes of reconciliation, encouragement of unity.

Our people are getting massacred, but they are using this opportunity to benefit from their lives tragedies. I think Just Because we the oromo people tolerate immature actions of power hungry individuals for many decades. They are treating our people in all societies like bunch of idiots and dummies with no brains to think with who they can drag around with their political propaganda chains. They expected us to follow them down the hills like old time slaves, These people needs to re-evaluate their shameful positions, and step a side from our revolution to let Qubee generations take a lead moving forward.

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  1. I don’t know who wrote this comment above. But I ,to my limited knowledge, found nothing nonconstructive in Prof. Assefa’s interview. He is accusing those who are working to dismantle Oromo unity. He is against those who strive to bring about confusions between oromos and their leaders.No one can convince me that he has some hidden interest in his struggle for the cause of oromo . I think he is now moving to the forefront because he is fed up with malicious ideas that are deforming oromo struggle like the shape of camel. Arabs call camel a deformed animal made by a committee with no unity of purpose. The only idea they agree up on is to have a camel but they did not have agreement on how to create that camel. They were lucky to get a camel in existence whether deformed or not because there was no prey against the camel while the committee members are nagging about the shape of the camel. But in case of Oromo all are nagging while the prey is drinking the blood and gnawing the flesh. That doesn’t bother many. So can some draw a line between that prey and you all nagging.