Oduu Haaraya


By: Nemera Dinsa W

The table below shows that the TPLF regime has a virtual monopoly over political power; and this monopoly is established among other things through the introduction of ethnic politics into the political process. In Ethiopia, ethnic politics is at the helm of the military and other civic organizations, which naturally are supposed to be politically neutral institutions. I urge donor nations and other international aid agencies to pay particular attention to this overwhelming evidence and reconsider their policies towards a regime that benefits the few. 50% of the country populations are Oromo’s but there is no any position for ethnic OROMOS in army. This shows weyane / TPLF they made our Oromia like Syria tomorrow by ethnic violence. Obviously, donor nations and tax payers in donor countries do not want to see their funds used by dictators who deny freedom and justice to the very people to whom the aid is intended. Likewise, no democratic citizen of the world wants its hard earned money to go to a Third World country and be used to prop up a dictatorial regime that muffles free press and kills democratic movements like Ethiopia.
The domination of Tigre in army power never stops the freedom way of Our Oromia and Oromos with OLF!
Defense Departments

No Job Division Name &Rank Ethnic Group
1 Armed Forces Chief-of-Staff General Smora Yenus Tigre
2 Armed Forces Head of Training Lt.General Tadesse Worde Tigre
3 Head of Logistics Lt.General Gezae Abera Tigre
4 Head of Intelligence Br. General Gebre Dela Tigre
5 Armed Forces Head of Campaign Major General Gebreegzher Tigre
6 Armed Forces Head of Engineering Lt.General Berhane Negash Tigre
7 Chief of the Air Force Chief of the Air Force Tigre
Heads of the Nation’s four Military Commands

No Job Division Name & Rank Ethnic Group
1 Central Command General Abebaw Tadesse Agew
2 Northern Command Lt.General Saere Mekonene Tigre
3 South Eastern Command Lt.General Abraha Wolde Tigre
4 Western Command Br. General Seyoum Hagos Tigre
Army Divisional Commanders
Central command

Northern Command

No Job Division Name & Rank Ethnic Group
1 14st Army Division Colonel Wodi Antiru Tigre
2 21st Army Division Colonel Gueshi Gebre Tigre
3 11th Army Division Colonel Workidu Tigre
4 25th Army Division Colonel Tesfay Sahiel Tigre
5 22nd Army Division Colonel Teklay Klashin Tigre
6 4th Mechanized Division Colonel Hinsaw Giorgis Tigre

South Eastern Command

No Job Division Name & Rank Ethnic Group
1 19st Army Division Colonel Wodi Guaae Tigre
2 44st Army Division Colonel Zewdu Tefera Tigre
3 13th Army Division Colonel Sherifo Tigre
4 12th Army Division Colonel Mulugeta Berhe Tigre
5 32nd Army Division Colonel Abraha Tselim Tigre
6 6th Mechanized Division Colonel G/Medhin Fekede Tigre

Western Command

No Job Division Name & Rank Ethnic Group
1 23rd Army Division Colonel Wolde Belalom Tigre
2 43rd Army Division Colonel Wodi Abate Tigre
3 26th Army Division Colonel Mebrahtu Tigre
4 7th Mechanized Division Colonel Gebre Mariam Tigre

Commanders in Different Defense Departments
No Job Division Name &Rank Ethnic Group
1 Agazi Commando Division B.General Mohammed Esha Tigre
2 Addis Ababa & Surrounding Area Guard Colonel Zenebe Amare Tigre
3 Palace Guard Colonel Gerensay Tigre
4 Banking Guard Colonel Hawaz Woldu Tigre
5 Engineering College Colonel Halefom Eggigu Tigre
6 Military Health Science B.General Tesfay Gidey Tigre
7 Mulugeta Buli Technical College Colonel Meleya Amare Tigre
8 Resource Management College Colonel Letay Tigre
9 Siftana Command College B.General Moges Haile Tigre
10 Blaten Military Training Center Colonel Salih Berihu Tigre
11 Wourso Military Training Center Colonel Negash Heluf Tigre
12 Awash Arba Military Training Center Colonel Muze Tigre
13 Birr Valley Military Training Center Colonel Negassie Shikortet Tigre
14 Defense Administration Department B.General Mehari Zewde Tigre
15 Defense Aviation B.General Kinfe Dagnew Tigre
16 Defense Research and Study B.General Halefom Chento Tigre
17 Defense Justice Department Colonel Askale Tigre
18 Secretary of the Chief-of-Staff Colonel Tsehaye Manjus Tigre
19 Indoctrination Center B.General Akale Asaye Amhara
20 Communications Department Colonel Sebbhat Tigre
21 Foreign Relations Department Colonel Hassene Tigre
22 Special Forces Coordination Department B.General Fisseha Manjus Tigre
23 Operations Department Colonel Wodi Tewk Tigre
24 Planning, Readiness and Programming Department Colonel Teklay Ashebir Tigre
25 Defense Industries Coordination Department Colonel Wodi Negash Tigre
26 Defense Finance Department Colonel Zewdu Tigre
27 Defense Purchasing Department Colonel Gedey Tigre
28 Defense Budget Department Ato/Mr. Berhane Tigre

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