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A Call for Unified Action against the Tyrant TPLF/EPRDF Regime in Ethiopia

                                                  FRONT FOR INDEPENDENT OROMIA




LAAK: kwo-083-2015                                                                                         REF.NO: fio-083-2015

GUYAAA:  Sadaasa. 6, 2015                                                   DATE: December 6, 2015                                                               


December 5, 2015


A Call for Unified Action against the Tyrant TPLF/EPRDF Regime in Ethiopia


The Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) Executive Committee Members led by B/G/Kamal Galchu have held its extra ordinary meeting on December 5, 2015 and deliberated in depth on the conditions of the continuous killings, torture and arbitrary arrest of the Oromo students in particular and the displacement, marginalization, forceful integration and land grab levied on Oromo people in general.  The so called Integrated Master Plan for Addis Ababa is long term regimes deliberate plan to reduce the number of Oromo people residing in the vicinity or ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Oromos by the regime.


Currently, the fore front runners for this struggle are Oromo students whose families are directly affected by this land grab. It’s clear that the land is utilized for subsistence farming and as grazing for their livestock. Land is the only income and livelihood for the vast majority of Oromo people.


The displacement of the people from their land means that there is no any alternative for these vast majorities of Oromo’s but to fight. This have been going on since 2005 and hitherto. The Ethiopian regime had taken for granted the silence of the international communities. It’s obvious that the young generation of Oromo people will not sit idle any more. Oromo students have been trying to voice their concerns for the past 15 years but have fallen on deaf ears.  

Now time has come, where there will be no silence in the world of social media, which have exposed evil deeds of the Ethiopian security force known as Agazi who have gunned down the peaceful demonstrators of Oromo students. In May 2014 in Ambo and other Oromia cities the world have witnessed the strewn dead bodies of Oromo students and their parents on the streets simply for peacefully protesting the unlawful eviction of farmers without any consultation with the indigenous people. And thus we are again witnessing the repetition of this evil act without any sign of leaning back.


We believe the continuation of killing of Oromo students is a paramount to war crime against humanity and demand all peace loving international community, especially the donor countries to denounce such act by the Ethiopian regime to abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights before the situation gets out of control, at the same time we Oromo citizens around the world to denounce such act.  Remember, “If you are neutral in situations of in justice, you have chosen the side of oppressors “Desmond Tutu.


The Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) has passed resolution in order to prevent these repeated atrocious actions perpetrated against the Oromo students. At the same time our organization (FIO/KWO) would like to seize this occasion to call upon all Oromo political organizations and all concerned citizens to set aside all their differences and create a vision for common future as these can only be achieved if there is cohesion and cooperation. We should work alongside our people both at the community level and organizational level to foster national unity, and in this regard we strongly believe:


1) We denounce the illegal imprisonment and arbitrary killing of peaceful Oromo students, and we will steadfastly stand by them in the fight against the oppressor


2) We call upon all Oromo citizens collaborating with tyrant Woyane regime to refrain from providing a helping hand to the brutal Ethiopian government and join the just fight of the Oromo students


3) The Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) condemns the displacement of the Oromo farmers from their ancestral land, consequently students protest regarding these land grab is right and their demand is justifiable and legal, where sadly their request was met with rain of bullets by the Ethiopian security force (Agazi );  our Organization FIO would like to reiterate its support for just struggle of Oromo students and those perpetrators be brought to justice.


4) Experts say deforestation highly exacerbate drought. We believe that the drought in Oromia region is partly caused by man , which exposed  millions to famine , as the government forcefully evicts the farmers from their land for development and as well as clearing a vast area of land for different purposes. The Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) once again would reiterate its commitment in the fight against such environmental degradation by TPLF regime.


5) We refresh our sincerest call to all Oromo intellectuals, community leaders, religious and all concerned Oromos to go an extra mile in exposing the TPLF regime of Ethiopia to the international communities regarding their unparalleled war crime against Oromo people


6) FIO/KWO respects difference of ideas and vise-versa. We don’t all see things the same, but as Oromos, besides some of our differences we do share many common qualities as well. We encourage all Oromo political and civic organizations to work towards those common qualities.


7) The Woyane regime is working day and night and plan ahead as to how to control and lure a small group of elites; intellectuals, farmers, government employees and private entrepreneurs by providing protection, handouts as well as special privileges to mercenaries and loyalists. These elites mostly control the highest level in the governments and business sectors; it also includes all those foreign investors in the country. Therefore, we urge all Oromo to pull their efforts together and give one punch to these blood suckers and regain our respect & dignity which was taken away by the barrel of gun.


8) Our Organization is fully aware of Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia who are under similar situations as Oromo people. We do have a lot in common and ties in different aspects of geographical settings, language similarities and culture can be bundled as one subjugated people by a single regime. We therefore call upon these oppressed people to join hand in hand in an effort to remove our common enemy, TPLF and restore our respect that had been eroded by this tyrant regime.


9) Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) envies liberty, justice, equality and freedom for all people. Any person, group or organization collaborating with the TPLF regime is considered as the obstacles to achieve these goals through struggle. We urge those TPLF associates to suspend their support and join the struggle for better future for all of us.


10) The organization has reiterated the importance of mass media. FIO/KWO have its full confidence that all Oromo Mass Media to be free of any individual, group or organizational pressure to discriminate among any movements struggling towards Liberty, Justice, Equality and freedom of Oromia, thus encourage all Oromo Media to be the voice of all Oromo.


11) Front for Independent Oromia (FIO/KWO) would like to address its supporters, Oromo people, all Oromo Nationalities serving in the Armed and police Forces of the TPLF to make a history by standing with Oromo students up rising and join the struggle for freedom of Oromia, so as to paving the way for brighter future for ourselves and our children.


Victory to the Oromo People!

Executive Committee of Front for Independent Oromia /KWO

Dec. 9/ 2015




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