Abbaa-duulaa Gammadaa is in MN -
Oduu Haaraya
Ergamtuu Sirna Habashaa ta wayyaaneen akka haraashiitti itti fayyadamtu

Abbaa-duulaa Gammadaa is in MN

==========================It has been more than a week since the news of the visit of OPDO officials became public. The controversy between one Oromo Community in Australia made clear to all of us that they are heading to all the continent.

It is also told that Abba-dula arrived in MN, yesterday Thrusday 29th of Jan, 2015.
Here is the call they sent to their members!

abbaa duulaa mnisoottaa

Fwd: NoSubject
Calling for a meeting!!!
A higher official delegation led by Honorable Abadula Gemeda will have a discussion with Ethiopian Diaspora residing in Minneapolis and its Metropolitan to discuss on current issues and Diaspora week to be celebrated in Oromia Regional state.
You are invited to participate on this meeting at 2:00pm, the coming Saturday, Jan 31,2015. Place @
3900 American blv, W. Bloomington, MN, 55437
For more information contact number 612-388-7714

Okay, they have the right to travel for any purpose but what is the hidden agenda behind this visit?
A. Election campaign
B. Dividing the diaspora and weakening its activism by promising land and investment.
C. To Organize Oromo
D. They are given a mission by their TPLF lords to lie to Oromo diaspora as they lost the Amhara diaspora support totally. Because አማራው በአባይ እንኳ ጨክኗል:: Amhara support is unthinkable. So they may have thought they can somehow get Oromo support just like in 2005-6; when thy took back many artists and …
E. All of the above
F. B and D
G. None of the above

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