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Amhara’s far right Fundamentalist ‘Moresh’ leaders officially declare war on Oromo!

Moderator, Sidama National Regional State Information Net Work

January 25, 2014

A highly controversial far right fundamentalists Amhara organisation advocating to reclaim its lost hegemony officially declares war on the largest Ethiopia’s Oromo Ethnic nationals, on January 24, 2014 in its officially dispatched press statement in Amharic. Known under its Amharic name ‘Moresh Wogene Amhara Dirjit’ dispatched its unpalatable, unbalanced, uncivilised and potentially venomous propagandas against the Oromo nationals –erroneously blaming them for causing death and destruction to others Ethiopian nations and nationalities; more essentially accusing them of attempting to destroy the concept of Ethiopianism created by Abyssinian king ‘Atse Menelik II’ who had colonised nations and nationalities of Ethiopia to create today’s Ethiopian Empire’s geo-political shape.

Moresh group also claims that the Ethiopian empire is being built by the bloods of their ancestors, yet, they think that the bloods of colonised nations and nationalities are less relevant thus relegated.

Conceived, crafted and being led by the historical grandchildren of those who have brutally crushed the Oromo, Sidama, Wolayta, Gedeo’s, Ogadenia, Kambatas and Hadiya, Shakacho and Kafficho and others nations and nationalities creating today’s Ethiopia; Moresh supporters strongly believe that they are the only ones who must rule their colonial subjects without being challenged. The language, culture, religion and ways of life imposed on the subjects by the colonial masters remain to this date visible in entire Ethiopia creating utter confusion on uneducated groups of people about their identities. When someone decides to stick to his/her root the claimants (Moresh groups) accuse such groups of educated subjects of being narrow minded renegade ethno-nationalists. Whoever raises the issues related with self-identity is automatically regarded as a threats to Ethiopia and Ethiopianism; by implication to those who ruled over others since their colonial expansion.

Under the pre-1991 rules of the Amhara regimes, the languages of the subjects often remain subjugated and ridiculed. It has been also emphasised and re-emphasised that if the languages of Oromo/Sidama/Gedceo/Wolayta comes to Radio, (Moresh groups used to claim) that the languages of others, other than Amharic breaks Radio or TV and others more worst claims. Such attitudes and perceptions among such groups r to this date emain pervasive; and due to such deep seated beliefs and sustained propagandas of the rulers, the subjects were unwillingly driven to forget their own identities by considering the imposed culture, language, religion and ways of life as if it was theirs. Such is the way of life of subjugation and political paradigm the Moresh groups are claiming to be bring it back. Hooray!! Well come back Slavery!!

Praising the groups of subjugated peoples who completely deny their identity was a common practice and such groups subjugated peoples have been even elevated to a higher authorities and given fake statuses and artificially created cosmetic respects to emphasise that those who deny who they are often respected as such. Changing names of the subjects to the rulers’ was also a commonly practiced phenomenon. On most occasions changing names was mandatory to go Scholl and earn employment during the pre-1974 revolution under the rules of Moresh’s current advocates, fathers and grandfathers. When the peoples of oppressed nations and nationalities raise these, Moresh groups often become extremely paranoid and act irrationally.

The others who want to stick to their roots and proud of themselves are often regarded as uncivilised who worship Devil (indigenous cultural and religious beliefs and practices-sadly forgetting their own Debra belief cultures); therefore they must be completely changed. Aaftrtwards, these groups of people often forcefully baptised to accept an Orthodox Christianity from the inception of colonial expiation; as it was the case with European colonialism whose colonisers came up with triple ‘C’ (Christianity, Commerce and Civilisation); actually I add the forth ‘C’ which was the main reason for the colonial expansion of Europeans as well as Atse Menilik II’s regime which I call it a ‘Conquest’.

Atse Meilik II’s conquering army used similar tactics, actions, also had similar ambition and drive for territorial expansion, exploitation, enslavement and ultimately had adopted similar subjugating techniques against the subjects. The Moresh groups in their press statement are telling the subjects that the subjects are still feeling inferior for the fact that the subjects don’t feel comfortable with the Status-Quo unless the nations and nationalities are effectively De-Colonised. I think they are correct!! If one thoroughly reads their yesterday’s press statement with eagle eyes and with the attention of elephant ears, one can see what I’m discussing about.

Why are they huffing and puffing unnecessarily while the fact remains that they remain the primary culprits for ongoing tragedy unfolding in entire Ethiopian empire to this date? I’m not, however, exonerating the current diabolic TPLF regime that shows its excellently progressive constitution but dehumanises the peoples of nations and nationalities.

Although the current TPLF led authoritarian regime isn’t different in its substances from its predecessors; however, theoretically it has in its constitution granted nations and nationalities rights to the level of self-determination not only exercising their cultures but also they are superficially able to use their languages as a learning and working medium despite the resistances of Moresh groups ever since it was introduced soon after 1992. Doing so obliged the Moresh groups to label TPLF led regime as pariah renegades. Therefore, Moresh groups accuse the regime of inciting violence and fuelling disagreements between the two Ethiopian largest ethnic nationals, the Oromo and Amhara; the reasons Moresh groups are beating war drum; boasting that they know how to fight against the Oromo and threaten that the worst yet to come, therefore, they claim that the unfortunate situation befalling an Oromo and others subjugated nations and nationalities will be much worse than it has ever been since the conquest. What a fantastic puff!!

Moresh groups often puffed and huffed such claims for lengthy period of time since 1991 whenever their deep seated beliefs are effectively challenged, the Oromos currently are doing with others subjugated nations and nationalities. Oromo’s Qubbe generation is defying such deep rooted beliefs of the Moresh groups, it is therefore becoming formidable power, the former rulers don’t want to see and can’t tolerate. Thus, they are extremely becoming anxious and started acting irrationally to declare a kind of an official war against Oromo people who did nothing- but demanded their fundamental rights to be firstly respected and to be recognised as an equal stakeholders in their own land; and secondly tried to decipher the historical injustices imposed on their nation to logically challenge and categorically denounce and reject these. What is wrong here? Any logical and conceptual argument contrary to doing such?

Adolf Hitler is unconditionally and continuously condemned for his barbarism to this date on daily, monthly and yearly basis. The victims of his heinous crimes against humanity are receiving compensation from the Germany government whose ancestors have caused such diabolic crimes. The Oromo whose ancestor were similarly brutalised didn’t ask for compensation from Moresh groups, yet decided to remember their victims by erecting memorial monument; does this cause the descendants of those criminals to officially declare war against the Oromo and others subjugated nations and nationalities who are logically and legally arguing the actions of such barbaric rulers shouldn’t be condoned? What do Moresh Groups think the way forward if they decided to stick to their obdurate attitudes, erroneous beliefs and illogical arguments? http://welkait.com/?p=2262?

Numerous peoples of colonised nations and nationalities advise Moresh and its supporters to walk with the walks of 21st century and its civility to think logically instead of thinking with barbarism of Stone-age mentality.

Moderator, Sidama National Regional State Information Network

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