Oduu Haaraya

Boycott Amhara shops and Hotels

My Oromo fathers, mothers, brothers, and sister.


We have tried hard to tell our foes to respect our God given rights. We have tried hard to negotiate with them to live together as good neighbours respecting each others’ rights. We tried hard to let them accept the principles of humanity and religious values. But these hard headed guys have no way to listen or learn. They have no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no mind to think. They have no interest to live with others unless they are worshiped, unless they hold the supremacy, unless everybody else accept as God given slave and servant to them. 


They do not accept their own history of distraction. They rather consider murdering and mutilating millions of Oromos as a holly war. We asked them to accept the guilt and apologise, but they ask us to praise them for their barbaric acts.  They invaded our land both in war and in peaceful ways and destroyed our livelihood, our respect, our dignity and our family. We were murdered and massacred by the war and we were taken to the market as a lamb and sold to slavery.  Despite this we welcomed them to our house, made them coffee, gave them milk and honey. Above and beyond, we loved them as our family, shared our land with them and let them stay among us.  They used the “Soddaa” and  “abaliji” systems just as they used against Wallo Oromo to calm our fight for freedom and our right.


Despite all the physical and psychological attach from the Amhara, even today some Oromos believe that there is a hope of these people to respect our values and try to live together.  But the truth is the opposite. Starting from the 1991 of establishment of Oromo region , these people were and are working in all possible ways to dismantle Oromia, ban Oromo language and culture, and above all come to their dream of the “supremacy of  Amhara people”.  They preach unity, equality, freedom, and sovereignty of the country as a pre context to smash both individual and group rights.  In 2005 they were nearly implanted themselves back to their old rotten system. Currently they have many projects and organisation including political groups both inside the country and in Diaspora which restlessly work both in propaganda and fund collection activities.


This group of people are at war with Oromo political organisation both in the country and those in the opposition group. For them, there is no difference between Oromo political organisation that government supports or oppose. Both are their historic enemies and thus they work against both of them.  Sometimes, they write against the Oromo People Democratic Organisation (OPDO) more than what is even not done by other Oromo opposition groups. They write against their legitimacy, helplessness, powerless and meaningless because of the TPLF leadership, while at the same time write good things, encouraging things about the Amhara group which is under the same government.  Regarding Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), thank God, Amhara is not ruling America and Europe nor America and European listen to their nonsense cries.  If this happens to be the case; let alone OLF members any single Oromo could have faced other Callanqo massacre everywhere.


Today we know these guys more than ever. They by no means accept our rights respected. Thus, they by no means are trusted as good neighbours let alone as family member in Oromia. Today they are collecting money from all of their riches both inside and out side the country to get weapons and restart the crusade against us. Unfortunately most of the fund comes out of Oromia, from Oromo ourselves.  We bring the money to their shops and hotels, but they are funding the groups that are standing against our rights. This is not a speculation or just an idea from the hate of such people. This is proved many times. The money is collected from each Amhara merchant and sent to those who fight against us. I never forget the story of 200 kilograms’ of roasted barely ready by a hotel owner in to be sent to the groups who were fighting OLF. This was found at an Amhara hotel in western Oromia. Every time such things happen, lesson is given to these people, but they do not listen; they do not want to listen. They rather continue dividing us along zones, and now trying it along religion. We tried many times, to fight the silent terror of these people with love and maturity.  We tried hard to help them, help themselves. We tried hard to tell them what we need; tried to show the middle ground for both Oromo and Amhara.  But they fail to accept any middle ground unless they are superior, unless their idea is fully implemented. Now they are in a full war against Oromo, clearly stating their intention to the second ground of Minilik holly war, both psychological and physical war.  Thankfully, we are not in the same situation as in the 19th century. Today Oromo can not only fully protect against any aggression, but can fully defeat any attempts.


Every single Oromo now has to wakeup, and understand what is going in his/her village both in towns and cities. It is now more than anytime ever to think Oromo, to act Oromo and to live Oromo. Today our friends and our foes are clearly demarcated.  The fight for our freedom and right should be in all sorts and forms of our live. We need to responsibly spend our money, and need to decide who we should give it to. There is no doubt our many which goes to Amhara shops and hotels will work against our interest and fight us back. More than that when we go to their shops and hotels including any business of these people, we do not get any respect.


This is a true story that happened to me in 2007. I went to a shop in a small town in western Oromia and asked for a battery to buy.  There was a title boy of approximately 12years old was in the shop. I asked him how much the price of the battery he brought to me is. My question was in Afaan Oromo.  Can you image what that little boy replied to me? What language is that you just speaking?  The tone and attitude of the speech was a compete disrespect and hate for the language I spoke.  This is after 13 years of Afaan Oromo being taught in schools. This was from a technically refugee who came from other place to live in Oromia, disrespecting the people and the language he was refugee. This little fellow is not alone, at least his family is behind him.  


This is my brotherly/sisterly call to all Oromo old and young, men and women, literate or illiterate, in towns or villages. Buy anything you buy from Oromo or from friends or Oromo. Sell anything you sell to Oromo or friends of Oromo. Boycott any Amhara business, whether a small shop or a big hotel, whether in town or in village, whether it belongs to your “soddaa” or your “Abalij”.  It may be cheaper, but this should not cost your dignity. This is a call from the bones and blood of our fallen heroes and heroines in the fight against tyranny.  This is a call from our heroes and heroines in prison in the name of Oromo.  Boycott Amhara business anywhere.


Fight Amhara terrorists this easy way.


Odaa Gadaa.

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