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Feb 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Armed youth groups from Anyuak community from Gok Woreda of Gambella region stormed Pinyudu Refugees Camp – inhabited by Nuer refugees – in a rampant killing of unarmed Nuer refugees in what is viewed as the continuation of Gambella incident where the Anyuak killed the Nuer in a fight triggered by the land dispute, Yien Thargoany from the region has contacted Nyamilepedia newsroom. The blocks in the camp occupied by Lou Nuer and Gajiok Nuer were the ones hit the hardest by rowdy Anyuak youth.

“The anuak in Gog woreda of Gambella region had came up with a very strong

A Anyuak man dancing to traditional folklore of the Anyuak of Ethiopia. Anyuak and Nuer are found in both South Sudan and Ethiopia(Photo: Stock)

irritation by attacking the Nuer refugees in Pinyudu refugees camp part of Gog woreda. It is confirmed today that the attack was carried out by Anyuak gun-men since morning of 05/02/2016 where they entered into village one and two in the camp where Lou-Nuer and Gaajiok Nuer live, the fighting left three Anuaks dead and one Nuer man killed instantly. Consequently the Anyuak armed youth burnt down some houses around where the fighting occurred,” Yien Thargoany has reported.

The helpless Nuer refugees – who rely on sticks, hoes, pangas and traditional spears to defend themselves against the well-armed attackers – fear for their dear lives, believing that the attackers could come back any time and do more harm than what they carried out.

“The Nuer in Pinudu are in a serious tension up to this evening, defending themselves using spears while the Anuak hold light machine guns. The Nuer youth formed vigilant groups guarding the whole camp, they have now surrounded the camps using their spears as they don’t know the direction in which the Anynuak can strike,” Thargoany worriedly stated.

Pinyudo is the largest refugees camp in Ethiopia, accommodating thousands of South Sudanese refuges most of whom are Nuer who escaped South Sudan civil war. A representative from UNHCR couldn’t be reached for comment. It’s not known at this point whether the Gambella regional Government will urgently dispatch a force to police Pinyudo camp.

Meanwhile the situation in Gambella has calmed, Governor of Gambella region Gatluak Tut Khot deployed Ethiopia’s federal police force and disarmed both the Nuer and the Anyuaks serving in Gambella Police Force. The number of those killed from both sides in Gambella incident is yet to be established.

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