Oduu Haaraya

Appeal to His Majesty King Abdullah



Oromia liberation Front (OLF)

Date November 18/2013
To His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz
Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed
Ruler of the Kingdom of Saud Arabia,
Subject: Appeal to His Majesty King Abdullah.
With highest respect to your Majesty, your government and the people of Saudi Arabia we feel highly honored to bring to your majesty’s attention the current ugly predicament in which thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers in particular the Oromo Muslim migrant workers and political refugees are facing in Saudi Arabia. Historically Abyssinia (the current empire of Ethiopia) has unconditionally stood by Muslims fleeing from Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the birth of Islam. Above all it is our strongest belief that all Muslims are brothers and sisters according to the Holy Quran and the home of every Muslim is open to every human being regardless of his/her ethnicity, color and nationality as attributed in the faith Islam and the gracious will of the Holy prophet Mohammed. Islam as a religion is faith of love and peace towards all human beings. Muslims must be fair in their treatment of their guests as they were treated in Abyssinia as when they fled their homeland and had respect to their human right. However, the current situation that is taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very much disturbing, disappointing and painful when we see cruelty committed against fellow human beings by the police and youth gangs who share the same creed with the majority of migrant workers and refugees currently residing as migrant worker or people who took refuge for safety, to escape political persecution that is taking place in their home country. We have hard feelings about what has taken place outside the context of international law and human right codes of conduct.
Secondly, Saudi Arabia has large economic interest in the field of agriculture in Ethiopian Empire and in particular in occupied territory of Oromia. We had hope, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people would have tolerance towards displaced Oromo refugees and migrant workers. Nevertheless, regardless of what we have believed and international standard that your Kingdom is a signatory to what has taken place is barbaric and symbol of lack of civility and absolute absence of the function of law and order. No matter how things have gone wrong we strongly believe your Majesty has full power to correct the ills that has taken place. With full hope that your Majesty would act with full force of the law of the land that this ill treatment of all Oromo migrant workers, refugees and the wellbeing of women and children be conducted within the frame work of the law and international standards. We are extremely concerned about the condition of Oromo refugees, migrant workers, women and children who are victims of current crackdown of foreign nationals in the territory of the kingdom. We strongly condemn cold blood murder and rape committed under the watchful eye of men in uniform whose duty was to enforce law and safe guard human right and such action is not forgivable and will never fades away from the mind of Oromo people and all Ethiopians who suffered such reprehensible practice if your government fails to correct it. The Oromia Liberation Front (OLF) appeal to your Majesty that this matter be handled lawfully and request:

All migrant workers are treated compassionately and immediate actions be taken to curtail the ongoing mistreatment.
We request appropriate and impartial investigation to be conducted as soon as possible to bring to justice the police officers and members of the youth gang who committed murder, rape and inhuman mistreatment against migrant workers and refugees.
We ask your government to compensate all losses to individuals with physical damage inflicted during the crackdown before they leave your territory.
We demand the body of the deceased migrant workers be respectfully returned to the families of the deceased and that their losses be compensated.
We ask your government to provide sufficient medical treatment to all physically harmed persons before they return to their home country.
We ask your Majesty to transfer all political refugees who are sheltered in your territory for safety to UNHCR care so that the appropriate international body can determine their fate or transfer them to more moderate country where their presence is tolerated until the political condition in Ethiopian empire is livable and rule of law takes effect.
We ask the wisdom and kindness of your Majesty to ensure all migrant workers secure their belongings and their last pay before their departure to their home country.
Lastly, we appeal to all recipients of this letter to stand in unison in protection of the wellbeing of the voice less Oromo migrant workers and Oromo refugees sheltered in Saudi Kingdom and we also wish the best health to your Majesty energy and wisdom in your endeavors to correct this ill practice that has taken place in your Kingdom.
Executive committee of Oromia liberation Front (OLF))
cc. President Barak Hussein Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC. 20500
CC. Hon. Mr. Nabil Al Arabia
Secretary General of league of Arab states.
Cairo, Egypt
CC: H.E. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
African Union Headquarters P.O. Box 3243
Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area) W21K19 Addis Ababa Ethiopia
CC. Hon. Mr. Ban Ki moon Secretary General
United Nations Secretary NY, NY 10017.

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