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The Standoff in Afar Region and the Arbiter from Mekele

Over the past one quarter century of its rule the TPLF mafia group has created a number of puppet

organizations to represent various national groups in Ethiopia particularly in the so called backward

regions of Somali, Ben Shangul, Gambela and Afar. But none is loyal to its masters in Mekele than

the Afar regional leaders in Samara, as the regional capital is now known, none is glued as an

appendix to TPLF than APDPA or ADE as it is known locally.

This particular relation between TPLF and ADE has its own reasons. Some are historical others are

due to the fact that the Afar region occupies in long range strategy of the TPLF. This “QADE”

mafia gang originally was part of TPLF itself. They brought them or assigned them into the power

by TPLF to make the Afar politically unpredictable, economically weak and infrastructurally

underdeveloped, and to impose Tigray ethnic hegemonic control forcibly over the Afar people. The

three regional leaders who came with TPLF are Ismail Ali Sirro, Awal Seyoum and Mohamed

Anbatta are still in power in the Afar region. One as President, one as Security Official and the third

as speaker of the regional Parliament. The longest serving region leader Ismail Ali Sirro is already

elected to the National House of Representatives. So by definition he is not liable any more to be

The current Executive Committee of the ruling Party (ADNP) has disgracefully failed to elect a new

President for the region due to the deep political division and corruption caused by the outgoing

puppet President Ismail Ali Sirro who claims that the Afar will be at each other’s throat if he quits.

The fact is that the rampant corruption, bad governance, maladministration, discrimination and

tribalism policies planted by TPLF in the puppet officials of the Afar region is going to put the Afar

region into violent chaos and anarchy, but not because Ismail Ali Sirro is replaced. The Executive

Committee left for Mekele as they do every time, they are not able to settle their differences. Every

Afar official in Samara has his own lord in Mekele with whom he shares the money he pockets from

his corrupt practices. The three puppets are afraid not to be accountable for their crimes, but one day

they will have to face the reality. They want to make sure that their cronies are placed in their

places. Recently, over a hundred innocent people are arbitrarily and unlawfully arrested in the Afar

region because they protested against those practices.

Constitutionally, all federal regional states are equally accountable to the Federal Constitution,

while the Afar Regional State is accountable to the Tigrai Regional State and it ruled from Mekele

directly. Afar people have no say in deciding their own destiny. It is a fact that, corruption, famine,

insecurity and instability which are currently facing the Afar is directly linked to the climate of

unethical, unskilled and inexperienced leadership inability of the so called Afar Democratic

National Party (ADNP). While the whole Ethiopia and probably the world is worried about the

hunger and starvation which killing both the livestock and human beings in the Afar region, the

regional officials are in standoff as they were not able to elect the Executive Committee.

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

They are waiting an arbiter from Mekele to arrive. The Afar were denied their fundamental right to

vote for and elect their representatives and leaders. They are no exception in today’s Ethiopia. That

is they have to fight together with the rest of the Ethiopians to dismantle this apartheid regime that

has denied them their basic civil and democratic rights.

Victory to the heroic ARDUF/UGUUGUMO

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

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