Oduu Haaraya

August 6 Massacre throughout Oromiya by the TPLF Fascist regime will not prevent the

Oromo people’s desire for freedom, justice, and democracy.

The Oromo liberation Front (the OLF) strongly condemns the massacre of the peaceful Oromo protesters throughout

Oromiya by the Tigre Liberation Front (the TPLF) regime on August 6, 2016. The TPLF regime has cold blood

massacred over 100 people, and wounded over 1000 Oromos who peacefully demonstrated in over 200 towns in


The OLF also condemns the killing of protesters in Gondar by the TPLF regime.

The TPLF regime since it seized state power in Ethiopia has been targeting the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in

Ethiopia. Especially, for the last nine months, the TPLF has murdered over 600 Oromos who peacefully demanded their

rights that have even been guaranteed under the TPLF nominal constitution. The peaceful demands of the Oromo people

throughout Oromiya have been witnessed by international community.

The non-violence legitimate demands of the Oromo people have seen as a sign of weakness by the tyrannical TPLF

regime. But the Oromo people patience against egregious TPLF inhuman action for the last nine months has showed to

the world how peaceful Oromo people are. However, the massacre of August 6, 2016 throughout Oromiya against

Oromo people by the TPLF regime should be a game changer. No more Oromo should die without defending

himself/herself in the face of genocidal action of the TPLF regime.

On August 6, 2016 in all corners of Oromiya in over 200 cities, the Oromo people demonstrated peacefully by raising

their hands over their heads. But the fascist TPLF regime without any concern for the life and safety of the Oromo has

massacred over 100 peaceful Oromo protesters, and has wounded over a 1000. By massacring peaceful demonstrators

who came out to exercise their natural rights, the TPLF regime has crossed all means of humanity, and has showed its

predator nature to the world.

Now, the Oromo people have no other means except using all means at its disposal to defend themselves and save them

from elimination from the face of the earth.

The Oromo Liberation Front call upon all Oromos to use all necessary means to defend themselves from genocidal

action of the TPLF. The Oromo people should use all means to defend their life, family, property and country. The

Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia should rise up together and defend their natural rights, and prevent them from

elimination by the diabolical TPLF regime.

Either the TPLF or the EPRDF has no legal or moral authority to claim the government of the Peoples of Ethiopia.

The OLF also calls upon Oromos in the armed force, police, and local militia to stand with your people and turn your

weapons against the TPLF regime. Defending the regime that kills your people is not only against human nature but a

crime that will not be forgotten for generation to come. Be on the side of the people, not with the side of dying minority


The OLF once again urges Oromo political organizations to come together immediate under one strong front, and wage

coordinated struggle against the TPLF regime along our people who have been daily confronting the TPLF regime in

unison. Time is an essence that we do not have to waste under fake motto of working together while maintaining our

organizational independence. The struggle of our people demands us to come under one formidable Front and one flag,

the symbol of our people’s struggle. Time is now, not tomorrow!!

Finally, the OLF also would like to call upon all forces in and outside Ethiopia to form a United Front against the TPLf

regime to enable the peoples in Ethiopia to decide their destiny by themselves.

Victory to Oromo people

August 8, 2016

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