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Auto-immune diseases of the colonizers immunotherapy


Dr. Baro Keno Deressa

Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. In cases of immune system over activity, the body attacks and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases). Immune deficiency diseases decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections. In response to an unknown trigger, the immune system may begin producing antibodies that instead of fighting infections, attack the body’s own tissues.

Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases such as cancer. This can be done by stimulating your own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack cancer cells. Autoimmune colitis, hepatitis, endocrinopathies, and cutaneous lesions (rash, pruritus, and vitiligo) are examples of severe immunotherapy-related adverse events.

Today I am going to talk about our enemies immunotherapy: Now days our enemies are aggressively promoting their destructive polices against all types of Oromo peoples issues. The current one TPLF junta is manufacturing thousands of traitors in the name of reforms (artificial immunotherapy example his foreign minister and collectors of rest over in the name of business) and the previous one is working actively in the diaspora by dividing Oromo peoples in the name of peace lovers and nationalists (novel immunotherapy) and both of them are successfully creating auto-immune disease (attacking Oromo peoples with the weakest parts of the nations)

My peoples are like always committed to fight back those destructive forces with all means necessary. Educating our weakest parts, preparing ourselves by anticipating enemy next actions, organizing our peoples, identifying and eliminating the traitors and opportunists are the core issues of our struggle.

Oromo peoples are OLF and OLF is Oromo peoples. Let us look at three potential enemies who hate Oromo peoples and his vanguard organizations(OLF).

  1. Why TPLF hate Oromo peoples and OLF: Oromo peoples demand is freedom, live like human-being free and peacefully in his own country-Oromia. His vanguard organization OLF struggles to implement the will of his peoples. According to TPLF law all individuals and organization who support this demand has to be destroyed.
  2. Why the previous colonialist hate Oromo peoples and OLF: They regret that they didn’t finish it their planned silent genocide. According to their strategy their brothers the current colonizers TPLF is doing stupid job. TPLF declares open genocide against Oromo peoples. This formula was failed millions of time a century ago. The only successful Oromummaa eradication therapy is continuing silent one i.e eating them from inside by promoting and financing friendly diasporas activists (their criteria are: weak individual especially emotionally, easily manipulative financially, record less in the Oromo peoples struggle against colonialism…)
  3. Coktails of auto-immune disease from enemy immunotherapy: traitors, collaborators, opprtunistic individuals and pseudo leaders. Why this individuals and groups hate Oromo peoples and OLF: Those individuals and groups are calling themselves Oromos:


  • while they are selling Oromo blood on enemy market (because they are record less in the history of our struggle against colonialism),
  • while they are insulting our heroes and leaders (because they are raised to serve their colonial masters like their parents),
  • while they are demonizing our WBO and Qeerroo’s to promote their business with our enemies. For those groups the priority is destroying Oromummaa and OLF is paramount in order to satisfy their masters (those individuals and groups are moral less and stupid by their nature).


Our enemies the current and previous one are uniting to divide us through renewed old system immunotherapy in order to increase the activity of therapy resistant auto-immune disease (attacking Oromo with Oromo) The main characteristics of our third group enemy are: They create the impression that they are doing the right thing, but secretly fail to do so when doing the right thing conflicts with their own narcissistic interest. They claim they are right and good; others are wrong and bad.  They are the reason things go well; other persons are the reason for things going badly.  They are captains who sail under false colors They mislead, deceive and prevaricate. They wear different masks for different occasions.

What we have to do in order to promote our peoples goal and defeat our enemies ?

Before I am going to enter in to my proposals, let me quote the inspirational words of our heroes:

Mr.Elemo Qilxu: To defeat our enemies, demands a collection of cocktails but the contents of the cocktails needs determinations and sacrifices. If, the cocktails fails to fulfill these criteria be sure the enemy is there.

G.Tadesse Birru : We Oromo nations are one blood and one people (religion and region can not divide us). Those peoples and groups who use these tactics for their political of economical benefits are our enemies.

G.Waaqoo Guutuu: We have to fight til death and teach coming generation in order to continue the fighting until our peoples demand get right answer.

Mr.Jarra Abba Gada: We Oromo peoples have one great power, that is our pride and heroism, even if our enemies acquire nuclear power we have to fight them with our truth.

Dr.Baaroo Tumsa: Empowering ourselves is the essential part of defeating our enemy

Mr.Adam Jilo: our enemies are always weak, because they are invaders, but we are everyday getting stronger and powerful, because we Carry the truth. So if you are truly fighting for the truth you are the winner

Mr.Gutama Hawas: Our struggle is founded on a concrete base, that is our peoples demand (freedom, freedom, freedom). These demand was initially executed by peasants and pastoralist and guided by our intellectuals. So our target is eradicating colonialism. To achieve our goal eliminating the collaborators, traitors end opprtunistic individuals and groups are paramount.

Mr.Nagasaa Kumsaa: Our enemies are like a parasite, they can not survive by their own power . To live longer and comfortable they have to have host (collaborators, traitors, opportunistic individuals and groups). Dismantling those hosts are the crucial parts of our struggle.

Qees Gudina Tumsa: You the colonizers you made a hell on the earth to burn my people, to harm innocent women and children without any criminal activities, now you let me suffer on the hanging robe and you cut my leg while I am alive. But one day the truth and the pain of my peoples will confront you.

My peoples, here is my proposals:

  1. One WBO is comparable to 1000 of our enemies and their puppet. Our enemies and their puppet traitors and collaborators have not a real gut to fight, but yes prodigious appetites to eat.  But the global and regional situation gave them suitable condition in order to survive so long. But our WBO is a real fighters (fighting the enemy and natural disasters). So i am quite sure one day we will win these war. I will support our WBO with my money, idea and with everything I can. So my peoples I will ask you to do your part.
  2. Believe in yourself, we Oromo peoples have enormous power only by our name. That is why our enemy and their puppet get panicked when we executed a limited collective action. So empowering ourselves start from admiring and supporting our struggle against colonialism.
  3. Stop propagating enemy agenda: When TPLF come to power not by begging and diplomacy. They come to power by destroying human life and nature (their nick name was (DILDY AFRASH). Now days millions of opportunistic individuals and traitors  are sided with our enemy to sabotage our struggle for freedom, peace, democracy and equality by the name of good governance and peaceful negotiation

Come on brothers and sisters :


  • stop cheating your people in order to fulfill your masters will (TPLF) because of your 20 hectare home in laga xafo initially that ground belongs to the Oromo farmers surroundings finfinne (but you are working with our enemy to evict our innocent and poor Oromo man and women). One day those peoples will judge you.
  • stop cheating your people in order to fulfill your masters will (TPLF) because of your import and export business (millions are dying to eliminate the colonizers but your busy with your garbage business)
  • stop cheating your people in order to fulfill your masters will (TPLF) because of your annual vacation trip (millions of Oromo intellectuals, women and children are suffering in the TPLF detention center  while you are filling your stomach with TPLF rest-over (firfari)


So our peoples demand is freedom, freedom, freedom to accomplish this demand we have to destroy all enemy activity including your 20 hectare home, your import and export business and your masters business company until our peoples demand 100% fulfilled. The answer is quite clear lifting the yoke from the necks of millions still laboring under authoritarian and dictatorial rule of TPLF junta will bring us to the fair share development goal.

Oromo peoples colonizers in general and the traitors and opportunistic individuals and groups are guided by their prodigious appetites instead of using higher level dictating power like brain and other values  There is a double-edge to the human psyche. Our “lower-level” appetites and urges manifestly serve our needs, but they can also become destructive, both to the community and to ourselves. Our prodigious appetites must therefore be constrained by the higher-level dictates of “reason”, along with our social and ethical impulses, and by the collective actions of the community to protect and preserve itself. How can be a traitors or opportunistic individuals  call itself i am your leaders or fighters while collaborating with our enemy in the killing of children of age 8yr, 13yr, pregnant women and innocent civilians, burning the prisoners alive, smashing the public with a truck and harassing the peoples on the daily basis because of their identity Oromummaa.

There are still millions of heroes’s are remained to quote their inspirational words. All our heroes’s are plight for truth, freedom, peace and empowerment. They fought bravely and sacrifices their life to their peoples demand. So stop selling our peoples blood and stop demonizing our heroes’s sacrifices and support the WBO and qeerroo to finish the job.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium

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