Oduu Haaraya

Baga waggaa haaraa ittiin isin gahe! Waggaan haaraa kan badhaadhinaa, guddinaa fi kan durii caala ummata Oromoof cimsine hojjannu haa ta’u.

Dear OSA Members, Dear Colleagues: I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Our members and the Oromo youth are energized more than ever. We have already started seeing some tangible achievements in our advocacy efforts. To mention some of our achievements that stands out, the codification of Afaan Oromo as a mother tongue by the British Council, advocacy about the state of Oromo people’s oppression and Oromo political prisoners using the Mandela condolence book signing, the advocacy about the Oromo Children of Lovendale, South Africa; OSA scholars participation at ASA annual conference and of course our newest initiative is engaging our elites and youth in discussion about the inter-ethnic conflicts among the Oromo and neighboring ethnic groups and perennial armed clashes among Oromo groups in Southern Oromiya and Northern Kenya.

We have been using OSA’s Facebook page to inform our audience and advocate for the Oromo. Today, OSA has 1230 likes. This is a good achievement compared to ASA page likes of 272. It means we have been posting contents that are current and liked by the Oromo who are using social media such as the FB. OSA scholars have been actively participating in efforts such as educating the Oromo about their own history, such as the barbaric nature of Menelik II war of occupation of the Oromo country. Congratulations to the OSA leadership both the executive committee and board members for a job well done. In about a week time we will come out with state of the art OSA website that is being designed for free by Ferhan Abduselam, an Oromo IT professional based in UK. That will definitely increase our institutional image as OSA’s window to the world is its website. Thank you Ferhan for taking that commitment. Last but not least, I have the following posts on social media. I believe it is also relevant to our OSA members.
Again, wish you all a happy and fruitful new year. Baga waggaa haaraa ittiin isin gahe! Waggaan haaraa kan badhaadhinaa, guddinaa fi kan durii caala ummata Oromoof cimsine hojjannu haa ta’u.

I have been following the new developments on the campaign to stop the sponsorship of the delusional singer and kill the will of the day dreamers who want to see the old days of evil empire of the past come back. For them we shall say today the Ethiopia of their dream is dead and no force will bring it back. Nothing can ensure sustainable peace and prosperity except the free will of the oppressed …masses of Ethiopia. The struggle may take a long course but for us the struggle shall continue unless the Oromo and other oppressed peoples are the ones who decide on their destiny with out any coercion. Good job for all who campaigned so hard and wrote letters, posted amazing pieces of graphics and articles on social media and above all, every body who supported the campaign one way or another. We will continue to work relentlessly with our endeavors to revitalize Oromo institutions and working towards building the basis for Nagaa Oromoo. The future belongs to those who are on the positive side of history. Let the new year be a beginning of a new dawn for the Oromo and all the oppressed peoples. Kaayo Qabna!

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