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Bedele Brewery cancels Teddy Afro’s “Journey of Love” Concert

Awramba Times (Addis Ababa) –  Bedele brewery, Heineken NV’s subsidiary in Ethiopia has officially announced the cancellation of  Teddy Afro’s nationwide “Journey of Love”  Concert.

Oromo Activists called on Bedele brewery to stop sponsoring Tewodros Kassahun’s nationwide tour that was scheduled across different cities of Ethiopia?

Two weeks ago, Ethiopian singer Tewodros Kassahun (aka Teddy Afro) told the local  Enqu magazine that he considered emperor Minelik’s imperial expansion a “holy war”.  This remark deeply offended thousands of Oromos as an ethnically-motivated “remark” against Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group.

Tewodros Kassahun on his part said “…due to the error of the magazine, my photo was printed along side a different quote which is not in line with my belief or journey.”

Oromo activists all over the world had campaigned beer drinkers in Ethiopia to ditch Bedele products and also pressure regional officers to withdraw the sponsorship.

In its statement, HEINEKEN Breweries S.C. disclosed that  the company has decided not to pursue the sponsorship concert tour.  “We regret that we will disappoint those who were looking forward to the concert tour; however we have decided not to pursue the sponsorship of the concert tour.” the statement added.

Source: AwrambaTime

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