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The battle to keep racism alive

The battle to keep racism alive
By Rundassa Asheetee
There is no doubt that all ethnic groups of empire Ethiopia are victims of the political  catastrophe that the Abyssinian kings and clergy men have created.
Thought such catastrophe can and should be left behind as history, the Abyssinians who interpret this catastrophe as a Nobel work based on their narrow perspective have opened unhealthy conversations between them and their victims. Interestingly, this situation allowed the minority Tigre tribe to rule the country for 23 years with iron fist and the tribe is  going to stay in power as long as past continues to occupy, disturb and divide the people of empire Ethiopia, particularly the Oromo and the Amhara.
One way of finding meaningful and accurate reason that contributed to these misunderstandings is the poisonous opinions that old dying racist men like Getachew Haile are spewing against the Oromo people.  As far I can see, Amhara’s dying black Hitlers such as Haile and the like are so angry and restless by the victory that the Oromo people scored  and spiting out the filth of hatred in which they were born and raised with.
In contrast to Oromo and other nations historians and educated men and women, racist men such as Getachew Haile like to stress certain basic Amhara specifics, consistent with their clergy men’s behavioral pattern. For example, they view their non-logical argument about the greatness of their cruel and inferior monarchs as an asset, not as a liability to themselves and to nations and nationalities of empire Ethiopia. They are proud of king Minilik’s breast cutting practice in places such as Anole and Calanqo of Oromia and wish to practice this tradition again because they think that it is efficient civil service methodology. The reason behind such conviction is that they believe they are different from the rest and thus they’re superior because of the Orthodox religion that they’ve borrowed from Greece and because of the Amharic alphabet they copied from Hebrew.
As it happens, the rest of ethnic groups in empire Ethiopia are increasingly being angered by the Amhara dying racists failure to stop promoting deceptive history and become agents of change.
Nevertheless, their attempt to promote false history continues to drain the trust which the society have built over a period of century and half. As expected, the amhara’s little Hitler named Getachew Haile ridicules Oromians state system known as the Gadaa system as a mafia system because he and his likes are increasingly frustrated by the return of the Gadaa system and the Oromo culture in general. Worse, this uneducated Arab Diqaalaa speak against the Oromo nation in a manner the street girls and bar prostitutes speak.
Obviously, this is expected role that Ethiopia’s shameful racists had to play. Ever since these sick racists came to power in empire Ethiopia, they have used hate and the ridiculing of those whom they fear the most to shape government policies and marginalized tens of millions from being a part of the economic development by dismissing any talk of honesty and decency.
Thanks to these sick little racists, their cousin, the Tigreans are ruling the country now for 23 years justifying their intervention to stop the conflict these little Hitlers artificially produce.
To intentionally confuse the mass, these little Hitlers often use terms such as “We” and “Unity” to suggest that people are united, of course as long as one interprets term “Unity” similar to their interpretation of hatful historiography.
Interestingly, even little old Hitler Getachew Haile attempts to explain the history of the Oromo people in a manner his racist parents taught him. All this is done to hide the undeniable and terrible part of their own historical heritage of cruelty, cheating, immorality and hate of black people.
Nonetheless, even if these dying racists will not admit the fact that their chauvinist political views were and still are the focal point and a driving force for secessionist tendencies that links the Eritreans experiences and the current Oromo and Ogadenia demands to liberate their own free state, the day in which their grand children will suffer the consequence of their racist hatred is not too far.
Certainly, there are few Amhara historians who do not deny the fact that their monarch’s approach to nation building has been the factor that contributed to the separation of Eritrea and they know that it will be their attitude that will lead to the collapse of empire Ethiopia. In short, the Amhara racism is the reason for the rise of the Oromo and other nations and nationalities liberation movements and secessionist tendencies. Yet, old racist Diqaalaas such as Getachew Haile intentionally overlook these danger because they think that denial will fix the danger that their ignorance and hatful heart produce. They do this because they think it is humiliating to accept  defeat.
At the same time, the Oromo people have already looked back to the nineteenth century and identified that Abyssinians political structures and it’s process, of course was the factor and hindered the development of liberal democracy and ultimately facilitated the rise of the Eritrean, the Tigre and the Oromo nationalism. Further, a wide range of foreign scholars contributed to this argument without necessarily using the term “Oromo Nationalism.”
Basically, the Amharas racists rigid behavior became the main factor that manifest the past, current and future problems by making every system that has been tried so far to malfunction.
Convincingly, the Amharas had been the elites of empire Ethiopia, particularly, hatful men like Getachew Haile and the like were considered as senior civil servants who retained much power and influence well into the 1970s. Now this insane thug promotes unequivocally racist ideology targeting specifically the Oromo people by labeling them as uncivilized bad people not understanding that   framing the nation state by having his tribe above every ethnic group in empire Ethiopia adds to the political turmoil that is engulfing the already sick empire.
To deny the existence of the Oromo people, Getacho Haile, a fluent afaan Oromo speaker and the citizen of Oromia, intentionally avoided the mention of name “Oromo” while listing the names of the Oromo tribes and clans whom he called the “Oromo speaking people.”  By using term “Oromo speaking people” Getacho has tried to do what his friend Dr. Asrat, who denied the existence of the Amhara people in 1991 did. All these efforts are made to justify their claim that the Ethiopians are ONE people who share Amharic and the Amhara culture.
Getchao Haile also carefully dissected Guji from Borana, Arsi from Maccaa,Karrayyu from Hoborra etc to intentionally confuse the young generation that Guji or Arsi are not part of the Oromo nation but different people who were forced to speak afaan Oromo.  In his evil mind, doing so will eventually lead to the Guji to rise against the Arsi, and the Maccaa to rise aganist the Tulamaa etc.
Of corse, the TPLF has tried to cheat our people by using the same evil tactic when they tried to create a rift between the Oromo, on one hand, and the Caboo, Sooddo, Argoba, Hadaree, Isa and Afar on the other, though they failed after these people showed an emotional and psychological attachment to each other.
Yet, this old Amhara racist Getacho Haile is working very hard to achieve his racist party objectives of reviving the evil wish of MORESH, by injecting his racist poison into the minds of the new Amhara generation. However, the new generation have already rejected such evil mindset and the authoritarian patterns of inhuman views produced by low level thinkers such as Getacho Haile.  Starting from the days of Germamee Niway and Gen. Mangistu Niway, tens of thousands of Amhara youth have criticized the “feudalization” Getacho’s tribe, the Moojaa family, which was thought to have accepted not only it’s aristocratic dominance in the field of politics but also the Amhara aristocratic values and pride.
In fact, without the waging of a successful revolution led by Martha Mebratu, Walelinyi Mokonon, Nagada Gobaze and the like, confronting and dismantling the Amhara racist  political tradition and bureaucracy was unthinkable. Thanks to these and the generation after them, the Amhara racism is relatively weak now compared to 1960s or 1980s.
What is strange about Getacho Haile’s racist view however, that he can’t recognize a highly successful liberation movements that led to the freedom of the Eritrean people and the looming socio-economic changes that is hoovering over empire Ethiopia.
Admittedly, the Oromo people’s liberation movements may have been temporarily slowed down but power relations among the Amhara racists and the Oromo people have been changed for ever and the Amhara racism is suffering a very unstable fate as internal tensions created by racist men like Getacho Haile continued to work to the advantage of the enslaved majority.  Basically, the Amhara racists have lost much of their former dominance and legitimacy as their old way of thinking is partly replaced by the emerging liberal democracy upheld by the new generation. That was the reason for the split of the racist Amhara party known as the “mellaa Amhara.”
It is recalled that the younger Amharas left the old Amhara racist party and joined the TPLF parliament to promote the idea of modern state though the TPLF failed them so misreably. But, now racist Getacho Haile argues that the Amharas old political legacy is better and must survive only to speed up the death of the already dying empire.
Looking at things from this particular angle, certainly Getacho Haile is losing the argument even when he remained hostile towards the Oromo people who greatly contributed to his upbringing by feeding him till the day he left the country for refugee life in America.  Needless to say, like any low level thinkers do, Getacho can continue to promote his hate filled views against the Oromo people but soon or later the Amhara youth will turn his racist views into resentment against him.   That means, what is at stake here is not the Oromo people’s freedom but Getacho Haile’s credibility.
Rundassa Asheetee

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