Oduu Haaraya

Deviation bus carrying Ethiopian offenders on the road to “Mecca – Jeddah”

Hamad Al Abdullah – already – Mecca : deviated bus carrying 46 passengers derailed , and entered on the island between the two tracks rapid , on the road to ” Mecca – Jeddah ,” while being transported Ethiopian offenders .

And handle the security , and security patrols roads and traffic , and three ambulances and two response teams developed ” rapid intervention ” with ” the incident.”

“Al- ever ” : that “the incident,” injuring two light injuries , while the Red Crescent teams took over the supervision of the cases, and provide treatment for them.

The teams examined the ” Red Crescent ” All the passengers on the bus ; to ensure their safety , as it continues the security procedures; to uncover the circumstances of the “incident ” , with the provision of alternative bus ; offenders to move to the shelter in Shemaysi .

Source; http://sabq.org/KoKfde

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