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Dhaqqaboo Eebaa, the oldest ever lived person, died at the age of 163

(Oromian Economist) — Oromo Elder Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa  (1853-2015): The oldest man ever to have lived has died at age of 163. His eldest son Ahmed Dhaqqboo,  now  128, is  the oldest living person on earth.

This is the moment of deepest sorrow for Oromo people as  they have lost their respected  elder, the  oldest and one of the richest library. The burial ceremony of Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa was held at his birth place in rural village of Dodolaa District in West Arsi Zone of Oromia  State. Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa was born in 1853 in specific rural place called Serofta around Dodolaa town from his father Eebbaa Badhaaso and his mother Washo Kolocho.

Dhaqqaboo Eabbaa passed away on May 10, 2015 at 11: 30 pm. He was dubbed by many as a living library of three  centuries with his old memories and knowledge of the social, economic and political history of the people and the country. He witnessed major historical events in the Oromo nation and North East Africa.

Obbo Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa had lived through  independent Oromia in the second half of 19th century, witnessed the colonization of his  country and nine  Ethiopian empire regimes. The eldest son Ahmed Dhaqqboo is now  the oldest living person, he is 128 years old. He considered his  father as his best friend. Even though the world  knows little about the legendary Oromo elder, Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa will be remembered in recorded Oromo history, by his villagers and the entire Oromo people forever. He is deeply missed. Rest in Peace! Biyyoon isinitti haa salphatu.

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