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There is no difference between a Nigerian terrorist group taking innocent lives and TPLF soldiers!


by Nemera DINSSA

One of the most common antiwar arguments is the fact that wars result in the deaths of innocent people. This objection accepts that a state may have a vested interest in pursuing attackers and even killing them, but points out that the justice involved with such actions is quickly offset when innocent lives are put at risk or even lost. This deontological position argued that genuine justice requires that we preserve the lives of the innocent terror is not a moral response to terror and killing innocent people is not a moral response to the deaths of innocent people.

Today The first news is about the recent terrorist attacks in Oromiyaa. Many oromo students and their famillys were killed while attending to protests the timing weyane TPLF master plane agenda in the city of all Oromiyaa. The attack was carried out by a TPLF outfit called AGAZI TOR. Apparently they’ve been raising a lot of hell in Oromiyaa for quite some time. This is a human tragedy. Take a moment to day a peace protesters for those who have died needlessly. If you’re not protest weyane TPLF, spend some time reflecting on what it means to be alive and how quickly and easily your life can be taken from you.

Any time violence is carried out against innocent Oromo peoples it must be condemned in the strongest terms possible. Those who callously take the lives of others, without remorse or feeling, are the greatest villains walking the earth today. Further, it only takes sniper strikes into consideration. Hundreds of thousands of Oromo civilians have died as a result of the master plan demonistiration. TPLF soldiers did not kill most of those inoocents, but they killed a lot. The TPLF government is responsible for perpetrating the war and must, therefore, be held responsible for killing many, many, completely innocent Oromo people. There is no difference between a Nigerian terrorist group taking innocent lives and TPLF soldiers taking innocent lives. Murder is murder. If you don’t have the courage to recognize that fact, you are a moral relativist. Your moral judgments are completely arbitrary. You may claim that we oromos are at war against terrorism.

The bloodthirsty Nigerians Muslims kill civilians because of a deranged ideology. Whereas TPLF soldiers kill oromo civilians to keep Tigrian citizens who support them safe in oromiyaa. This is the type of argument that moral relativism leads you to. When it comes to mowing down innocents in cold blood, moral relativism is unacceptable. If its wrong for a Muslim terrorist to do it, it is also wrong for the TPLF military to it. It is wrong for the ETHIOPIAN people to accept it. Anybody who willing lends financial or moral support to such actions has blood on their hands as well. The test of an individual’s fortitude is how they act in the face opposition. Do not whitewash the facts just because it makes the facts easier to swallow. Unless good people stand up and denounce evil, evil will continue to prevail that is TPLF.

There is no greater evil than taking an innocent life. Life is the one blessing that each and every one of us has been born with. Whether you are rich or poor, Jew or Genitle, Oromo, Amhara, Gurage, Tigre, Muslim or cristian, you get to wake up every morning, breath the earth’s air, and live. Life is the one possession that we all have. To take that from somebody for no good damn reason, is the greatest evil that there is. If you are willing to take a stand for peace, human liberty, and the progress of civilization, I salute you. Keep up the important work. If you’re unwilling to admit that killing innocent Oromo people is always wrong, I am implore you to reconsider.

Killing can never ever stop us, we will win!!!

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