Protesters in Finfinne Demand TPLF to Stop Killing, Evicting Oromos, and Grabbing Land -

Protesters in Finfinne Demand TPLF to Stop Killing, Evicting Oromos, and Grabbing Land


(May 24, 2014) – Hundreds of thousands of protesters in the Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa (Finfinne) today demanded the TPLF Ethiopian regime to stop killing Oromo students, and to stop evicting Oromo farmers and grabbing their land in the name of “development.” The protest rally was called by Medrek, a coalition of political organizations, including the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

The protesters have demanded justice for the Oromo students and civilians slaughtered by the TPLF Ethiopian regime during the Oromia-wide #OromoProtests in April and May 2014 against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, which outlines the Addis Ababa City’s plans to annex land from the Federally and Constitutionally instituted Oromia in the name of “development,” thereby evicting millions of Oromo farmers and subjecting them to both genocide and ethnocide in their own land.

It’s to be remembered that OFC made similar calls on land-grabbing in Oromia back in April 2014.

Among the slogans chanted by the protesters at today’s rally in Finfinne include: “Stop eviction of farmers in the name of development,” “Stop the massacre,” “Bring culprits to justice,” “Free all political prisoners,” “Stop the land grab,” and “We need freedom of expression.”

Here are some photos from today’s #OromoProtests Medrek rally:

(Ob. Bulcha Demeksa, Gadaa Moji of OFC, on the March):


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