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The Distress of the Ethiopia Immigrants in Saudi Arabia


By Mekonenn Elalla Fekadu


Yesterday around 5:15 AM Ethiopia local times many protesters were out on the street federal police were attacking them. Among them there were old people. What’s even more heart breaking was the Saudi Embassy people were sitting on their roof tops and smiling when the TPLF federal police beat up their own people? The idea of coming together today was not about the current government. It’s about our people who are being brutalized in Saudi Arabia. That shows the ruling party TPLF how they are brutal when they beat the innocent people at the demonstration, this is painful and sadness. TPLF is evil. Really I never heard or seen this kind of government that doesn’t care for its own people. This is coldblooded and shameful act

In Saudi Arabia capital city Riyadh – Thousands of Ethiopian immigrants have been subjected to murder, rape and beatings in a savage Saudi crackdown on “illegal immigrants.” many have been killed, an Ethiopian told activist Sadik Ahmed from a Saudi town last week. “I’ve seen with my naked eyes Ethiopian women being dragged by Saudi thugs for a gang rape.” Ethiopians don’t have an Ethiopian government since 1991, when a mercenary tyrant called Meles Zenawi took over power and soiled the good image and respect Ethiopians had in the international community.

Ethiopian migrant workers never deserved the kind of humiliation and punishment from a country which had a unique historical link directly to the Prophet Mohammed.
Fearful for their lives, tens of thousands of Ethiopian workers were being sheltered in temporary camps in Manfouha district of Riyadh, awaiting repatriation to their native country.
The weak and corrupt Hailemariam Desalegn regime remains indifferent to the plight and suffering of the migrant workers who were being hunted down like pests over the week.
Video clips showing the brutality of Saudi security forces have gone viral over the Internet, thus fueling the anger of many people around the world whose compatriots were being displaced from Saudi towns with the most dehumanizing ways.
Saudi investors have in recent years acquired vast tracts of agricultural land in southern Ethiopia. They plan to meet the rice needs of the kingdom from their Ethiopia harvest alone. But given the deepening animosity of the Saudis against Ethiopians, their dream for agricultural bonanza from the lush green tracts of land of Ethiopia may turn into a nightmare. Saudi Arabia shame on you, shame on you, shame on you when you kill innocent Ethiopians immigrants!


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