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Disturbing Images of Oromo Students Injured By TPLF’s Military Police at a Peaceful/Nonviolent Rally in Wallaggaa, Oromia

On April 26, 2014, Oromo students’ nonviolent protest was held at Wallaggaa University against the plan (called the Addis Ababa Master Plan) to evict millions of Oromo farmers and dispossess them of their land in Oromian districts surrounding Finfinnee under the pretext of the “urban development of Addis Ababa.” At the peaceful rally, the TPLF Ethiopian regime’s Military-Police shot at, battered and injured several unarmed students. Photo below shows the peaceful rally up to the point of the intrusion by the TPLF Military-Police into the Wallaggaa University campus to shoot and batter the unarmed students.

According to published data, under the current TPLF regime, Addis Ababa has expanded by ~400% since 1991 (from ~13,763.3-ha in 1991 to ~52,706.2-ha in 2014 – see data here); even though the Oromiyaa Region is a federally constituted state, it continues to be annexed by the Habesha government of Addis Ababa.

Political analysts have stated recently that the current Addis Ababa Master Plan will potentially divide the Oromiyaa Region into two by the proposed Addis Ababa’s annexation of Central Oromiyaa, and the subsequent eviction of the Oromo farming communities in Central Oromiyaa under the pretext of “industrial zones.” There are at least 8 industrial zones all over Oromiyaa, such as the Malka Jebdu area under the Dire Dawa Industrial Zone, the Ambo Industrial Zone, the Chinese-owned Bishoftu Eastern Industrial Zone – which is slated to extend all the way to Asella in Arsi Zone of Oromiyaa in the coming few years.

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