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Abay Tsehaye! If you ignore my little advice, I can’t wait to see you nowhere!

Abba Lafa (PhD)

abaytsehay20156I just listen (http://www.ethiomedia.com/1016notes/7451.html) to old day’s hero for Tigrai cause, and the current hoodwinker actor of TPLF regime in Ethiopian empire. His name is Abay Tsehaye, in charge of one key post of TPLF’s regime in the Ethiopian empire. Mr. Abay, you and me never cared about Ethiopian empire as long the empire cares not for right and benefits of our people: respectively, Tigrai and Oromo nations. That is beyond shadow of doubt to everyone in some way connected to the empire. Being the founder of TPLF, front dedicated to the rights and benefits of Tigrai, you are successful to manage the empire’s successive hegemony and manipulated it for your initial goal and beyond. In an attempt to keep this success of yours at its height, I understand you are undertaking genocide and igniting civil war in the empire to the outcome which you are the foremost victim. Remember that the times of Rwandan and the present world are quite different in relation to accountability. The events of that decade were only eve to the current world level of justice partly because of the lesson from the interahamwe. The current world claims justice for oppressed nation from any part of the globe.

I am certain that you aren’t fishery man who cares for the dead fish (the Ethiopian empire). However, do you think you will find safe heaven either on any peripheral earth or under Tigari ponds to rescue you against your evil deeds: the evil/civil war you think to drop us in? Do you think Agazi will be able to safeguard you in Republic of Tigrai forever? In case you may hope natural death for yourself because of your retirement age, what about for your descendants? Note that there is inventory document of your genealogy on the hands of fighters for freedom! You will find nowhere to hide! As a best stakeholder of the scene, you very well know the negative consequences more than I do. I hope you also remember, except for his run away, that Meles Zenawi would have been given trial warrant of ICC as it was the agendum on table for discussion around 2009.  However, the ultimate goal of your propaganda is, to make us refrain from just struggle against your colonial regime. But it wouldn’t work!

Mr. Abay, between freedom fighters for the inborn rights of oppressed nation and deceptive actors of colonial regime on behalf of the benefits of minority, who do you think will fear death or whatsoever consequences of the failed state will be? Just answer and satisfy yourself! Simply put to the answer, you ought to remember those days of your conception of TPLF for Tigrai liberation agendum! No bizarre propaganda! The most you can do is to find ways of saving your life, descendants, nation for whom you once fought for, looted property and to be not on the bad side of history is to find political solution.

Also for fate of your sprite in the kingdom of God, you may consult Christian bible (Luke 21). Focus on the story of the rich man! I assure you that my answer to you will be likewise to that of Abraham being in the bosom.

My best tip for you is not that you keep on deception but that you should go for true self and reconciliation with others in the following order. First reconcile with yourself (you of the old days as naked beggar in your way to fight for liberation of Tigrai Vs you of the present days in all wool suit looted from Oromia and working for the benefit (supremacy) of Tigrai), followed by reconciliation with hero political fronts denying your oppressive regime and the oppressed nations in the Ethiopian empire, and indispensably with your creator God! The reconciliation I address is not that of husband wife issue as TPLF used to say it. Hoping that was old joke of TPLF, which will never come to play, I say it is Ethiopian empire wide reconciliation required on the political, economic and identity politics! Wise tactical approaches are immediate release prison’s of concise, dump your Agazi into dustbin or its camps, create atmosphere of the early 1990’s transition period and at least find a way to effectively implement the constitution you have at hand with eventual shift to drafting of constitution which enables confederacy of the nations in the horn of Africa with policy of peaceful co-existence with Eritrea and neighboring states of Ethiopian empire. You may say no only to bark dogs because the camel is on its walk of life toward ultimatum!

If you ignore my little advice, I can’t wait to see you nowhere!

Good for you boy!

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