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Empire of bleeding and thrombosis kept under bad physicians and wrong remedies


By Dr.Baro Keno Deressa

The Oromo peoples are managed to unite under their vanguard organization OLF to fight for the same purpose (eradicating colonization). The formation of unity under one organization and the bravery act of Oromo peoples brought changes in Ethiopian empire. The Patriotic act and the clear message of qube generation guided by qeerroo leadership from Oromia get a good response from all nations of Ethiopian Empire (Amharas, Gurages, Afars, Ogaden, sidama, Benishangul, Gambellans, innocent Tigreans ….etc).

Many Oromo nationalists criticize the colonial system of Ethiopian Empire. The core value of Ethiopian empire was not build on the will and equality of all nations. Nations are a product of the human will and imagination and the institutions that sustain their collective efforts. The key values of federalism, democracy, and inclusive government have not been sufficiently consolidated as core values for their nations. Full or real freedom, they believe, will come with freedom of all. Eradicating all forms of colonial system of domination is crucial (political, economic, social, military) in order to accomplish freedom of all nations.

In Ethiopian empire minorities who have nothing to do with the majority populations have noticed that they can take hold of the minds of entire populations, magnify their own voices, and silence the usual destiny which majorities usually are allotted in their own nations. Now, mere minorities of one-half percent of the population can exert total mind control by monopolization of the larger nation’s media holdings.

All nations in the Ethiopian empire are igniting their struggle for freedom and justice. The chronical mass protests throughout the largest and most populous Oromia Regional State and the recent Amhara Regional State mass protests are the sign of collective demand for real change.  

Our innocent peoples in Ethiopian empire are crying for real changes in order to overcome this time of instability and insecurity. As change considered being inevitable in Ethiopian empire so do resistance. There are two forces resistant to real change:

  1. The Ethiopian colonial system policy makers
  2. The disoriented so called Oromo political analysts and professionals (servant of the colonial system)

In answering this question, please permit me to describe bleeding and thrombosis:


Bleeding disorder:  Coagulopathy (also called a bleeding disorder) is a condition in which the blood’s ability to coagulate (form clots) is impaired. This condition can cause a tendency toward prolonged or excessive bleeding (bleeding diathesis or bleeding disorder), which may occur spontaneously or following an injury or medical and dental procedures.


Thrombosis is the process of a blood clot, also known as a thrombus, forming in a blood vessel. This clot can block or obstruct blood flow in the affected area, as well as cause serious complications if the clot moves to a crucial part of the circulatory system, such as the brain or the lungs.


Factors that contribute to increased risks of both bleeding and thrombosis include altered blood flow, diminished numbers and function of platelets, and inflammatory alterations in endothelial cells. Management may be particularly challenging in individuals who require invasive procedures or anticoagulant therapy. If the bleeding is not treated well the patient will die because of hemorrhagic/hypovolemic shock, if the thrombosis is not treated well the patient will die because of thromboembolic complications. In such kind of complicated situation the tasks and responsibility of medical doctor is to keep the patient health intact and find solution for deadly combination of disorders.


Ethiopia is a country with multifaceted and complicated political, economic and social problems. The question of oppressed nations like Oromo are fighting for freedom! Freedom! Freedom and identity struggle. The answer from the colonialist empire is mechanical repair forming fake organization like OPDO and cultivating traumatized intellectuals from all oppressed nations. So, for more than a century the colonialist leaders are giving the wrong answers for the wright questions. Our struggle is to end this inappropriate communication and liberate our nations from century long colonization.


In order to motivate my argument let us look at the act of resistance forces to the real changes:


  • The Ethiopian colonial system policy makers (resistance forces of real change)



Whenever change is introduced it triggers emotional reactions of the peoples because of the uncertainty.  Fear of unknown to the implementers. This creates fear and anxiety to the peoples who have gain confidence to the systems, structures, and relationship. Any disruption of familiar patterns may cause fear and resistance. Let us look their point:



Dear brothers and sisters, Ethiopian empire is not a real mothers for Oromo, Ogaden, sidama, gambella, benishangul, innocent Amhara, innocent Tigre …..etc peoples. The Ethiopian empire leaders killed and still killing millions of peoples from Oromo and other oppressed nations, imprisoned illegally innocent peoples because of their belongingness, tortured and evicted from their land. Mother have to protect her children from harm and assisting her children to build good future. But the system in Ethiopia empire is contrary to the principle of motherhood. So, it is impossible for Oromo of other Oppressed nations to call her mother!! So, dear opportunistic elite stop this illogical theory and embrace the real change.


  • Ethiopia have a 3000 year proud history:


I will respect your right to magnify your own history, but we Oromo people are talking about colonization of 130years which destroys our democratic ruling system (Gadaa), destroys our identity, stole our freedom and brought total destruction to our people and our country Oromia. So keep your history as you like and respect our struggle for freedom.



  • We are one people:


Yes, we all are human being, our peoples are lived together for a centuries, married each other, studied together and respect each other. For century long there is no Ethiopian colonial rule survive without the patriotic act of Oromo sons and daughters.  But our price was humiliation and death  “when it comes to power and money Oromo’s are the last to touch the desk and when it comes to the human-right and equality Oromo’s are the first to be victim of the system”. So, we are one as human-being but we were/are different under the system of colonial rule. Now, when we say it is enough and it is time to build our country Oromia and regain our right as human being, individuals or groups with colonial system and mind have to setback and respect the demand of our people and oppressed nations.



In the 21st century when the robot is acting like human being, the Ethiopian colonial leaders are still thinking like primitive time. How can be the government be champion or model for others while killing, torturing, imprisoning without any criminal charge and harassing his own people on the daily basis. All those lies reflects that the system was not build on the basic principle of human value. The Ethiopian empire leaders are investing in building walls instead of bridges, investing in weapons instead of Books, investing in corruption instead of Morality, investing in ignorance instead of Intellectualism and wisdom, investing in fear and terror instead of stability. Investing in chaos instead of Peace, investing in hate instead of  Love, investing in segregation instead of Convergence, investing in discrimination instead of tolerance. Investing in hypocrisy instead of fairness. Investing in superficiality instead of Substance, investing in immaturity instead of Character. investing in secrecy instead of Transparency, investing in lawlessness instead of Justice, investing in lies instead of Truth. The so called leaders instead of bluffing with the name of champion and model on the world stage take time to assess your intellectuals capacity humanity and legality of your action.


  • The disoriented so called Oromo political analysts and professionals (resistance forces of real changes)


Since the time of colonization the Oromo peoples and oppressed nations are experienced political marginalization, unnecessary death and torture because of their belongingness, eviction from their ancestral land and deprivation of freedom. When the peoples struggle reach the maximum level in order to eradicate the colonial rule the opportunistic individuals or servant (not policy makers) of the colonial system start to magnify their masters policy. Let us look their point:

  • We have to be broad minded and tolerant.

Come on my professional analyst, Oromo peoples are colonized for more than centuries by narrow minded, uneducated and analphabet junta elites. In addition we Oromo people are nation of peace, nation of love and tolerance, nation of democratic rule, nation of justice and equality. When Amhara and Tigre peoples come to our country to collect coffee, to work in agriculture, to clean house and shoes we loved them as our family, we guide them in order to success in their life, we never discriminate them because of their belongingness and social class. Again when the colonial rule change the individual name in order to humiliate our identity and change the name of our cities to feed destructive colonial system we tolerate them. So dear professional what are you talking about broad minded and tolerant? Or still you are in deep coma! or your traumatic experience of serving the colonizers is metastasis you! or you are working for your personal luxury while millions of hero’s are fighting for justice!!!!   

  • OLF have to change his stand:

First of all who are you to talk about OLF or giving order to change his stand? did you feel the pain of Oromo people or are you Oromo only by name? did you test one day let alone one month the bitterness of the freedom struggle? By the way the stand of OLF is the life of Oromo people and the light of freedom for all oppressed nations.

According to the western: The “Oromo problem” continues to trouble Ethiopia. Although the Oromo are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, never in their history have they maintained political power. During the period of European colonialism in Africa, the Ethiopian highlanders undertook an intra-African colonial enterprise. Many ethnic groups in the present state of Ethiopia, such as the Oromo, were subjected to that colonialization. Conquered ethnic groups were expected to adopt the identity of the dominant Amhara-Tigrean ethnic groups (the national culture). It was illegal to publish, teach, or broadcast in any Oromo language until the early 1970s, Even today, after an ethnic federalist government has been established, the Oromo lack appropriate political representation.

The TPLF government invested millions of dollars to destroy OLF, build many puppet organization like OPDO and diaspora Oromo traitors, cultivated many disoriented Oromo intellectuals. At the end the TPLF government with all his almighty power failed to reach his goal. Now the OLF is reignite the struggle for freedom.  

So, while the foreigners acknowledge the marginalization and inhuman atrocities against Oromo people and other oppressed nations and the peoples are showing their patriotic action on the daily basis in order to eliminate this act of terror, but you are blaming OLF for inability of compromise and obliviousness of your masters. Be rational before opening your mouth to satisfy your stomach and bosses.

Additionally you are promoting your masters policy of colonial rule but you are demonizing our struggle for freedom, that is not fair. As I see your initial on the TV, most of you are (Dr.) by the way classical knowledge is not the same as field action. You were educated to serve your colonial masters in the kitchen and our qeerroo and WBO are fighting on the field to eliminate the brutal system. So let me give you my experience. When I was at medical school, I was taught evidence based systematical and structural approach of problems (diseases). But when I came to the field (hospital) because of the urgency matter approaching the problems is totally different. In urgency situation the priority is saving the patient life and later on back to the systematical and structural approach.

At this moment my people priority is liberating Oromo and Oromia by eliminating  colonial system. So, dear brother reading your school book is at this moment inconvenient and try to translate your knowledge in the field action in order to help your peoples struggle.  

  • Unity and democracy

We Oromo people are the fore front champion of unity and the founder of modern democracy. My question is here for you, why are you divert our real and justified question of Oromo people to be master of their destination by confusing with homework of you masters (reinstalling old system with cheating and deceiving).

Successive Ethiopian governments by the name of unity and democracy have attempted to completely eradicate the existence and the identity of the Oromo people and other southern nations and nationalities. Particularly indigenous Oromo’s living in the surroundings of Finfinne has suffered the most and was made landless consequently forced to become beggars. Where are the habitants of Oromo clans of Gulale, Eekka, Galan, Abbichu? For you doesn’t matter because you are taught and raised to serve your masters.

The Ethiopian Constitution also acknowledges the ‘special interest’ of Oromia regional state under Art 49(5) because Finfinne is an Oromo land. However, almost three decades after the Constitution was adopted, there is not even a single public school that provides education in Oromo language let alone enabling the Oromo people to partake in the administration of the city. But you are teachings us to accept all those injustices and humiliation as a normal. When you come to the television for analysis beside your classical knowledge please could you tell us also your contribution to the Oromo peoples struggle against colonization and injustices? I think you are not dare to talk about that because you grow up by serving your masters policy of destruction and traumatized by their lies which frightened you to touch the truth.

Summary of the resistance forces to real change: Both of you are destructive forces failed to safe your patient, instead of healing the bleeding nations, you are suffocating the innocent peoples across the nations in Ethiopian empire by magnifying your lies (thrombosis). My advice for both of you, accept the reality instead of denying the truth and ignoring the facts. In addition ask yourself also the grade of your morality.

That will be the beginning of the hope and the end of destructive –colonial system. In addition in order to be rational and effective in solving complicated problems it is better to look carefully the vision of OLF. The only and effective way of bringing stability in Ethiopian empire and horn of Africa is finding the right answer to the justified question of Oromo peoples and other oppressed nations.


Oromo peoples are committed to end the sufferings of his people and all oppressed nations by eradicating colonial system. Then after, Oromo peoples need to build in his own country Oromia a truly independent judicial system; a system that is not controlled, operated or influenced by the ruling party. Our judicial system should treat the governors and the governed equally – because every person is equal before the law. We need to build a responsible government in order to provide education, housing, job opportunities, health services; a fair and equitable infrastructure for all people instead of only for a very few privileged groups. We need in our country  Oromia where laws are enacted to protect and defend the public welfare, instead of laws that protect the interests of small groups of elites.

To achieve all those goals the qube generations of the Oromo sons and daughters with engineer feeling are on the field, the outstanding qeerroo leadership is going well, the desire and commitment of our peoples to eradicate the colonial system is encouraging, the “WBO” determination and sacrifices are stronger and solid, vision and guidance of the Oromo people vanguard organization OLF is permanent present. My people all the factors for our victory is on the table, so don’t confuse yourself with the defenders of colonial system propaganda and delusional disoriented Oromo political analyst. It is time to redouble our efforts in order to faster our victory.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Dr. B. K. DERESSA, Medical degree in internal medicine, specialized in Gastro-Hepatology diseases. University Hospital of Brussels-Belgium

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