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Ethiopian Priest is Caught Preaching Politics at The Memorial Service Of Late pm Meles Zenawi

Ethiopian Priest is Caught Preaching Politics at The Memorial Service Of Late pm Meles Zenawi


Ethiopian Orthodox Church was a major partner for Abyssinian conqueror and played a blessing role for invaders that conquered peoples of the south in order to grab their resource. As a result the church had been awarded 1/3 of the occupied land from the conquered people.

Even though the church had lost its land by the 1974 revolution it’s close tie with settler state remained intact. As you may recall,recently Ethiopian Orthodox was commemorating 100 years of Emperor Menelik Death.As you can see from this video one priest is eulogizing Meles Zenawi who had been known for his brutality throughout his stay in power.

The church seems recommitting itself to her longstanding tradition of sycophancy and venerating brutal kings and cruel dictators. When I see this video I am very much striked by two things: one some of our fb friends who said nothing while the church was commemorating the life of Emprorer Menelik,start complaining now when the priest cannonizing the late cruel dictator.

The priest has said”Meles is the Truth”. According the book ” The Truth is only God”. So this Kadire Qes is saying that Meles is “our god”. This is not new or anomie to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.if you see most of Ethiopian Orthodox pre 1974 prayer books ,the name Hailesilassie had been included in the texts massively.Those freinds who are shocked by this video must be double standard hypocrats.

The second striking thing is the reaction of the people in hall. Their over excitement can be observable from their clap,lough and shouting while the sycophant priest pouring false and undeserving praise on their dear leader. It seems that this false eulogy appealing to their delusional self image.

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