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Ethiopian refugees from “Oromo”: the exposed harassed during our stay in Egypt

Because of the Renaissance Dam .. And our government Ttgahln the Yahya said Mohammed, one of Ethiopian refugees in Egypt and belonging to the tribe, “Oromoopposition to the Ethiopian government: The demonstration on Sunday in front of UNHCR, the United Nations in the Sixth of October, because of their exposure to harassment of some members of the Egyptian people because of the decision of the Ethiopian government to build dam Renaissance. He explained that they were not satisfied with the decision of the Government of their country, and they are of her opponents.

He said in a special statement for “gate-Ahram that” Alawrumien suffered persecution in their country from the government, which forced them to political asylum to some countries such as Egypt, Kenya and Somalia to escape ethnic persecution, and that the Ethiopian government تتجاهلهم in all the decisions they make – including bridging the Renaissance – despite they represent the majority of the Ethiopian people, according to his statement.

Dozens of people tribes Alawromua Ethiopian had organized a pause today before the United Nations High Commissioner Sixth of October, in protest at the officials Ethiopians about their determination to proceed with the construction of a dam Renaissance, considering that this insistence on the part of the Ethiopian government for political gain, because Ethiopia is not in need of water, they said.

Source; Ahram

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