Oduu Haaraya

“Ethiopiaywi Oromo nany” A puppet trained and brainwashed by Habasha is crying to be accepted by habash


Sababa Dargaggeessi Qorata Siyasaa Obboo Jwaar Mohamed  Aljaziira gubbatti “An Oromoodha” jedheef  Amaarootiin humna qabdu hundaan saba himaa irratti baatee diraamaa  dhumii hin qabne dalagaa jirti. Inni amaarsaan sammuu dhiqee fii habashannoo Minilikirraa eegalee haga arra’atti akka ergannootti itti gargaarama jiran nuti “Toophiyaadha akka Jwaaritti nun laalina jechuun booyaa jiru” diraamaan kuniif amaarsaan Oromoof ilaalcha akkam akka qaban kutaa itti aanu keessatti qabannee dhuufna nu hordofi….

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  1. It is should not be shocking if the entire Abyssinian war machine engaged in negative campaign against Jawar. First and foremost since when Abyssinians had positive opinion towards someone who claims his right identity? If Abyssinians withstands their primitive, racist thinking about the identity of people it is not Jawar’s problem but theirs. We should bear in mind that Abyssinians are good at effort of dehumanization of other races who do not serve their political interests.
    Jawar’s assertion of his Oromo Identity is a pivotal element in Oromo politics. He unflinchingly indicated the only way is being Oromo following the will of the people. He simply told truth that he is what he is from day one on earth. I am very certain that Oromia has millions of Jawar who by all possible means stand their ground. What Jawar accomplish with a simple sentence is an open up of pride to all Oromo youth- it was indication for the search of dignity. If a single young man can create such havoc among Abyssinians think what as a nation we can accomplish if we act together effectively. Nation that fears to assert itself is warranting its own demise. To me Jawar saved our youth by opening a rout they can follow and he removed cloud of fear.