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EU called emergency meeting for Monday to discuss the unrest in Ethiopia & the dire case of the Oromo people

‪Sources from European External Action Service (EU Foreign and Security Policy Branch) has indicate that European Union will convene a meeting to discuss Ethiopia with regard to ongoing ‪#‎OromoProtests‬ on January 11 (Monday) 2016. Representatives from all 28 EU member countries will attend the meeting. Fascist TPLF juntas representatives have not been invited to the meeting.
946794_994854710584546_998401745314837242_nGamtaan Awurooppaa(European Union) walgahii hatantamaa waa’ee dhimma Oromoo irratti guyyaa wiixataa, 01/11/2016 waamuu beeksise!Waa’ee Oromoo irratti walgahii akkasii waamuun yeroo jalqabaa ta’us, Gamtaan Awurooppaa gochaan duguuggaa sanyii mootummaan woyyaanee ummata oromoo irraatti gaggeessaaru akka daraan isaan yaaddesseefi falmitootni mirga dhala namaa kan Akka Amnesty International walgahicha irraa qooda akka fudhatan beekameera. INJIFANNOON UMMATA OROMOOF! Falmattu malee Adunyaan dantaa kee hin qabdu..

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  1. We are waiting for our thirty years since in the Transitional government discussion around the early 1990’s Meles Zenawi said “Eritrea got their well deserved independence for their 30 years of persistent struggle, if Oromos want to become independent show us 30 years of persistence struggle.” meaning ask us in thirty years and we will respect article 39 of the constitution and grant you independence not anytime before then. 30 years is approaching quicker than they anticipated.