Oduu Haaraya

Fano: The Anti-Oromo Amhara fascist Paramilitary Extremist Militia Organization

October 17, 2023

Mallisee Fatansaa Sulee

   Recently, a chorus of diaspora Amhara social media, the Amhara Association of America (AAA), the Amhara elites, and pundits have been vociferous about the emergence of Fanno, an Amhara paramilitary group based in Amhara Regional State, as a formidable force in the horn of Africa. These groups also touted Fannoism as an Amhara culture and heritage associated with patriotism and extolled Fanno for protecting and liberating the country not only from foreign invaders, viz., from Italian invasion but also from domestic enemies and even accorded Fanno a credit for saving Abiy Ahmad and his army from being routed by advancing Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) two years ago.

   Ironically, Fanno is now locked in horns with Abiy Ahmad’s government under the pretext of freeing the Amhara people and the rest of the country from the firm grip of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad’s Authoritarian rule. Again, they regard Fanno as the most exalted paramilitary group destined to save Ethiopia from ethnic federalism and restore it to the glorious past. The Amharas have said a lot about Fanno, but despite what has been said about Fanno, it is significant to understand what Fanno is, its ideology, its support base, its objectives, and what purpose it is to serve from Oromo perspective. 

Who are Fannos?

   Fanno came into being as an organized political body during the time the Oromo youths overthrew the TPLF regime in 2018. Since then, it has been the political enemy of the Oromo people. Its primary purpose was to grab political power the Amhara lost to the TPLF in 1991. For the twenty-seven years of the TPLF rule, the Fannos buried their heads. No one has ever heard of its existence. As the TPLF political authority was near collapse, tension mounted within Amhara. The closer the TPLF leaving power came into realization, the more desperate the Amhara extremists became. After the Oromo youths overthrew the TPLF, the Fanno suddenly appeared and raised their heads high, resorting to sloganeering and empty rhetoric, “Oromo blood is our blood.”  Following this, the Amhara political elites devised a method plan for overtaking political power. They came up with the Oromo and Amhara party (OroMara), and simultaneously organized Fanno, a military wing, and the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), a political wing of the Amhara people. However, they failed to overtake the political power. The OPDO, who served the TPLF as an appendage, now wanted to be an equal partner in political power sharing with Amhara. However, Amhara wanted OPDO to be its appendage despite taking more share.

   Then the Amhara elites and pundits came with a false narrative presenting OPDO as the Oromo government even though the Oromo people have never considered OPDO as their government. For these false narrative peddlers, the Abiy Ahmad government, which they named it the “Oromummaa government,” and the Oromo people are one and the same. Hence, they consider both the government and the Oromo people an enemy and an existential threat to the Amhara people and Ethiopia. Consequently, they turned to organize, arm, and provide Fanno with ideological bases to exterminate the Oromo people.

   It is patently evident that Fanno is the Nazified armed Amhara paramilitary wing, the perpetrator of the Oromo genocide, organized as a civilian militia or band for killing Oromo. It is a violent radical terrorist organization based in Amhara Regional state, and its underground secrete cells have been organized and spread across cities and towns, as well as in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Churches in Oromia, ready to take genocidal slaughter against the Oromo people upon called on. It is one of the most belligerent Amhara organizations that ever came into sight against the Oromo in Abyssinian history. It has been undertaking the mass genocide of Oromo people in Wallaga, Shawa, and Wollo Zones of Oromia, including pregnant women, infants, and children. In its genocidal campaign, in Wallaga, women carrying children wrapped around their backs, infants in their armpits, and others walking along with their children were all murdered. Then, thrusting a dagger into a pregnant woman’s womb, Fanno tore off the womb, taking out the unborn baby and killing both the unborn and the mother. Following, it cut off a man’s head and danced in jubilation, moving around the dead victim’s body in a circle. Indeed, today, in the 21st century, we are back to the 19th century, the era of Meneliki II. At Aannolee, Menelik cut off the breasts of Oromo women and the hands of Oromo men. Today, Fanno the Meneliki’s grandchildren, once again, are committing the same crimes. This time, instead of mutilating the breasts of Oromo women like Menelik, Fanno has engaged in tearing up the wombs of Oromo women, as stated above, snatching the unborn babies, and killing both the mother and the unborn; instead of cutting hands like Menelik, Fanno turned to cut off the heads of Oromo men. Such is the Amhara culture of inhumanity.

What are Fanno’s Objectives? 

   Amhara nationalism is a political ideology that dates back to the 19th century Menelik II’s colonization of Oromia and the South. In Amhara nationalism’s core is a belief that Ethiopian national identity and culture are Amhara-centric and inseparable from the Orthodox religion. For Amhara Fanno, Ethiopianism is the predominant form of Amhara nationalism in Ethiopia. Amharas believe in the hegemony of Orthodox religion in Ethiopia and strives for the reestablishment of the Ethiopia as an Amhara and Orthodox Christion country, rather than a secular and a multiethnic federal State. To be an Amhara means a person who sees this Ethiopia, from the Red sea to Indian Ocean, not only as his country but also as his ancestral homeland. Thus, the primary goal of Fanno has been and still is, like fascist Amhara feudal rulers of the past, to create one country, one flag, one Amharic language, one Amhara culture, one psychological makeup Amhara view, and one Christian orthodox religion-Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

In accordance with Fannos objectives, Major Dawit WoldeGiorgis, representative of The Amhara Popular Front in diaspora, in recent interview with media described Amhara and Ethiopia in these terms:

Ethiopia belongs to Amhara. Others cannot be Ethiopian. We can enter the 4-killo palace. We will enter 4-killo and establish a government that we can dictate. We can create a new system on our condition and term. Ethiopia means Amhara. Amhara means Ethiopia. It is the Amhara that brought Ethiopia thus far and it is the Amhara who defined what Ethiopianism is. We are the ones who introduced Ethiopianism to the world. No other nation in Ethiopia be it Tigre, Oromo, Walayita, or Afar can be an Ethiopian. It is a dream. Impossible.

Simply put, the objective of the Fanno is the remaking of the Amhara Ethiopia. For the realization of this objective, Fanno’s aim is to annihilate the Oromo population, without which it cannot attain the goal. The political leaders of Fanno have repeatedly stated this as such.

Who Are the Supports of Fanno?

Fanno’s supporters constitute a broad grouping of individuals and organizations, including the regional state, Amhara political parties, all Amhara social media, Social Media activists, mainstream Media Networks, and mass organizations. All have been promoting the genocidal of the Oromo people. It is enough to listen to the arch anti-Oromo Media Ehio-360. Fanno members received financial support, military training, and firearms from the Amhara Regional State Special Force, the Federal government, and the Oromia state regional government. The Ethiopian Empire federal government and Oromia region government supported, armed, and have been using Fanno to fight against the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) the same way they used it to fight against the Tigray Defense Force (TDF). Hence, it is a paramilitary Amhara fascist organization. Amhara political parties, Amhara elites, Business Entrepreneurs, and the Amhara government organized and financed it. Its members are from every sector of the Amhara people, prepared to commit genocide against the Oromo people.

The Ideological Underpinning of Fanno

   Today, in the 21st century, the hallucinating and delusional neo-Nazist, the orphans of old feudal families led by Dr. Yonas Biru, Dawit Woldegiorgis, Desalegn Birara, and the Amhara regional state, Amhara Association of America (AAA), Vision Ethiopia, elites, social media, and Ethio-360 developed genocide ideology based on fabricated false new narratives promoting genocidal actions which aim at inciting hatred mobilization against the Oromo people. Dr. Yonas Biru, Dawit Woldegiorgis, and Desalegn Birara have written a political fabrication and ideologically scripted Manifesto for Fanno to commit genocidal violence against the Oromo people. Nafxanyaas settler colonizers are the most hated Oromo enemies, adherents, and promoters of genocidal ideology that began with dehumanizing and intimidating the Oromummaa, Oromo people, and demonizing and degrading Waaqeffannaa, the Oromo religion, Irrechaa/Irressaa, the Gadaa System, Guddiffachaa, and Moggaasaa all Oromo institutions. Their scripted manifesto or blueprint genocidal ideology for the Amhara people to rise in unity and commit genocide against the Oromo people laid out as follows:

  1. Oromo were foreign to Ethiopia and have no right to live here.
  2. Oromo are invaders of Ethiopia, they came from Madagascar.
  3. Oromo are destroying the Ethiopian heritage; the introduction of SHEGER EXPRESS BUS in Addis Ababa was intended to diminish Anbesa bus – the oldest city transport service in the country. The Anbesa City Bus was started in 1945, Owned by Haile Selassie and royal family Dergue Nationalized in 1974; Anbesa City Bus had a symbol of Lion of Judah. The purpose of Sheger Express Bus is to eradicate this symbol and associated memories of the monarchy. Now, Anbesa bus is at the verge of extinction as an institute.
  4. The great Menelik II palace…complex is under construction at the top of Entoto mountain with the rudiments that the ruling Oromummaa ideology stipulates.
  5. The age old Menelik II palace has been massively changed in its contents and transformed into a public recreational park
  6. Sheger City took over economic, political, social, and cultural dominance of Addis Ababa;
  7. Sheger city is planned to displace non-Oromo residents and dissolve Addis Ababa.
  8. Today runs a regime with a crystal clear racial ideology that vehemently erases the Semitic peoples’ memory in Ethiopia, abolishes Islamic and Christian relics blatantly, and flagrantly institutes an Oromo traditional belief system called Waaqé-ffanna as a state religion.
  9. As a master ideology Oromummaa aspire each individual Ethiopian to become ethnically Oromo, speak Oromo language, believe in Oromo religion, and accept historical narratives as presented by the elites of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and works with the perimeters of the Oromo value system. Even ethnically Oromo citizens are obliged to accept Oromummaa as a full package ideology consisting of its own religion, social relationships, roles, values, and life ways. 
  10. In Oromummaa, it is not possible to be Oromo and Muslim or Christian or any other believer or non-believer, other than Waaqeffenna; and not possible make relationships outside the provided Oromo circles.
  11. Oromummaa is Master Ideology of the Oromo National Movement and a national political aimed against Ethiopian nationalism and Christianity and Islam.
  12. Oromummaa is a political liberation movement and a religious crusade against Christians and Muslims.
  13. Oromummaa strategy is replica of Hitler’s Nazification blueprint.
  14. Oromummaa must be destroyed! Oromummaa yiwudem!

Political Oromummaa as a Propaganda for Nazist Amhara

Ideological bases of genocidal violence against the Oromo people are listed above. “Oromummaa must be destroyed!” is the slogan of the genocidal intent phase. Specifically, genocide intent requires, first, the intent to destroy. It is the mental state of the perpetrator. The second phase is organization, incitement, and a collective genocidal plan. The third phase is taking willful and deliberate acts of physical destruction of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group in whole or part. The term genocide is political mass killing. Now, Fanno is in the third phase, the Oromo extermination phase. The mass slaughter has been underway. Take the mass genocidal slaughter Fanno has been carrying out in the Wallagga, Shawa, and Wollo zones of Oromia Reginal state. This Amhara Fanno campaign is not only for the Oromo territory and its resources but also for the destruction of the Waaqeffannaa, Oromummaa, the Oromo values system, the way of their life, and finally targeting genocidal extermination of the entire Oromo population.

   Here, the Campaign, as it is clear, has been underway by the Amhara regional state, Amhara political parties, Media Networks, social media, the clergy, elites, and civil society are already in public meetings and the media, promoting organizing, financing, and public and diplomatic work in encouraging Fanno Oromo genocide. All have been attacking Oromummaa and Waaqeffannaa, the Oromo religion. Fanno has been committing genocide in the Oromia regional state in the Wollo, Wallagga, and Shawa Zones, as stated above. After Fanno exterminated the Oromo villages, the Amhara elites in the diaspora using the Amhara mainstream Media, social media, Radios, and the Amhara have been working to hide the Fanno genocidal crime purposefully fabrication lies that the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) did it. They condemn the living Oromo when they kill Oromo they claim as Amhara.

   Amhara Fanno is the Perpetrator of genocidal violence against the Oromo people and, yet the Amhara Media, the Amhara elites, the leaders of Fanno falsely accuse the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), the defender of its Oromo people, the victim, as the one who committed violence against its people. The fact, however, remains that the Amhara political elites have been sending Fanno to commit genocidal crimes against the Oromo people and then use their mainstream media, social media, and Radios to attack the Oromo people, their victims, and the Oromo people for it. The Amhara elites and Media blame the Oromo for the Amhara Fanno crimes committed against the Oromo people. The Amhara elites have been playing blame-shifters politics, shifting the crimes they have committed against the Oromo people to the Oromo as if the Oromo people committed crimes against themselves. Fanno attacks any people in Oromia and then says the OLA attacked them; it murders people and then says the OLA murdered them. Fanno slaughters Oromo nationals, then says that the murdered ones are Amhara. This blame-shifting or finger-pointing at the Oromo for crimes Amhara Fanno committed has been in the Amhara nature and culture; it is not new to the Oromo people. What is new this time is that the Amhara Nazi-fascist elites are bringing these lies of blame-shifting to the world communities to make them believe the Oromo a violent society and to make the world doubt the legitimacy of the Oromo national liberation struggle for independence of Oromia and to make OLA a terrorist organization.

   As stated above, the political hallucinatory wish of Fanno has been to restore Ethiopia to its feudal monarchy time, restore it to its “past great and glorious days” that is one Amhara country, one flag, one language, one culture, and one Christian orthodox religion-Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. For this, it has been madly shouting, sloganeering, waving hands, “Ethiopia is Amhara; Amhara is Ethiopia; we, the Amhara, made Ethiopia in Amhara image.” For the realization of this, the goal of Fanno is to annihilate the Oromo population, without which the Amharas cannot attain the goal. The delusionary Amharas of today live in the past mindsets and practices of the dead old era of Amhara authoritarianism that died long ago.

   Dr. Yonas Biru, Adolf Hitler of Amhara and the perpetrator of the Oromo genocide, has also been promoting the Oromo religion, the Waaqefannaa genocide, or the destruction of the Waaqeffannaa religion policy. The Ethio-360 Media has been amplifying and promoting the neo-fascist Fanno’s propaganda of the Oromo genocide. One has to understand that the settler Nafxanyaa’s hatred of the Oromo people has never reached such epic proportions unanimously as today among the Amhara people and their elites.

   The Amhara elite organizers of the genocide have been using political ideology to bring Amhara to fear and hate Oromo. Such are the means they have been using the radio, social media, Mass Media, public conferences, and public mass demonstrations in America, Europe, and the Amhara regional state to disseminate Oromo hate propaganda. One of the most virulent voices of hate on social media is Ethio-360, which has been spewing out from starting point hate attacks on the OLF and Oromo people. It has been spreading Oromo hatred and incitement to murder. Among the false narratives drawn on by scholars, political elites, activities, Social Media Networks, Mass Media Networks, and propagandists backing genocide attacks against the Oromo people are the following:

   With the conquest, occupation, and colonizing of Oromia, the Amhara colonial administration called the Oromo people Galla. It is a derogatory name that means pagan, heathen and Oromo waaqeffattoota/believers of Waaqeffannaa referred to as “aramane,” in the Amharic language translated to English “infidels” or “unbelievers,” and presented the Oromo people as the invaders of Ethiopia whereas, the Oromo people are the original inhabitants of the land. The Amharas go on saying, “Galla binchachaa ba’aandi muqahca.” Roughly translated in English, Muqacha is a mortar in which one crushes grains. The meaning is, if Galla complains, put in one mortar and crush, like grains. “Gallan maman qabro naw,” meaning trust Galla after having buried them. They call the Oromo language “yewof quwanquwa,” meaning the language of birds and so useless. This Amhara settler colonizer referred to Oromo as “Zimbi,” meaning flies. “Gallanaa Ibaabi aandi nachow, chinqilaati chinqillaatuun mamitaati naw.” Roughly translated to English, Gallas, and snakes are the same to hit their heads after heads are needed- to kill them. The settler Nafxanyaa’s referencing the Oromo people as Galla is Amhara politics of dehumanization, degradation, and demonization of the Oromo people. These have been and are instruments for committing genocide against the Oromo people in the hands of Amhara colonizers of Oromia.

   The Amhara settler colonizers, since the colonization of Oromia, had been using these words and phrases and many more in threatening, dehumanizing, intimidating, demonizing, and degrading the Oromo people, especially the children at an early age through speeches and writings during the feudal regime until the 1974 fall of the Haile Selassie feudal regime. The metaphors the Amhara used in the genocidal extermination of the Oromo people were similar to metaphors Nazi Germans used- Vermin, rats, spiders, and alien races to exterminate Jews and metaphors Hutu used- cockroaches, snakes, and cut down tall trees in the genocidal annihilation of Tutsi and the metaphor Ottoman Empire used-infidels to exterminate Armenians. Under this motto, the Amhara settler Nafxanyaas continuously committed genocide against the Oromo people, killing all, including women, pregnant women, infants, and children, for over a century. Throughout the history of the colonization of Oromia, the Amhara settler Nafxanyaa colonial response to the Oromo question or Oromo resistance against injustice has been and is prison, persecution, tortures, matchets, guns, Kalashnikovs, grenades, tanks, Helicopters, Airforce, and recently added, Drones have become political lingua franca. Oromia has become the genocidal killing field of Oromo people for the Nafxanyaa settler colonizers, and Oromia has turned into the river of blood of the Oromo people.

   Today, Fanno, the neo-Menelik genocidal extremist, has undertaken a genocidal extermination mission of the Oromo people. Furthering genocide ideology, the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), the political wing of Fanno, has been pushing Amhara public participation by inciting Amhara civilians, farmers, students, et cetera to participate in the war of genocide against Oromo. They are promoting incitement to violence and committing genocide against Oromo. Not only this, but also the Amhara political Party officials, elites, mass organizations, mainstream media, social media, social media activists, and journalists have been and are spreading Oromo genocidal hate speech and propaganda and campaigning under ideological guidance leadership of Dr. Yonas Biru, Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, Desalegn Birara et cetera inciting the Ahmara people to rise in unity to commit genocide against the Oromo people. Dr. Yonas Biru, Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, and Desalegn Birara are intellectual masterminds and organizational apparatus to implement their Oromo hate-evil plans.

The OPDO silence as Fanno commits genocide against the Oromo 

   The Amhara ideological bases of genocidal violence against the Oromo people are listed above. Undoubtedly, the indifference and inaction of the Abiy government and Oromia regional government silence emboldened Fanno to commit genocidal crimes in Wallagga, Shawa, and Wollo. Here, the question is why the Ethiopian government particularly the Oromia regional government whose primary duty is to protect the security of its region and people abrogated its duty and failed to curb the Nazified Fanno incursion into Oromia and also failed to protect Oromia territory and the people from the genocide that Fanno has been committing in Wallagga, Shawa, and Wollo. Here, I would like to explore the reasons as to why.

   With the respect to why the government failed, the answer is very simple: the federal government as well as the Oromia regional government are themselves complicit in the Fanno genocide of the Oromo.

   As far as the federal government’s complicity is concerned Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad was complicit in the Fanno genocide of the Oromo people. Abiy Ahmed, the PM of the Ethiopian empire, when the Wollo Oromo members of the Parliament at the Parliament meeting, told him the Amhara Fannos were murdering the Wollo Oromo for their being Oromo and asked him to give protection for their people, on the contrary, the PM rebutted them saying “Fanos are not murderers, not killers. Fannos are the Ethiopia defenders; Fannos can fight anywhere in the country, and Fannos is the pride of Ethiopia.” Moreover, Abiy Ahmed, at his meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, asked him for “cooperation in annihilating the OLA from the Horn of Africa.” It shows that PM Abiy Ahmed is not in a position to defend the Oromo people.

   If we consider the Oromia regional government’s complicity in the Fanno genocide of the Oromo in Wallagga, Wollo, and Shawa, Shimalis Abdiisaa and his government are as much culpable as Fanno and Abiy. Shimalis Abdisaa, the president of the Oromia regional state, signed an agreement with the Amhara government to fight the Oromo nationalists. First, Shimalis Abdiisaa at Bahir Dar, with the then president of the Amhara Regional State, Temesgen Tiruneh, agreed to fight in coordination to wipe out “terrorists” in Oromia, and later with Dr.Yilkal Kefyalew, the president of Amhara regional state. In the press conference following the agreement, Dr. Kafyalew stated, “Itoophiyaan lemaafiras yefallaguutiin abreen inni waaggalleen,” roughly translated to English, it means “we fight against those who want to break up or scatter Itoophiyaa.” Not only this, in following up on the Abiy Ahmads’ OLA destruction declaration, here is what Fiqaaduu Tasammaa, Head of the Oromia Region Prosperity Party Office, addressing the Oromia Regional Parliament, had to say in Oromiffaa:

OLAn (Oromo Liberation Army) loojistikii ummata keessaa argata. Guyya-guyyaa sivilii ta’a. Ummata wajjiin oola. Waltajjii isin geegessitan keessa hin oola, oddeeffannoo hin argata, nama dubbatu hin ilaala; galgala deemee ammoo tarkaanfii sukkanneesaa irratti fudhata jechuudha. Amalli isaa baay’ee walxaxaadha. Kana balleessuun kan danda’amu akkama Qurxummiiti jechuudha. Qurxummii Paasifikii keessaa yookiin Atlaantiikii keessaa guurtee hin dandeessu. Guutummatti balleessuun yoo danda’ame bishaanicha gogsuudha.

Roughly translated into English, here is what the OLA extermination declaration of the Oromia Regional State government to implement PM Abiy Ahmed’s OLA destruction plan, as stated by Fiqaaduu Tasammaa, says: 

OLA gets the logistics out of the people. It is civil day-to-day. It spends time with the people. It stays on the stage you lead, obtains information, and looks at the speaker. In the evening, it takes dreadful action. Its character is very complex. To destroy it can be possible, just like a fish. You can’t collect fish in the Pacific or the Atlantic. If its absolute destruction is possible, dry the water.

   Fiqaaduu Tasammaa picked up this concept from the writings of Chairman Mao Zedong. Mao wrote on Guerrilla warfare tactics. In this regard, Mao wrote: “The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.” It means people are the support base of the guerrilla and that without people, the guerrilla is a fish out of water, “It cannot survive,” he stated. As fish cannot exist without water, the guerrilla freedom fighters, too, without their people. Similar to this, regarding the difficulty of fighting against guerrillas, General William Westmoreland, the commander of USA military forces in Vietnam, said in 1967, “We are fighting a war with no front lines, since the enemy hides among the people, in the jungles and mountains, and uses covert border areas of neutral countries.” For this, to annihilate these guerrilla fighters, the United States killed two million Vietnamese people. Not only did this, but also to deprive the guerrillas of concealment, the US Army sprayed eighty million liters of chemical Agent Orange over mountains, Jungles, forests, and foliage to defoliate leaves and also over agricultural lands and food crops to deprive the guerrilla fighters the source of food. In addition, 1.1 million people were disabled due to these sprayed toxic chemicals.

   Fiqaaduu Tasammaa learned from these and suggested that the extermination of the Oromo people, the support base for the OLA, is the destruction of the OLA. Hence, he advanced the argument that to destroy OLA, is needed the destruction or extermination of the Oromo support base of Oromo freedom fighters for the independence of Oromia. Such is a set policy goal of OPDO since organized by the TPLF in 1989 regarding the Oromo nationalists, the Oromo national liberation struggle, and the Oromo people.

   Here, one may contrast ODPO and the Dergue Military regime. As one may recall, the Durgue Military regime introduced a policy of villagization aimed to isolate and destroy the guerrilla fighters and, at the same time, resettling peasants; it never aimed at the destruction of the population as OPDO is doing now, but it aimed at the permanent isolation of the liberation fighters from the people. Despite this, the population still provided the guerrilla fighters with intelligence information and other supplies. Finally, Dergue failed in its plan. Such a fate of failure will soon repeated with the OPDO.

   Based on these commitments for the Amhara government, the Oromo regional state and the Federal government built statues for Menelik II and Haile Selassie, for the Amhara leaders who committed genocide against the Oromo people, and trained, armed, and financed Fanno. Shimalis Abdisaa and Abiy Ahmed allowed Fanno into the territory of Oromia to fight, and they chose silence as Fanno committed genocide against the Oromo people and other ethnic groups living in Wallagga, Shawa, and Wollo and destroyed everything that belonged to the Oromo. Following this, they removed the Oromia flag from flying over Finfinnee City and made singing the Oromia anthem in Finfinnee illegal. Then, they stopped the establishment of the Oromia Orthodox Synod in Oromia.

   Moreover, forcing the Oromo farmers to sell their farm products below the market value is meant to hurt them. Such policy action hurts them mentally, psychologically, and physically. It hurts every sector of society- the well-being of men, women, children, infants, pregnant women, et cetera are the victims of such policy. It is tantamount to “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group,” which is United Nations or internationally recognized genocide. The Oromo people are in this genocidal situation today under the OPDO and Ethiopian settler colonial Empire administration.

   Furthermore, PM Abiy Ahmed and Shimelis Abdisaa, when over 4.5 million livestock died in Boranaa and Gujii Zones of Oromia Reginal states because of the drought, did not give protection to the livestock by moving to another location or ask the international communities for help instead they hide not only from the world communities but also from the peoples of the Empire until it is too late. Such is a purposefully committing genocide against the people. Not only this but also to instigate conflict between Gujii Oromo and Borana Oromo, they took a large section of Gujii land and some of Arsii land annexed to Borana and named it East Borana zone. The reason for this is twofold; on the one hand, they want the Arsii and Gujii to fight with Borana, and on the other, they want to divide between OLA in Gujii and OLA in Borana. So, Shimalis Abdisaa and PM Abiy Ahmed are playing these cards to weaken the Oromo struggle for independence; this is a repeat of history. This time, Gobana Daaccee is smiling from his grave at his grandchildren for following his precedence of what he did with Menelik, the genocidal extermination of the Oromo people.

   In his warning words, George Santayana had to say this, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  Failing to give attention to this truth to this warning, yet here in the 21st century, we are repeating our past failures in history, and for this here, we are today doomed to repeat it. We, the Oromo, have failed to learn from our past. The Oromo past was disunity. They failed to unite to fight to defend themselves and their country from Abyssinia. As a result, Abyssinians got the opportunity to conquer, occupy, and colonize Oromia by exterminating 5 million Oromo people. Then, Haile Selassie ruled Oromia with iron fists, guns, and swords, and the TPLF regime did the same. Not exclusively that, today still, the Prosperity Party (PP) is ruling Oromia because of the disunity of Oromo with prison, iron fists, guns, and swords. If we look at world history, because of the lack of fighting in unity, many people became the victims of genocide in the same manner as the Oromo people. For instance, during World War First, the Ottoman Empire exterminated 1.5 million Armenians out of 3 million; during World War second, in Europe, Nazi German holocaust against 6 million Jews out of 11 million. Hutu annihilated one million Tutsi out of 2 million. The Armenians did not united against Ottoman Empire, the Jewish against German, and the Tutsis against Hutus to defend themselves.

   Today, the Oromo political elites, activists, and political organizations are divided, factionalized, and split more than ever in Oromo history. Such disunity is worse than in the 19th century during the conquest of Oromia. Most of these Oromo political elites and activists have no clue about the Oromo question, their struggle, and the principles of the Oromo national struggle. To some Oromo elites, the Oromo question is for the democratization of the Ethiopian Empire; to some, the federalization of the Ethiopian Empire; to others, it is about forming a transitional government; still, to others, the Oromo question is about acquiring citizenship of Ethiopia. Even still, some Oromo in the nationalist camp waver between full independence and democracy within a unified Ethiopian settler colonial empire. And the rest fold their hands and watch as to what is going on. The Oromo nationalists are in minority. This balkanization of the Oromo nationals has given the Amhara political elites to raise their heads to high heaven, hallucinating to fully recapture the Empire they lost to the TPLF in 1991. Now, they are ready to overtake OPDO, the former appendage of TPLF soon will negotiate with the Fanno, as it did with TPLF, to become an appendage of Fanno, and all together sooner or later will turn their war of genocide against the Oromo people. As they are today, the Oromo cannot stand against them; most will join the Nafxayaa as they did after the conquest of Oromia and then as they did with TPLF in 1991. The time is not far off when you see the Fanno, TPLF, and OPDO fighting together against the Oromo people. A gloomy and uncertain dark day is coming sooner than later if the Oromo people and nationalists do not wake up, unite, organize, and arm themselves to defend against the coming genocidal extermination. Now, it is time for the Oromo elites to come together and declare the independence of Oromia, unity bright road to liberation.

   In conclusion, this article has exposed what Fanno, the anti-Oromo fascist paramilitary Amhara militia, stands for and its danger to the Oromo people and Oromia. Further, it has gone through what the genocidal ideology of the Amhara political elites is in targeting the Oromo people for genocidal annihilation. It has gone through the role of the Amhara organizations, social media, and mainstream Media, including Radio promoting and encouraging Fanno to intensify the genocidal war against the Oromo people. The Amhara elites and media, both in the diaspora and the Ethiopian settler colonial empire, have been financing the wars of the Oromo genocide for the last five years. They have been blame-shifting the genocidal crimes of Fanno to the OLA by the Amhara mass organizations, social media, political elites, and activists both in the Ethiopian empire and based in the diaspora.

   Furthermore, the policy the OPDO has been following against the Oromo freedom fighters and the Oromo people is as dangerous as the Fanno policy. As stated in the above paragraph, PM Abiy Ahmed will soon negotiate with the Fanno, then in unity with Fanno, TPLF, Federal Force, and the OPDO partner in fighting the OLA and all Oromo nationalists fighting for the independence of Oromia. The difference between them lies in who should control political power and resources, nothing else. The question of the Oromo people and the nationalists, in contrast to Fanno, TPLF, and OPDO, is liberation from colonial occupation and restoration of lost independence to Oromia. To achieve this, the unity of the Oromo people and nationalists is paramount. So, the Oromo people and the Oromo national struggle need revolutionary nationalist collective leadership, leadership with commitment, and determination to lead this national liberation struggle for independence to its conclusion. Here, Oromia the motherland of great fearless, patriotic nationalist freedom icons like Leenjiso Diigaa, Bakar Waare, Maammoo Mazammir, Elemoo Qilxuu, General Taddasaa Birruu, Baroo Tumsaa, Hailee Fidaa, Sheek Bakrii Saphaloo, General Waaqoo Guutuu, Sooreessa Jaaraa Abbaa Gadaa, Mulis Abbaa Gadaa, Nadhii Gammadaa, Guutamaa Hawaas, Magarsaa Barii, Goota Bobaas, Galaasaa Dilboo, Damisee Sardaa, Saartuu Yusouf, Juukii Bareentoo et cetera and this motherland of these Oromo heroes and heroines should not allowed the OPDO-the Abyssinian indoctrinated coterie of cadres of Amhara and TPLF, and to the pseudo-Oromo nationalists of Empire democratization, federalization, transitional government, and the nationalist waver between independence and democracy within a unified Ethiopian settler colonial empire to take over it. Here, one can say with certainty that without Oromo nationalists and the Oromo people’s unity, it is impossible to stop or to avert the gloomy dark clouds of extermination hovering over the Oromia sky. The united Oromo will prevail against all odds. The Abyssinians have been taking advantage of Oromummaa value that represents caring and compassion and fosters friendship, solidarity, harmony, civility, and mutual respect to committing genocide against the Oromo people. The Amharas, since 2018, have been politically, culturally, and militarily Nazified. Here, Amhara Nazification has singled out Oromo cleansing from Oromia, the Oromo country, and leading to committing total genocidal extermination of the Oromo people. Here, Amhara Nazified elites have singled out Oromo cleansing from Oromia, the Oromo country, and have already undertaken committing total genocidal extermination of the Oromo people. This Amhara political, cultural, and military Nazification is more deadly to the Oromo people and Oromia than ever in history. The Oromo people must unite without any pre-condition to save themselves and Oromia against the cruelty and evil of the Abyssinian Amhara neo-Nazification, specifically the Nazification of the Amhara Nafxanyaa settler colonizers. These Nazified Amharas should not be allowed into the Oromia territory.

Glory to the Oromo Heroes and Heroines of Motherland Oromia!

Oromia shall be free!

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