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The freedom tree cannot grow with water.



    Press release!

                            The freedom tree cannot grow with water.

The colonial regime that is controlling Oromia and other nationality territories is creating havoc against the entire Oromo nation and conducting murder of peaceful demonstrators who are opposing the colonial policy of land grab and expansion of the City of Finfine with intent of displacing Oromo farmers and lease or sale land to the so called multinational corporations and local nouveau riches Tigray investors. Though, the sacrifice is expensive the blood of fallen Oromo youth would grow the freedom tree. Oromia Liberation Front (OLF) extends it heartfelt condolence to the families, relatives’ friends and entire Oromo nation for the loss of life. May God bless the soul of the fallen heroes.

The current situation in Oromia is very horrendous and disturbing when considered from the angle of loss of human life. However, we commend the sacrifice of our youth and the general public which provided ultimate support to the collective actions of our youth. Today our nation is marching towards decisive direction and form of struggle to bring down the ramshackle colonial administration that is looting our national wealth.

Now it is time for all Oromo to come together and provide leadership, fund, and skill of struggle to our combative youth. Opportunities come and go. This opportunity must not be allowed to slip out of our hands and Oromo political organizations must make irreversible decisions on unity of action. We strongly believe that there is nothing that can solidify Oromo national liberation organization’s more than the suffering of Oromo people and mass activity that is engulfing entire Oromia currently.  The past weaknesses can only be erased if we can focus on the challenges that are glowing bigger. We see that our fragmentation, blaming each other on the past errors won’t serve the interest of our nation at this juncture. Therefore, this high time must be used as leverage for national unity, reconciliation to bring about unity of purpose. We anticipate that this popular uprising must be provided leadership, organizational skills and necessary back up by armed units. Therefore, we instruct our combat forces to join the general public and confront the enemy. We strictly order our forces not to confront fighters of other Oromo organizations but search for means of sharing terrain of operation and face enemy jointly. From the time this press release is issued all commanders are advised to steadfastly gear up to full battle level using all available weapons in defense of the public.

No Freedom tree can grow without blood of heroes!

Oromia shall be Free!!

Oromia Liberation Front (OLF)

Central Committee

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