Oduu Haaraya
daawudii fii galaasaa



Since the announcement of the new OLF leadership by Galaasa Dilbo. The current OLF leader Dawuud Ibsaa refused to accept the newly announce leader, Galaasa Dilbo, claiming that there were no election that took place. Dawuud Ibsa has been on power since 1999 after ousting Galaasa Dilbo the former OLF leader. As of today both leaders claim to be the true representative of OLF, creating a huge mayhem and confusion to the public.

Below is a video of the battle taking place in OLF camp.

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One comment

  1. Galassaa Dilbo did not come back to seek power, but to challenge the insanity of Daud Ibsa who knows no shame to hijack nonviolent movement and declare he’s leader of the legitimate nonviolent movement in the aftermath of the Bishoftuu massacre. We all know how that lead to death and torture of tens of thousands of innocent children who never knew what OLF is. What moral ground has Daud Ibsa when he gives orders from Asmara to 5-10 year old children to say “ABOn nu habulchu” and confront soldiers armed to their teeth?

    Is there any greater insanity than using children as bullets to ascend to political

    power? What about if Daud Ibsa himself participates the peaceful protests at least for

    one day by laying down his arms, or at least give these children self-defense weapons?

    This goes equally to those who sit in west and demand ” fincila itti fufaa” without

    shame. Why don’t you go and be part of it at least for a day? Is Oromia too far from MN?

    NO. Dabeenya malee fageenyi isin hindhoowine!!!

    Daud obviosly lost hope in armed struggle he chose. But how can he rule a

    country when he more than proved that he can not rule his organization?

    The second point is why is this so-called FXG conducted always by oromo children only?

    Are oromo children the only ones who eat and drink in that country? Or are our

    politicians determined to kill off a generation of oromos after them.

    In Amhara region G7 are destroying wayanes on daily basis, and virtually no students or civilians die. In oromia Daud uses cheap oromo children as his soldiers and bullets. Something is very, very, very wrong and must be stopped immediately!

    My advise to oromo children is this:

    NEVER accept any orders that comes even implicitly from Asmara and never participate in

    any protests unless ALL sections of the society participate. Even at that point you

    should not be at the front, but at the back unless fully armed to kill before you die.