Oduu Haaraya

Generation fearless of death and detention destroys mountains.

By Firehiwot Guluma Tezera

There is an Ethiopian saying “she lost what she has under her armpit while reaching for the upper shelf”. While this selfish individual tries to get hold of another, what she already has will be scattered. Lately in Habesha camp fear has spread and uneasiness has increased.
Soothing, warning, rebuking and some others were tried. Unfortunately they try to tell us that the source of their problem is the national struggle of the Oromo people. In reality the aim and goal of the struggle of the Oromo people is to get rid of authoritarian rulers and thus to achieve the right to self determination for the Oromo people based on international regulations and laws is fair. The importance of the struggle is not only for the Oromo people but for all the people of the empire who are suffering under the colonial rule. So the Oromo people trust in united struggle of oppressed people. It will and has been wedging joint struggle with forces with similar aim. In other ways Oromo people demonstrate peace in its cultural and administrational structure and supports fair unity. It helps the weak and stand for the oppressed. A good demonstration is the exemplary unity the different ethnic groups living in today’s Oromiya exhibit despite the numerous attempts by anti Oromo groups to create a rift between them.
As Oromo people in their social life and national struggle respect the rules of human rights and by any measure are not threats to neighboring and same region people, the fake information disseminated by groups wanting to re-instate the old system and tplf jointly and independently turns out to be false.
The truth has been illustrated at various times by different individuals. But as long as those Oromo-phobic individuals who could not understand it give in, we must show and teach them theoretically and by action how Oromo struggle has matured. Accordingly the Oromo struggle has come a long way and has reached a stage where it cannot be averted, even though they are not going to like it I would like to demonstrate by credible facts
By the sacrifice paid by its dear children Oromo people has been able to show to all world their country’s boundary and true history. By blood and bone of her children our country Oromiya will be respected till eternity. This is the reality.
The language and culture of Oromo people has been developing on solid foundation. Today Afan oromo has its own alphabets. Millions study, teach and do research by it. Medias with International audience broadcast by it. It has become language of literature. As this indicates that the struggle is nearing the end, we must take note.
The Oromo people struggle has arrived at the generation who doesn’t fear death and ready to sacrifice its dignity for the sovereignty of Oromia. This confirms all. As this reality is being seen on the ground, there is no need for further explanation.
The international community has not only understood but forced to look for solutions about the arbitrary killing of Oromo people. This is the fruit of relentless struggle. Even if you don’t like it you know the exact gist.
Today we have arrived at historical chapter where the Oromo people have demonstrated that they won’t crack by propaganda of anti Oromos and that they have stood together in union for a common goal. This cooperation between Oromo people has started to shake your power base giving you high blood pressure as demonstrated by the recent uprising.
As the Oromo national struggle consist of all options, Oromia mountains, valleys and forests are witnessing strong military preparation. Accordingly in May 2014 the Oromo Liberation Army has attached enemy soldiers and killed and wounded more than 200 soldiers. It has confiscated a lot of military equipments.

Overall Oromo people have scored important victories and is mobilizing it human and material resources to claim the rest of its rights. So are you trying to stop this visionary generation by imprisonment? Or trying to fool them by rebuking and fake words? To tell you the truth that era has passed. Let me help you realize the truth. You can’t stop them. This is because you can’t stop a generation with a cause. The better way is to drop the old eyeglass which twists the truth and straighten your views and live together. May God help you.


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