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Gruesome Attacks on Civilians and Protestors in Oromia

Violence has been escalating in Central and Western Oromia, with a series of gruesome attacks taking place over the past weeks. Drone attacks have also continued, resulting in the deaths of dozens of civilians and mass displacement.
As protests continue in the face of such violence, OLLAA has received numerous reports from sources on the ground of Ethiopian security forces responding to protesters with brutality, including reports of beatings, arrests, and disappearances.
OLLAA condemns these attacks and human rights violations and calls on the international community to conduct an independent investigation into these attacks, and all human rights abuses in the region.

Read the full PR: Gruesome Attacks Throughout Western and Central Oromia
Read the full PR:Dhiittaa Mirgoota Namoomaa Namoota Hiriira Mormii Bahan Irratti Raawwate Ilaalchisee Ibsa OLLAA

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