Oduu Haaraya

“Habesha” is really big evil

Oromo be unite
Oromo be unite
Struggle for our right
Future may be bright
Do not hesitate quite 
Work day and night
We are created for that
We Oromo’s “Qeerro”
No one of us fear “Roorro”
We do not give hand
“Habesha” invade our land
No one take this as simple
“Habesha” is really big evil
We have beautiful Oromia land
“Habeshas” are eager to divided
So, why we are cool
When they violet the rule
Those mindless vandalism fool
They interfere our economy
We need Regional “autonomy”
They advocate the “integrated master plan
By genocide our clan
To take “Burayu and Galan”
By the name of the so called “integrated plan”
We supporting “independent” development plan
Which does not displacing our clan
The Oromo youths be award
Now the time is hard
I could not express in word
They declared war on us
By collecting their mass
To extinct Oromos from the earth
Their main aim is wealth
If we see the plan of “wayane”
It starting by destroying “Finfinne”
Now they focus on “Burayu”
By killing Millions of Oromo “Hayyu”
They create one new term
To start their arm
If one ask “his right”
They consider as “terrorist
Even though they are “negative”
They displace our “native”
They are criticizing Oromo
By killing all “Qomoo”
If we see this plan’s scheme
It is really great shame
It destroying our identity
By eradicating our entity
So stand up “Qubee” generation
To save our nation
By the nature they are evil
All their ideas are to kill
So, Oromo be unite
Struggle for your right
Our question is “peaceful” quite
Be strong and unite
Enemy comes from the North
By riding their horse
To robbery our resource
Murdering every dwellers
Destroying Oromo’s home,
Constructing their own
They make Oromo here and there,
Up and down
Humiliation and migration
Like in “Finfinne” town
So, everybody has to struggle
“Absinianism” is really big evil
Do not consider as simple
If there is truth and justice in the world
Free Oromia state should be established
Even though they believe in mass
Our creator is with us
Oromo do not worry
OROMIA is glory
We do not give them “a single tree”
“Injifannoon kan Ummata Oromooti”

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